Recommended by Adam Richter

  • Heartburn
    5 Feb. 2024
    Sitting alone in a doctor's office, waiting for someone to tell you what's happening, is a breeding ground for dread. Daniel Prillaman turns that feeling up to 11 in this masterful, easy to stage short horror play. I will have it in the front of my mind the next time I go for a checkup.
  • A Vote for Him - A 5-Minute Monodrama
    3 Feb. 2024
    These days, no conversation about politics is "just politics," because one of the parties has decided that dehumanization of the other is a key part of its message. Politics is personal, because the decisions that our elected — sure, let's call them "leaders" — make affects the livelihoods and existence of so many fellow citizens. Debra Cole shows what the stakes are in this upcoming election — and indeed any election — and, spoiler: It's more than just the state of your 401(k).
    Blistering, masterful and necessary. Read this. And produce it.
  • Oh, No! I Flew Too Close to the Sun!
    3 Feb. 2024
    The dialogue and the build-up in this play make the audience both pity poor Festus and long to see him play what seems like his dream role. This is a brilliantly funny play that would be great to see live. Bravo!
  • That Last Summer
    1 Feb. 2024
    A beautiful, real and heartbreaking play about a longtime friendship and the roads — really a singular road — not taken in life. This was an exquisite joy to read.
  • All My Love, T.L.C
    1 Feb. 2024
    Rachel Feeny-Williams makes the most of the "TLC" in the 28 Plays Later prompt, and we the audience, get to enjoy the results. This play is a wild ride filled with humor, uneasy tension and a payoff that I won't soon forget. A brilliant two-hander that I would love to see on stage.
  • TLC: A Millennial Horror Story
    1 Feb. 2024
    This TLC gives any first- (or even second-time) homebuyer PTSD about the experience. There's nothing supernatural about Deb Cole's witty and distressing horror play about millennials. The terror comes from the realism of the home-buying process. Bravo!
  • Reconnaissance
    30 Jan. 2024
    I love the deft comic touch that Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend brings to all of her pieces, especially this one. "Reconnaissance" is a rich satire and a warning, both funny and intensely dark. This is a superb 10-minute play that I would love to see live.
  • A Christmas Carol (But not as you know it!)
    19 Jan. 2024
    As a devotee of the original book, I am always intrigued by updates to Dickens' classic tale. This play is the best by a mile. Rachel Feeny-Williams updates "A Christmas Carol" with new characters, new genders and (importantly) new jokes. But she keeps the themes of the original intact, imbuing them with new urgency and relevance for modern audiences. I heard a fantastic production of this play on Feeny-Williams' "Theatrical Shenanigans" podcast and loved it. Check it out; you will too.
    18 Jan. 2024
    Outstanding and merciless satire of Hollywood, the Oscars, and the awards-bait movies that Have. An. Important. Message. In one minute, Greg Lam punctures the self-important balloons of "Crash" and its ilk. Bravo!
  • An Honest Lesson in Self-Defense
    16 Jan. 2024
    You had me at "ball gown."
    Patricia Lynn's hilarious two-hander is a terrific play about friendship, class and knowing what to fight for. It's a wonderful piece that is perfect for two actors, a fight choreographer and a costume designer. They will all go nuts, and the audience will love them for it.