Recommended by Doug DeVita

  • Joey Age 7
    13 Jan. 2022
    Delving even further into the fractured world of his title character, Swenson hints at even worse trials this child has to endure, and again does it with razor sharp acuity. Completely horrifying and heartbreaking.
  • Joey Age 6
    13 Jan. 2022
    Gut-wrenching in both its horrifying specificity and heartbreaking innocence, Swenson brings an acutely trained eye to the subject of child abuse and gives us a title character you can’t help but want to save. At times hard to read, but oh, so necessary as it brings you right into the mindset of an abused child with cutting truth.
  • Protocols
    13 Jan. 2022
    Gatton takes a baseball bat and runs amok with our emotions. By turns funny and horrifying, this gem is ultimately a heartbreakingly beautiful delineation of a sibling relationship in which each sibling has the other’s back, and the wherewithal to do what needs to be done. All the feels.
  • Under the August Moon
    10 Jan. 2022
    We all wonder what the afterlife will hold for us, just as we wish for those who've gone before us to "rest in peace." PMiddletonW tackles these thoughts with his usual aplomb, both begging and answering the question as to what it means to "rest in peace." Who hasn't felt some of our loved ones are not yet resting peacefully? In this poignant two-hander, Sam has found his peace, while Doug has not. A touching work that gives as plausible an answer to one of life's eternal questions as any.
  • Right as Rain
    9 Jan. 2022
    A beautiful play about an enduring friendship. The conversational dialogue flows smoothly, delineating the two main characters and their relationship, and builds naturally to a visceral gut punch at the end. A lovely, touching work, with two meaty roles for late middle-aged actors.
  • Laundry is Not Enough
    30 Dec. 2021
    In the two + years since meeting Nimisha at the Kennedy Center Playwrights Intensive, I've been watching her grow and find her voice as a playwright. And she has a wonderful voice, in its specificity and universality, in its musicality, and in its deeply felt layers of emotion. All of these are working full tilt in this beautiful short play, a gift for two actresses and the audiences who will, no doubt, be attending performances. A lovely, heartfelt, and smart work.
  • Princess Tee
    10 Nov. 2021
    This gorgeous ten minute play packs the same power and punch as a full-length; information is parsed out with elegant, read-between-the-lines depth, and the two characters are drawn with broad strokes yet beautifully filled in. An absolute charmer, St. Croix aims for the heart and delivers an emotionally fulfilling bullseye.
  • Boyself/Girlself
    8 Nov. 2021
    The premise of Jack Seamus Conley’s short play is intriguing, and the execution is heartfelt and riveting. Conley effortlessly gets you inside the thoughts, feelings, and fears of both characters as they merge into one; what a treat for two young actors to rip into.
  • That Goddam Tree
    6 Nov. 2021
    This is a stunning companion piece to Williams’ A TREE GROWS IN LONGMONT, in which he shines an incisive light on the idiocy and thinly veiled hatred we still need to combat. Sharp, uncompromising, intelligent, and devastating. Bravo, Philip. Bravo.
  • That Good Night
    23 Oct. 2021
    “Oh, sweetheart. We wouldn’t even need prayer if it wasn’t for anger.”

    In a play filled with beautifully written aphorisms, the above line stands out from the others because it is not only a perfect statement of the play’s theme, but also a shockingly truthful truth. That it comes from the mouth of a Chaplain, no less, is a testament to Adams' audaciously gorgeous writing. This short play packs quite a punch in its brief ten-minutes. Highly recommended.