Recommended by Marj O'Neill-Butler

  • I.T.S. (In the Syllabus)
    28 Dec. 2021
    This delightful one minute play sounds like what I hear from my college professor friends! So true and on the mark. Sadly.
  • The Bear - Beginnings
    27 Dec. 2021
    From the mouth of a small, stuffed bear...the horror of the war. This monologue is sad and delightful both, and gives us a glimpse of one life saved.
  • The Wilderness: A Ten-Minute Play
    24 Dec. 2021
    Everyone knows war is hell. But sometimes there is some salvation when opponents meet. This is a raw piece of theatre. A two hander bringing us the horrors of war and how two men save each other from more horror.
  • The Sign
    22 Dec. 2021
    The Sign is a timely short play about listening and hearing; about assumptions when you don't know better and should; and about ingrown prejudices.
  • Walkies
    14 Dec. 2021
    A lovely sad, but very funny piece. I laughed out loud at some of Jennifer O'Grady's lines. It is also about connecting. A really sweet two hander for two women.
  • Possibly the First of Many
    6 Dec. 2021
    Didn't see the ending coming. What an interesting twist. Good two hander with two very interesting characters in an unusual setting.
  • Easter at the Entrée Gold
    21 Nov. 2021
    My adrenalin was pumping the whole time I was reading this one act. The characters are very well drawn and the suspense is palpable. The two characters are allies, or so we think at first. But don't trust your instincts. Excellent work.
    16 Nov. 2021
    Alice can't control her mouth, and serious Nell is giving her a driving test. This short comedy even deals with the dreaded parallel parking. In the meantime two lives are changed by opening up and freeing themselves to experience all kinds of possibilities. Great piece for two women.
  • Seal Island
    14 Nov. 2021
    This etherial, haunting short play is a delicate homage to friendship and love. The mood is set with the sounds and the fog, and we are immediately swept into the world of the characters. Direct address adds to the story telling. When reading, I could smell the sea air. A story beautifully told.
  • Daddy Daughter Dance
    9 Nov. 2021
    This is such a sweet, deeply felt monologue; a daddy and daughter dance, what could be better. The memories are touching and real as she dances her most recent daddy daughter dance. A lovely monologue about remembrance.