Recommended by Asher Wyndham

  • Almost There
    24 Mar. 2017
    A silly short play about connection in and outside the virtual world. The development of these two contrasting characters from disconnection to connection in only a few pages is impressive.
  • SOA
    24 Mar. 2017
    A comedy on Trumpism that is perfect in its criticism. Tons of Trump plays have been written--this is one of the best that I've read.
  • Good Grief
    22 Mar. 2017
    Marie's response to a terrorist attack that left her son dead, her grief and guilt --her trauma -- may make you, explore your own personal/private trauma and response to tragedy --and it may make you think about our collective/community/national/global response to terrorism and tragedy. Do you have anything in common with Marie? Read this play and find out! Scenes between Marie and her doctor where Virtual Reality therapy is used contains some of Shineman's best writing.
  • MELT
    22 Mar. 2017
    This is an amazing short play for many reasons. It brings to your attention an important issue of climate change. With that issue, it develops the emotional relationship of granddaughter and grandfather, each with a distinct need/desire and back story. That relationship is further developed theatrically with a memorable showdown in the last few pages --a spectacle of lyricism, sound, and imagery. A great challenge for a sound designer. Share this with a sound designer friend--and maybe he/she can get in touch with a director. Contains one of the best stage directions OF ALL TIME!!!
  • Press
    21 Mar. 2017
    Never read a play before with such fierce confrontation in only a few pages. Stanley goes where only a few playwrights go in a short play. She focuses on rape culture and sexual assault in an intensifying plot between brother and sister with dialog that's raw and real.
  • Tiny Baby
    16 Mar. 2017
    This little absurd play should be a lot of fun for readers and audience members. Pfeffinger's zany take on the class reunion may be a head-scratcher--and that's a good thing, yes: the play leaves you wondering...what does that teeny-tiny baby mean?
  • Bev.
    16 Mar. 2017
    A quarrel between sisters in an unusual setting...a kayak in the East Siberian sea. And there's an unusual visitor: a mermaid who doesn't make anything better. Femia thinks outside the box to deal with sisterhood, mourning, and loss.
  • Mirrors
    15 Mar. 2017
    Perfectly executed short play. Unsettling revelations for readers and audience. A short play that can wreck your heart. Contains some powerful monologues for female actors, perfect for competition.
  • Jane: Abortion and the Underground
    13 Mar. 2017
    A play that needs to be produced again and again. It's necessary theatre because it captures diverse voices from the early days of abortion rights that could've been lost without these interviews. The structure, a blend of monologues, group scenes, two person scenes, and interviews creates an unforgettable read -- and if produced, an unforgettable time at the theatre.
  • Fossil Lady
    12 Mar. 2017
    A fascinating little gem of a play. Haas has achieved so much in a short amount of time. We learn about Mary Anning's childhood, her aspirations as a paleontologist, her struggles as a woman in a sexist society. If only she wore breeches.. I would love to see her in a longer work.