Recommended by Marj O'Neill-Butler

  • Sisters from the Same Mister
    3 Mar. 2024
    Ah, secrets! Every family has them. But how do sisters react when they are confronted with a sudden sister. It seems they have more in common than just a philandering father. Family is family.
  • Monologue - "A Rainy Night in Hollywood"
    18 Feb. 2024
    A lovely remembrance of a time when we were at war and our stars performed for the troops. Rita reflects on what it meant to perform for the men and women who were far from home and willing to step up for freedom. If only our countrymen were more like this today.
  • May The Bell Toll Again, Often
    14 Feb. 2024
    This is a heartfelt monologue full of love and hope. Anyone who has faced any medical problem at all will relate to this piece. I've heard it read, read it out loud myself and re-read it here on NPX. My eyes always fill with tears.
  • Dear Penelope
    31 Jan. 2024
    A relatable short play for the Senior crowd. How does a couple keep up the interest in a marriage when one is retired and one still working? "Dear Penelope" learns a fast lesson when she gets a letter that makes her sit up and take stock of her marriage.
  • DON'T PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD, a 10-minute comedy for five actors
    31 Jan. 2024
    I have had battles with sugar and salt, so I am sympathetic to point. This fast and funny short play will appeal to most everyone in an audience because we all have our food nemeses. Rose has the innate ability to bring inanimate objects to life in a most unique way. This will be a festival favorite.
  • Splitting the Check (Ten Minute)
    27 Jan. 2024
    Angie, you got duped. Didn't see that coming. And all the time I was feeling sorry for Brett. Great two hander for any festival.
  • Put Your Hands on Me, Brett
    22 Jan. 2024
    I heard this short comedy read by City Theatre, Miami actors as a part of their reading series. An Uber ride arrives at some unexpected stops. Is it hot and sexy or "pervy". This clever two hander is all about the chance to start anew. a=And it's funny as hell.
  • Goodbye, My Girls
    22 Jan. 2024
    What a powerful short play...saying goodbye to her breasts. Marla has to listen to her own anxiety until she finally insists she be gone along with her breasts. Every woman I know fears this. Marla faces it front and center. What a great piece for four mature women.
    15 Jan. 2024
    This may be why I’ve avoided therapy when I’ve felt low. I can’t imagine using telehealth therapy in the first place. When you feel the client is healthier than the therapist, there’s no use going on. This is a sad but amusing monologue dealing with this idea of therapy.
  • Oh, Say Can You (TH)C?
    12 Jan. 2024
    It's amazing what the mind can do. The three ladies in this short play are hoping for some reaction to the "gummies" they have eaten. And they're off, whether its pot or something else. Sometimes you just need to believe. I love there three South Boston ladies and their comments.