Recommended by Marj O'Neill-Butler

  • The Jello Shot
    7 Dec. 2023
    Beth only wants to set up a photo shoot...for her cat. Perhaps in lingerie...and it gets more complicated. The piece is funny and sad and full of earnestness. It could be performed onstage or on Zoom. Great female piece with part for an older woman.
  • The Christmas Commercial Conspiracy
    3 Dec. 2023
    Saw a production of this very funny and clever script at Miami1Acts. A perfect piece for a holiday festival of short plays. Imagine those ads!
  • But, Babe
    3 Dec. 2023
    Different cultures can be the glue that hold a couple together. But sometimes, a tradition can totally turn off one half of a couple. That's the case in But Babe, when the Cuban family presents a dish that grosses out white bread Julia. All differences aside, the couple finally compromises when the problems are resolved. Lessons learned, this is really a great two-hander Christmas play.
    30 Nov. 2023
    This play has characters we rarely see on stage and they should be there. Two people could not be more different, but they find common ground in their very souls. Will they meet again? I hope so.
  • BOOM - monologue about loss for any gender, any age
    22 Sep. 2023
    Arianna Rose takes you right to the event...the feelings...the grief...with this monologue. I found my heart beating faster as the fireworks boomed. A heartwarming piece of writing.
  • JONNA/JACK (award-winning one-act play)
    17 Aug. 2023
    This one act is about lost souls, past existences and hopes for a future life with a long lost lover. it cleverly moves to different locations, times and ethnicities. It leaves us with hope for Jonna and Jack to finally have a happy life together. This flexible play is also designed for a cast of three, five or seven actors.
  • Joy Ride
    14 Aug. 2023
    What a fun ten minutes. Ashes over New Jersey? The dialogue is swift, fun and funny. What a treat to read.
  • Stars
    13 Aug. 2023
    Stars is a most unusual and terrific buddy play. The two characters Gene and Terry are on divergent paths, but somehow understand each other. This would be a good play for a one act festival.
  • Ahavah
    30 Jul. 2023
    Lies always catch up with you especially if a Rabbi is involved. Saul has secrets and he asks his girlfriend to keep them. Luckily she has a clear head. This very sweet love story would be popular in any festival.
  • Chasing Cinderella
    23 Jul. 2023
    Fairy Tales do come true, but often not how you expect them to end. Chasing Cinderella is a very good and sweet coming of age story told through the eyes of the young and the older. This is an excellent play for high school audiences.