Recommended by Marj O'Neill-Butler

  • A Blessing
    14 Mar. 2024
    Disagreeing with a parent is par for the course, but sometimes it makes sense to give in and accept what the parent wants. Comfort is what the mother Carly wants after losing her husband and prepartng for Lil's departure. Lil is finally able to give a bit to her.
    13 Mar. 2024
    Dog lovers will appreciate this short two hander. A couple meet up at the dog park after connecting online on a dating site. What could be better for the humans and the dogs. Except one of them doesn't have a dog. Really clever short play with opportunities for physical comedy.
  • The Sunset Train - 10 Minute Play
    12 Mar. 2024
    Listened/watched this short play on Zoom with the SUGA program in Atlanta. Fun setting in the old west with a bad guy and an innocent woman...that is until the very good twist. A really fun two-hander.
  • The Penance - 10 Minute Play
    12 Mar. 2024
    I listened/watched this short play on Zoom with the SUGA program in Atlanta. What's fun about this piece is that it doesn't go where you think it will go and there are good twists.
    6 Mar. 2024
    I love this play because it made me think about all the choices I have made in my life...some good and some not so good. Mullen creates delicious characters who float in and out of the play. I was especially partial to Sister Becca who has some of the best lines. if you want to investigate the future, do it with these characters.
  • My Girls
    6 Mar. 2024
    I didn't know what to expect when I selected this monologue. It got me right away...makes me think Feeny-Williams might have some personal experience here. Kidding. Angela is a warm, delightful character dealing with the lower level of society. But because she cares so much about her girls, you do too. And you care for her as well. Really fun dialect as written.
    4 Mar. 2024
    What a calamity! Tea with a friend just before Christmas is a delightful monologue about all the mishaps one could ever dream about occurring. It's funny, sad and pathetic all at the same time. Audiences will love it. Poor thing.
    4 Mar. 2024
    First of all...the name Spatsy Klotz is so hilarious. Her adventures at home and in the neighbor's house are so much fun and so sexy! I love that a man has created this wild creature and her adventures. Wow!
  • Love's Disenlightenment
    3 Mar. 2024
    Wow, this is one very clever play. At first you feel Ashley's skepticism and then you realize that Jason has a point. Audiences will be amazed and non-plussed at this short play.
  • My Vagina Has A First Name
    3 Mar. 2024
    I love this short play! it's laugh out loud funny, and deals with friendships as they really are between women. No only does her vagina have a first name, but she also speaks. Terrific play about women friends.