Recommended by Marj O'Neill-Butler

  • Knife on a Glass (a monologue)
    20 Mar. 2022
    Good heavens, this monologue goes right for the throat, and well it should. The speaker must live inside my head. Swift and to the point (of the knife). Bravo.
  • Wish You Were Here.
    9 Mar. 2022
    Oh, my heart hurts. I can't imagine what these two parents are going through; what young Jason is going through. This short play packs a punch and one that nobody wants. As the piece progresses, you feel the pain, the heartbreak, the loneliness.
  • Dream Maker 2020
    23 Feb. 2022
    This pandemic is making us all have crazy dreams. Janet's dreams seem to be on the extreme side, so no wonder she is seeking a therapist. Scary and wonderful at the same time. Great for a woman auditioning for a crazy person!
  • Standing Alone - A Collection of Monologues
    23 Feb. 2022
    These nine monologues are so strong, so moving. Moments in life caught in the light. Great resource for actors needing an audition monologue. Williams creates such strong visuals, you feel you are there with the speaker when reading the pieces.
  • The Admission
    14 Feb. 2022
    I love this fast talking, foul mouthed nun. She tells it like it is and it isn't so nice. This comedic (mostly) monologue is a hoot, and will bring down the house in any festival.
  • That Moment When ...
    30 Jan. 2022
    When reading this short play, I found I was holding my breath. The two characters speak their actions, and yet we see the attraction they have to one another. Such an unusual and very effective format. The brief ending says it all.
  • Waiting
    30 Jan. 2022
    So much goes on in this very fun and sweet short play. All the voices are so clear, especially teenager Hailey who speaks directly to the audience. Clueless Dad and anxious Sandra add to the fun. And the engagement ring has a journey all its own!
  • The Boys Across the Street
    29 Jan. 2022
    Too bad there are still "Mabel's" in our midst. A loving couple moves in across the street from Mabel and as she discovers their differences, she turns on them. So well written. So pathetic that this piece is so accurate. Now we need a monologue about how the men come to her rescue.
  • Escape from Faux Pas
    25 Jan. 2022
    What happens when you open someone else's package? Especially of the contents aren't exactly PG rated.
    Fun and funny two hander with senior husband and wife.

  • Joey Age 9
    24 Jan. 2022
    Joey is the most resilient character I have ever read. He creates his own world in the safety of his closet where he keeps tally of the things that have happened to him. Some of the lines in this play made me gasp and cry out NO. Read it, you'll see. Start from the beginning of the Joey plays. So much heart and strength.