Recommended by Adam Richter

  • Watercolors
    10 Feb. 2024
    One of the many things I love about Philip Middleton Williams' works is the way he seamlessly incorporates big, profound ideas into intimate stories of the lives of his characters. In "Watercolors," Nick struggles to both move on from Eric's death while also honoring his legacy. Along the way, we get to see how that core question changes his relationships with the other characters, and even with his dead partner.
    This is a beautiful piece that will have audiences thinking about it long after the lights go down.
    9 Feb. 2024
    How wrong Sartre was! Hell is not other people. Hell is a department store. Specifically, hell is THIS department store depicted with manic glee from the mind of Jack Levine. Whatever you think you may have seen in the arena of bad customer experiences, none come close to "The Lucky Choice," and certainly not with such hilarity. Levine switches the gears on Mary and the audience with seamless grace. It was a joy to read and it would be a riot to see on stage. Bravo!
  • GULF (working title)
    9 Feb. 2024
    This suspenseful monologue had me holding my breath with anticipation for nearly the entire piece. The choices that Ellis must face in order to escape her life are difficult, and she knows that well. Miranda Jonte has written a superb solo piece about risks, doubt and taking chances.
  • "Why???" – A Love Story
    9 Feb. 2024
    I can't believe this monologue is only a minute long. Bertz takes us on a wild and hysterical ride that I did not want to end. I hope we'll see more of this, honestly, because I too am dying to know whether Bertz is engaged. Bravo, Scott!
  • Closer to Fine: A Tribute to Searching
    9 Feb. 2024
    Debra A. Cole has created a definitive dramatic interpretation of the Indigo Girls' iconic song that pays a loving homage while also standing as its own, fantastic piece. She took the inspiration from the prompt and gave us a terrific three-person play that would be compelling to watch on stage. Bravo!
  • Pride is a Sin
    8 Feb. 2024
    The rhetorical knots that Christopher Soucy ties and unties in this short play had me laughing from beginning to end. "Pride is a Sin" is a terrific satire of religion, damnation and theology in general while also being fun as hell.
  • Riddle Me This - ONE MINUTE PLAY
    7 Feb. 2024
    Brilliant use of the riddle conceit in this delightful funny and heart-rending one minute play by Debra Cole. I loved it.
  • Romeo & Juliet & Velociraptors
    6 Feb. 2024
    Romeo and Juliet didn't need a better sense of timing to save them; they just needed dinosaurs. The happy couple gets a well-deserved update in this bloody, charming and laugh-out-loud funny adaptation. Bravo!
  • waiting for the bus
    6 Feb. 2024
    Christopher Soucy's wickedly funny short play is going to set back interest in public transportation for decades, but it's so worth it. Read this play. Produce it. And make sure you have exact change.
  • US - A One Minute Play
    5 Feb. 2024
    This delightful play says so much with so few words. An elegant and exquisite short piece.