Recommended by Doug DeVita

  • Number One Son
    5 Oct. 2021
    Acceptance, and the redemptive powers that come with it, are at the core of Lucy Wang’s moving family drama. Wang’s characters are all complex, beautifully detailed human beings who give a universality to her story, in turn making it the kind of play that hits a nerve for anyone and everyone who reads, or better yet, sees the work; they’ll recognize themselves in this family regardless of their own personal circumstances. Touching, deeply felt, and very moving, I’d love to see this staged.
  • Strings
    4 Oct. 2021
    For all those times when we were children and we dreamed of our toys coming to life… Brian Cern has given us a glimpse into what might have been, and damn, I want more. Or maybe I don’t. I’m not sure. But I am sure this imaginative work is at once enchanting, gut-wrenching, and beautifully soulful.
  • Elvis at Pemberley
    4 Oct. 2021
    The longing to conform, to fit in, to be the person you think you need to be when you’re a teen-ager runs through this keenly observed play like a knife; both sweet and heartbreaking, Bray brings us back to a time when everything was so vitally important, yet… not. Beautiful work.
  • Stay Awhile
    3 Oct. 2021
    A gorgeous piece of writing, with two exceptionally rich roles for two women. Layered, nuanced, and deeply felt, this is a beautiful play.
  • Stiff Competition
    3 Oct. 2021
    Busser doing Busser, and he’s killing it with this scathingly funny ten-minute two-hander. I’m still laughing.
  • Memory
    29 Sep. 2021
    A fascinating deep dive into anamnesis and crime scene investigation, Feeny-Williams’ aptly named MEMORY takes us on a fast-paced journey into the world of a woman with the mind of a child – who may hold the key to solving a series of gruesome murders. A police procedural that is exciting, provocative, and leaves the reader wanting just a bit more.
  • The Cardinal
    28 Sep. 2021
    Jesus, this is a beautiful piece! At the center of what appears to be a loving, if contentious, relationship between an uber-religious mother and her gay son are many, many questions about faith, love, acceptance, miracles, and hermaphroditic birds, all presented with a clarity and simplicity that belie their murky complexity. A truly beautiful piece. Jesus!
  • Today I will go to him.
    28 Sep. 2021
    Poised right at that moment when two lives are going to change forever, this monologue is a harrowing, frightening, and riveting dive into the mind of a woman intent on following through with a decision she knows is wrong, but just can’t stop herself. An extraordinary piece for an actress to rip into.
    28 Sep. 2021
    A charming bit of blarney from a master blarneyist, CROWLEY’S CORNER transports one right into the heart of Ireland. Sure and it’s like bein’ back in Dingle – and that’s not, as American Jack Conlin finds out, such a bad place to be. In fact, it's rather wonderful. Sláinte!
  • Babies React To...
    27 Sep. 2021
    Damn! Parents are awful creatures. Especially parents with phones, video, texting, social media pages… All I could think whilst reading Cathro’s trenchant treatise on modern parenting is “right now there are some kids in medical school studying to become psychiatrists, while even younger kids will grow up to pay off their college loans and fund their beach houses.”