Recommended by Doug DeVita

  • The Natural Horse
    29 Jan. 2021
    There are some plays you read twice, because the first time through is such a rich experience you want to
    1: experience it again
    2: make sure you haven’t missed anything.

    THE NATURAL HORSE is one of those plays; it is so breathtaking in its scope, use of language, and creative theatricality all I can say is “hot damn, I wish I’d written that.”

    The only thing I can imagine being better than reading this is seeing it performed live.

    One lives in hope.
  • Damaged
    29 Jan. 2021
    Declan is my hero, as is his creator, DC Cathro. This is one of the most cogent and honest assessments of a certain type of gay man I've ever read, and his take down by the aforementioned Declan had me cheering out loud – alone in my dining room as I read it with an ever-widening grin. Beautifully done, and should be performed everywhere snotty gay men congregate.
  • Second Home: Five Stories of Immigration
    29 Jan. 2021
    These monologues are each individually eloquent and moving; cumulatively they constitute a stunning, powerful piece of theatre, ripe for creative direction and staging. I imagine being in the audience would be both a gut-punching and cathartic experience.
  • Win and Tim and the Unlikelihood of Living Forever (a 1-minute play)
    29 Jan. 2021
    There are so many moments in life to be savored. Reading this extraordinarily touching work is one of them. I just love this play.
  • Ashes To Ashes
    28 Jan. 2021
    Spot on characters and truly delicious black humor give Emily McClain's ASHES TO ASHES a wonderful sense of lightness that illuminates, and gives strength to, the underlying sadness of these two brother's lives and the task they must undertake. Beautifully written, with two great roles for actors. I'd love to see this staged.
  • Orange
    27 Jan. 2021
    Beautiful. Simply beautiful.
  • Randy's Dandy Coaster Castle
    27 Jan. 2021
    One of the things I love about Alexander Perez' work is his ability to create an entire world in just a few introductory words, and continue to build and sustain that world throughout the play; maybe it's the specificity of the time and place, maybe it's the endearingly oddball characters, maybe it's the ever growing stakes... whatever it is, RANDY'S DANDY COASTER CASTLE is a roller-coaster ride of lightness and darkness, building up to one helluva drop at the end. Earned, but heartbreaking nonetheless.
  • Ida Invisible
    26 Jan. 2021
    The very best fairytales live in several worlds concurrently, most especially in the world that appeals to children, and the world that appeals to adults. Priskorn's magical and enchanting IDA INVISIBLE lives comfortably in those worlds; deeply held beliefs about oneself are presented with unflinching truths, and the journey Ida takes is not for the faint-hearted. Yet it all works effortlessly on several levels of sophistication at once, making IDA INVISIBLE truly a script for children of all ages, from 6 to 60 and beyond.
    26 Jan. 2021
    A lovely, touching rumination of coming to terms with life's disappointments, Paul Smith's monologue cuts deep and true, but with a dry, truthful wit that heals. A wonderful role for an older actor.
  • TAP. TAP. TAP.
    26 Jan. 2021
    If there's any charm to be found in paranoia, Jack Levine can find it. And he does so wonderfully in TAP. TAP. TAP., a delightfully creepy short play written for Zoom. Two great roles for older actors, a wonderful premise, and a funny, if bittersweet payoff.