Recommended by Marj O'Neill-Butler

  • She Tunes the Violin: The Life of Martha Jefferson
    23 Jul. 2023
    So much of history is written from the white man’s perspective. In SHE TUNES THE VIOLIN we learn about Martha Jefferson and the way she led and lived her life. This full-length play is beautifully researched and presented, giving us a glimpse of the life of this young woman and the society in which she lived.. This piece was selected and presented as a part of Powerstories: Voices of Women Theatre Festival.
  • Divine Truth
    22 Jul. 2023
    I watched a recording of DIVINE TRUTH as a part of Powerstories Theatre's third annual virtual global view-on-demand Voices of Women Theatre Festival! When religion tries to impose its own truth on a family, different versions of what is true come out. Is it okay to question the doctrine? How does questioning truth affect the whole family. This one act brings these questions sharply into focus.
  • Head Over Heels
    16 Jul. 2023
    I have a Monica's Brain in my life often. She says what she thinks in the moment. Good thing Kevin can't hear her. Until the end that is, when Monica's Brain softens up to Kevin. First dates should be this good. This is a clever and funny piece about "getting to know you" first meets.
  • Tiny Man on Ferry
    9 Jul. 2023
    What a fun "meet cute" two hander. This piece is perfect for any festival about love or relationships. Life is what happens when you open yourself up to new adventures and a selfie with a stranger.
  • Carhenge
    28 Jun. 2023
    Carhenge reminded me so much of raising my two sons...the distractions, the finagling to get their attention, the memory making. This monologue is alive with hope, as a single Mom takes her kids on a family road trip.
  • The Grandparents Are Alright
    28 Jun. 2023
    If you want to smile for 10 minutes, read/produce this play. Roles are reversed and laughter ensues as the seniors sound more like teens. Talk about woke...these oldies are totally with it! It's no wonder it has been produced and won festivals.
  • An Endangered Species
    28 May. 2023
    Yay for the Princess! This tiny play can relate to all that ails us in current society.
  • The Bench
    26 May. 2023
    Remembering a moment is sometimes difficult to deal with when that moment has passed. Love lost is always hard and this short monologue explains that well. A bench sat upon will always hold those memories...that moment in time.
  • Momentary
    25 May. 2023
    I find this short play so very sad, but very realistic. I wanted Jessa to run down the street at the end, but would she find Harry? Is there any hope anyway without good counseling? The dialogue is real and painful and one's heart aches for Harry to find some happiness...any happiness.
  • A Monogamy of Swans
    23 May. 2023
    This play is really not about swans...well they are in it, but the real themes are about love and friendship and rescue. And it is site specific which is so fun, especially if you've been to Boston's Public Garden. Have a listen at Gather By the Ghost Light podcast where ever you podcasts.