Recommended by Marj O'Neill-Butler

  • Trigger Event
    21 Apr. 2023
    A very clever script because as the viewer you're not sure who to root for...each one of the four characters is despicable and isn't that fun!
  • Sugar
    20 Apr. 2023
    This is such a smart and timely play. I'm thinking about how annoying the character of Jaden is, and then there's a turn about that was completely unexpected. And bravo for Jaden. This play belongs in every short play festival.
    18 Apr. 2023
    Such a struggle...I'm glad that's not me. This monologue had my adrenaline pumping for fear Wendy would give in to her desire and get back to drinking. Thank heavens for her two fisted friend.
  • A Wager
    13 Apr. 2023
    This is a tense ten minute play that goes by very fast. The dialogue is snappy, the theme good and the end result is deserved by both characters.
  • What's in Your Butt? A Monologue
    12 Apr. 2023
    Only women who have had kids will truly understand about this funny and very honest monologue. Private things are private things but not when you'r locked in a small bathroom stall with a three year old. If you want to laugh suddenly and out loud, read this monologue.
  • The Challenge
    12 Apr. 2023
    A simple beginning with a man asleep on a bench turns into a giant misunderstanding in this fun and funny short play. Good short piece for three actors.
  • The Bear - Takes Manhattan
    12 Apr. 2023
    I read this play to my bear Sonny Bob, and he was quaking in his...well he doesn't have boots, but he was scared. Such a fun romp, this bear story. Let's hope he keeps traveling and telling more tales.
  • Bluebonnets
    11 Apr. 2023
    I've been where the bluebonnets bloom, so this short play was a gently reminder of how special they are. June is grieving and doesn't know how to stop. A chance encounter changes her, and brings her back to the living.
  • The Deal - 10 Minute Play
    10 Apr. 2023
    This is such a neat two-hander which starts simply and ends with a bang. Who knew Vivian had it in her to refuse the stranger's request. This short would play well in any festival. Have a glass of lemonade!
  • Cloudy With a Chance of Contempt
    8 Apr. 2023
    When your grown-up child flaunts her new found independence, it's hard for a parent to take or understand. Lou and Sally have a difference of opinion about how to approach their daughter. The dialogue is very realistic. Every parent...actually everybody will go through something like this. Bless Lou who has a level head.