Recommended by Marj O'Neill-Butler

  • The Little Christmas Tree
    8 Apr. 2023
    To lose a child must be unbearable. Some women get through it, some women respond like Gracie. This is a touching play about loss. It is simply written but deeply moving.
  • Remembering Elizabeth
    8 Apr. 2023
    This play deals with memories, vivid and forgotten. As we listen and travel through time with the two characters, we make discoveries and learn about heartbreak. A simple play between an older couple it has moving and realistic dialogue.
  • So Much In Common
    8 Apr. 2023
    Wow, hard to imagine meeting your very own sister but in an odd way. Helen and Isabell meet at the beginning of the school year, and suddenly find out they have very much in common. Great two hander for teen girls.
    8 Apr. 2023
    I had the happy experience of listening to ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER today on the podcast Theatrical Shenanigans out of England. This short play is a delightful two hander between an older woman and a young, nervous runner. Great dialogue and a terrific twist at the end.
  • K. I. S. S. I. N. G.
    7 Apr. 2023
    This is a short play about discovery and wants. Two young girls talk about their future with love and simplicity. It is told truthfully and without guile. Innocence personified.
    31 Mar. 2023
    Why can't people let other people alone. In this short, tense play, we see how quickly tempers can flare. A clever use of black gloves takes on a no one wants to take. Very interesting short.
  • Tax Preparation for Dogs (3 short plays about the hard-of-hearing)
    30 Mar. 2023
    As a dog person, I loved these three short plays. The characters (dogs) are right on. Andy with his hearing deficiency adds to the merriment. And Monica, the cat person, can just go to... Really fun pieces.
  • Lenora
    29 Mar. 2023
    This is such a visceral short sense Lenora's dreams as they are being told. It haunts you right from the start. And the ending, which shouldn't be a surprise, very definitely is. Great piece for a spooky festival.
  • Help *Monologue*
    27 Mar. 2023
    The loss of a person and not through death, is one of the hardest things to deal with in life. All the things that made them smart or special disappear. It's a living death and this monologue expresses it very well.
  • The First Time
    27 Mar. 2023
    If you want your adrenalin to pump, this is the monologue to read or produce. From experimenting as a teen to a meet-up at a rest stop, a man learns he is not who he pretends to be in his life. Luckily the monologue takes place in 1975. Here's hoping men and women of today are more enlightened and not afraid to come out.