Recommended by Marj O'Neill-Butler

  • Tiny Empty Nest
    5 Jul. 2020
    This is a fantastic take on a couple finding their way after their lives are greatly disrupted by change. It's fanciful, and a real challenge to produce, but a wonderful idea with three great characters.
  • Recipe (a Zoom play)
    28 Jun. 2020
    Family disfunction and love...this play is a lovely slice of life which take place during the weekly Zoom meeting with a family of five. Very touching.
  • To the Zoom and Back
    8 Jun. 2020
    This is a smile-a-lot short play with two distinct characters on a Zoom date. They probably aren't in the least compatible, but both are willing to try for a second date. A really sweet and funny short.
  • Dorothy's Dictionary
    3 Jun. 2020
    I recently had the distinct pleasure of hearing a Zoom reading of Dorothy's Dictionary. I just now read the play because I wanted to taste it again. This is a quiet play that touches the heart and mind at every turn. This is a play about giving and receiving, and the result of kindness and encouragement. I love Lewis' work because there is always beauty in it.
    3 Jun. 2020
    This is a delightful romp in Victorian England. A twist on the qualifications of being a governess, a bankrupt bumbling uncle determined to get his niece's fortune by marrying her off, a forward thinking and acting young woman all leading to a happy ending (and not including a marriage). Lots of asides and creative maneuvering of Victorian mores.
    3 Jun. 2020
    Ah, French artists! What less would you expect from your dinner guests? One who arrives with a piece of marble and carves a replica of the evening's dinner. This short play is imaginative to the nth degree.
  • How the Light Gets In
    26 May. 2020
    EM Lewis has such a gentleness about her words and phrases. A unexpected word said simply would bring instant tears, while a moment later I would laugh at yet another small word or phrase. The Japanese Garden is at once peaceful and hopefully romantic. Such a quiet, meaningful, honest piece of theatre. If you want your pulse to slow down, read it.
  • Goodbye, Bobby
    21 May. 2020
    Wow, some characters are larger than life and stay with you long after the play is over. Meet Donny and his character Bobby...who lives on after the writing is finished. A delightful short play by the very clever Philip Middleton Williams.
  • BLAME IT ON BARBIE, a four-minute comedy for two women
    16 May. 2020
    Blame It On Barbie has so much to offer in just a few minutes: parental expectations, acceptance, choices for the future and living life as it should be lived vy doing what you love. It's funny and emotional all at once. A great short play for two women.
  • Begging the Question
    16 May. 2020
    He's nervous, she says no...he tries again another way, she still says no. Finally he gets it right. A swift and clever one minute play with a surprise ending. A really fun piece.