Recommended by Adam Richter

  • A Playwright Asks... "What if?" PART TWO
    19 Feb. 2023
    Playwriting is a paradox of an art form: at once solitary and dependent on others. Sam Heyman documents this tension so brilliantly in this short audio play that will resonate with ANYONE who needs/relies on the feedback from others for their works. It's a poignant reminder on how to set expectations for others, and how to be gracious with ourselves. BRAVO!
  • Prompt 16
    16 Feb. 2023
    What Debra said. Sometimes play requirements are ridiculous and this short piece nails the frustrations of a thousand writers. Yes to this.
  • Submission Opportunities
    16 Feb. 2023
    This is a perfect take on the absurdity of a recent 28 Plays Later Prompt, but it works beyond that exercise by giving us a story with which all writers can identify. "Submission Opportunities" is a hilarious satire of the unpleasant side of the creative business: Actually finding places to take your work. Bravo, Debra Cole!
  • A Case of the Mondays
    15 Feb. 2023
    Mass shootings are the worst part of American life. A close second is the way that we as a society have accepted them as the price of "freedumb" for the last 50 years. Debra Cole's disturbing but powerful short play is a reminder that not only have school shootings been a phenomenon for decades, but we used to be outraged about them.
    Brilliant work.
  • The Isle of Lizzbo: A VERY SHORT Jukebox Musical Based on the Music of Our Queen Mother… Lizzo
    15 Feb. 2023
    Just when you thought it was not possible to love Lizzo more, Debra Cole gives us this fantastic musical! The story integrates the songs seamlessly, and Cole presents relatable characters in whose struggles the audience becomes fully invested. And then they sing, which just makes you love the songs even more.
    It's about damn time someone put this on a stage!
  • Shower Issues
    10 Feb. 2023
    Short, disturbing, supernatural and laugh-out-loud funny. In other words, another terrific Christopher Soucy play. I think audiences would have a ball with this, and the last line will bring the house down. Bravo!
  • Bones
    10 Feb. 2023
    Who we truly are lies somewhere between the bones and the skin, and Cesario Tirado-Ortiz brings that fact to life brilliantly in this captivating and important monologue.
    Atticus Finch advised that you never really know someone until you "climb inside of his skin and walk around in it," and that is exactly the journey the audience travels with this monologue.
    People who do not understand the trans experience need to hear this piece.
  • The Neighbors
    10 Feb. 2023
    This should be #lifegoals for any married couple as they approach their golden years: To spy on the goings-on of passersby and annoy one's spouse with quick banter. Is there anything better in life?
    I'd love to see "The Neighbors" on a stage. Older actors would eat this up, and audiences would have a ball. Bravo!
  • NOH More Drama: A Children’s Origin Play Based on Japanese Myth
    10 Feb. 2023
    What a beautiful and incredibly theatrical piece! Debra Cole gives us an intro to Noh theater that is entertaining, poignant and downright lovely.
    I would love to see this on a stage!
  • How Much Do You Love Me?
    8 Feb. 2023
    A terrific two-hander that keeps the suspense taut as a harp string all the way to the end, which is just perfect. I watched the author and actor/playwright Miranda Jonte perform this play at Back Porch Theater, and I don't think I took a breath through the entire play.