Recommended by Adam Richter

  • Boardwalk Concessions
    26 Jun. 2022
    The brutal honesty! The heartbreak! The corn dog!
    This two-hander by Scott Sickles is a terrific commentary on why relationships fail, when it's important to speak your mind and when it's important to STFU and enjoy a margarita — or let someone enjoy a corn dog.
    The dialogue is a riot and the characters are wonderfully relatable. Bravo!
  • Bearly Coping
    22 Jun. 2022
    Not only is this a sweet and funny 10-minute play that audiences would eat up like a bear devouring honey, but "Bearly Coping" makes great use of public-domain literature in a surprising and original — and, I must add, genius — way.
  • The Checkout Line
    22 Jun. 2022
    A razor-sharp satire that has one of the characters asking all the cringy questions you have either wanted to ask or worse, been in a position to answer. Why can't we just allow people to live their lives, even when they're ghosts?
  • Eight Drafts of a Letter Never Sent (Ten Minute Play)
    22 Jun. 2022
    This is a masterfully crafted play about the long tail of grief and how the sting of a loved one's death never fully subsides, even after decades. A live performance would be a great experience for actors and audiences alike.
    14 Jun. 2022
    "Intentions Matter" is a tender and heartbreaking play about an intensely complicated stepfather-daughter relationship. What I loved about this play is how Jack Levine doesn't show any of the traumatic events but instead gives us the character's responses after the fact. (Yeah, yeah, I know: "Show, don't tell." Nuts to that.)

    The result is we get to experience the emotional aftermath, and the experience is all the richer for it.

    Well done, Jack!
  • He Said It With Flowers (MONOLOGUE)
    13 Jun. 2022
    There's so much to unpack in this seemingly straightforward monologue about a cheating husband (with terrible taste in Valentine's Day gifts, IMHO). Performers and audiences alike would be well-served by this compact but layered (and brilliantly funny) monologue. Great work!
  • Dissolution (a monologue)
    11 Jun. 2022
    If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself. Unfortunately, Gerta's job requires two people, and Doolittle is clearly not the right man for the job. I loved the righteous anger, impatience and thirst that explodes from Gerta's short and laugh-out-loud funny (though not to Doolittle) speech.

    And you know — KNOW — that he's going to come back with the wrong soda. But that's giving away too much.

    Bravo, Scott!
  • Childhood Home
    8 Jun. 2022
    The punchline in this brilliant one-minute play delivers so perfectly because the setup leads you to believe there's no punchline at all. This is an absolutely amazing story of homecoming and homesickness. Brilliant!
  • Timing is Everythi– (a monologue)
    8 Jun. 2022
    Scott Sickles knows how deliver an emotional gut punch with the force of a wrecking ball, and here he does it in the course of a single minute.
    This play will sit with you for much longer than one minute.
  • Modern Miracle
    8 Jun. 2022
    "Jesus wept." With friends like these, it's no wonder.

    Steven G. Martin delivers a clever, absorbing and funny modern sendup of The Last Supper, casting Jesús as the party host who can do no right and all of his friends as doubters who are determined to ruin (what could be) their last night together. The misadventures of this failed dinner party make for a wonderfully entertaining short play. I would love to see this on stage. Bravo!