Recommended by Adam Richter

  • A Tragedy Of Owls
    10 Apr. 2024
    A phenomenal two-hander that brings to light the unheralded story of Willem Arondeus, Lau Mazirel and Sjoerd Bakker, Dutch resistance fighters who more than earned their place in world history and LGBTQ history. John Mabey does their story justice with spare staging, tight storytelling and compelling dialogue.
    I had the pleasure of hearing this play on the "Gather By the Ghost Light" podcast and highly recommend both.
  • Poetica
    10 Apr. 2024
    If you don't know a Jordan in real life, you ARE Jordan.
    "Poetica" is a semantic tennis match that is a delight to read and would be a joy to see on stage. Better yet, I could see this being performed in any public space, because the conversation would inevitably draw everyone into its orbit, whether or not they intended it.
  • My Mask Hangs Heavy, a short musical
    2 Apr. 2024
    A beautiful and insightful tale of neurodivergence and finding your tribe. I love the depth that Sam Heyman brings to his characters, and in this play, they not only come to life but they SING!
    This is a wonderful play that makes the most of both the 10-minute format and the musical format. Bravo, Sam!
  • The Prodigal Cow (a ten minute play)
    28 Mar. 2024
    This delightful and laugh-out-loud play takes on the biblical tale of the prodigal son, giving us the fatted calf's perspective on the whole matter. Along the way, Mark Harvey Levine gives the audience some thoughtful insights into duty, destiny and the age-old debate: Who has it worse: people or cows?
    "The Prodigal Cow" would be a great addition to any short play festival.
  • You love who you love: A monologue
    27 Mar. 2024
    More than a title, "You Love Who You Love" is a credo. Ryan Vaughan shows us the urgency of that message with every relationship on display in this heartfelt and beautiful monologue. Bryce takes us on a journey that is equal parts tender, suspenseful and humorous before giving way to a joyful ending.

    This is a remarkable monologue. I would. love to see it performed.
  • ART-ificial Intelligence - A 5-Minute Play
    14 Mar. 2024
    Debra A. Cole's brilliant play about artificial intelligence is unnerving because. the future that it envisions seems like it's right around the corner. How long before ChatGPT grows legs and inhabits a robotic body? I'd love to see this chilling and thought-provoking play in a festival of shorts.
  • Romeo & Her Sister
    9 Mar. 2024
    What a great story to bring to life! Jillian Blevins gives us a complex, compelling and often very funny play about sisters, the stage and the secrets that shape us. Blevins blends the language of Shakespeare with the language of 19th-century London as Charlotte, Susan and and the rest leap off the page and into our imagination in a story that modern audiences will not only relate to, but love.
  • The Polycule: A Comedy of Manners
    6 Mar. 2024
    "The Polycule" has a lot to say about the complexities of relationships — not just poly, but all kinds — and Jillian Blevins lovingly skewers them all in this laugh-out-loud, clever comedy of manners The rhyming couplets get along better than any two people on stage, adding to the humor and spirit of fun in this piece. Absolutely brilliant.
  • 28 Brains Later - A 5-Minute Play
    1 Mar. 2024
    A bittersweet and funny coda to a fun series of challenges by Debra A. Cole, whose talent for writing (and for writing fast) is a joy to behold.

    Now I’m hungry …
  • Get In The Fucking Robot
    25 Feb. 2024
    Sam Heyman is a master at getting right to the humanity and the heart of any theatrical situation, no matter how otherworldly the setting. Here he gives us a dystopian view of a future world at war with an unseen yet existential threat, distilling the conflict down to the touching friendship between two people affected by the horror. This is a terrific short that will fit in with any science fiction-themed short play festival and get audiences talking.