Recommended by Marj O'Neill-Butler

  • Caleb and Rita
    1 Jan. 2024
    I've heard these people at Starbucks. No needy, so trying to impress. And then they discover they kind of like this person. A very quirky two hander about online dating and possible good results.
  • Best Present Ever (a ten minute play)
    18 Dec. 2023
    Sometimes we overlook gifts that are right in front of us. But Cal and Don prove to the reader (watcher) that presents come in all forms. A sweet and funny short play.
  • Lady of the Manor
    15 Dec. 2023
    As a devoted Anglophile, I would love it if this happened to me. I can see it all now! And as always, the American buck is what makes people open their eyes and step up. Actors will have fun with this piece!
  • THE RIPPLE EFFECT, award-winning 10-minute comedy for two actors
    12 Dec. 2023
    A gentle two-hander dealing with love and a wanted child. It's physically funny when discussing what position might bring success. It's also tenderly moving as the couple discover they have to keep up the hope in waiting for a child.
  • What’s Good for The Rolling Stones is Good for a Rockette
    9 Dec. 2023
    Go Tillie! This short monologue pits Tillie against the Rolling her mind at least. I dance with a tap group who could outshine the moves of the Stones. So as I said Go Tillie! A fun monologue for a mature woman.
  • Normal
    8 Dec. 2023
    I love a clever woman and Sherry is one. Not once, but twice she talks her way out of every woman's nightmare. A threatening man. Clever girl, and now I can breathe.
  • The Jello Shot
    7 Dec. 2023
    Beth only wants to set up a photo shoot...for her cat. Perhaps in lingerie...and it gets more complicated. The piece is funny and sad and full of earnestness. It could be performed onstage or on Zoom. Great female piece with part for an older woman.
  • The Christmas Commercial Conspiracy
    3 Dec. 2023
    Saw a production of this very funny and clever script at Miami1Acts. A perfect piece for a holiday festival of short plays. Imagine those ads!
  • But, Babe
    3 Dec. 2023
    Different cultures can be the glue that hold a couple together. But sometimes, a tradition can totally turn off one half of a couple. That's the case in But Babe, when the Cuban family presents a dish that grosses out white bread Julia. All differences aside, the couple finally compromises when the problems are resolved. Lessons learned, this is really a great two-hander Christmas play.
    30 Nov. 2023
    This play has characters we rarely see on stage and they should be there. Two people could not be more different, but they find common ground in their very souls. Will they meet again? I hope so.