Recommended by Marj O'Neill-Butler

  • "Backstage with Eva Le Gallienne"
    1 May. 2023
    This monologue is like a lesson in theatre history told by one of our greatest stars. It's a name dropper of who's who int e theatre past. Great monologue for a mature actor.
    27 Apr. 2023
    Wow turn the heat up! A recent widow makes a phone call for "service'. Upon his arrival, she's not so sure and neither is he. A game of verbal ping pong ensues. Happy ending? You'll have to read this short play to know!
  • The Sign
    27 Apr. 2023
    This short play goes very far in ten minutes or so. Life changing experiences lead to a different life started by a prank. Keep looking in the sky as you never know what you'll see. Interesting characters and great dialogue.
  • Buried Treasures
    24 Apr. 2023
    Oh, I hope the girls find something. This short play is about reconciliation and sisterly love. When you don't have much, sometimes you have to dig for it. The characters are written so clearly, I could hear and see them in my head.
    23 Apr. 2023
    This is a sad reminder that all of us could end on the street if luck and circumstances turn. But happiness is finding a coat and suitcases left by a good samaritan. That makes things look up for a struggling couple. I wish them well!
  • I Invited Your Mother for Thanksgiving
    23 Apr. 2023
    This play has such heart. Who could ask for a better partner than one who checks up on, and talks to your estranged mother. Warren is a lucky man.
  • We Interrupt This Broadcast
    23 Apr. 2023
    That was a shock...I was feeling the pressure of this piece and boom, it was over. A perfect addition to any one minute play festival.
  • Boxed In
    23 Apr. 2023
    This short play has a lot to say in very few minutes. Who of us has not thought that they were "boxed in". The two brothers try to understand each other until a quick twist at the end.
  • The New Client (Ten Minute)
    23 Apr. 2023
    There are decisions in life that are hard and Margaret has made one much to the dismay of her wife. This short play is very interesting as the viewer can see both sides of the characters disagreement. The question is, will it destroy their marriage? Much to discuss after a performance of this play.
  • Kangaroo (Ten Minute)
    23 Apr. 2023
    Friendship, where you can tell her anything including the intimacies of your love life. Thank heavens for friends who offer helpful and sometimes funny advise. This two person play shows a very real discussion between two friends.