Recommended by Asher Wyndham

  • The Shower (a monologue)
    19 Sep. 2020
    Weaver captures beautifully an experience that many of us remember for the joy, ecstasy, humor -- showering with a special someone. Yes, showering, getting naked, wet, clean, aroused.
    This would be easy to produce for Zoom.
  • The Wrong Chair (Monologue)
    12 Sep. 2020
    Typically landlords in scripts are stereotyped as villains or one-dimensional. Not in this monologue. Richter's landlady pops off the page with spirit, righteously angry about keeping everything in good order and appearances with her property. She's worked so hard over the years, not just for herself but for others, to provide a home, so she's not asking for much. It's not just about a beach chair. Easy to produce, just perfect for virtual theatre. Connect with Richter.
  • Batman Vs. The Person Stealing Out of the Work Fridge
    7 Sep. 2020
    Yay! Another installment in Hageman's DC-inspired plays is like picking up the latest issue of a comic book. If you're a theatre that loves myths and comics and comedy, then read all Hageman plays about Batman's unusual exploits and produce an evening of them.
  • Letter (short play)
    24 Aug. 2020
    Creepy! This will scare any audience at your Halloween showcase. Well done.
  • Mask For Mask
    24 Aug. 2020
    Yep, spot on - this is on the mind of some gay men. That desire for immediate intimacy /quick hook-up even during social isolation. This should be included in your queer Zoom festival.
  • 38 Cookies, 39 Reasons
    23 Aug. 2020
    Martin creates a complex character, someone we easily recognize in ourselves (even if we are not plus-size). He does this through a simple action that's performed by many off stage, but rarely on stage -- cookie binging. Another unforgettable monologue character from Martin.
  • 40 Questions (a monologue)
    23 Aug. 2020
    The tone of this monologue depends on the actor and their emotional interpretation of the writing. And the pacing, is it slow with silence between the lines or is it quick, coming out of the actor like a torrent of words?

    Another devastating piece from a playwright that doesn't hold back from revealing truths about relationships and love.
  • THE GROUP PROJECT (A Play for Videoconference)
    11 Aug. 2020
    Carnes is one of the few playwrights I know who use videoconferencing as the place/setting for a play, and does it effectively. Even better, she's poking fun at everything that can go wrong with people (esp. kids!) using this technology. Actual school is closed, school stage is dark, but fun making theatre doesn't have to stop during a pandemic -- thanks to Carnes!
  • THE BIRTHDAY (A Play for Videoconference)
    9 Aug. 2020
    These kids are so cute like the Peanuts's Schultz-cuteness on Zoom. Kids that are not having a fun time in the classroom on Zoom because it's not the same anymore will have fun working on this play -- it's playful like recess! There's something poignant that Carnes taps into with the character Josh that we all can relate to.
  • to jared phillips (a monologue)
    3 Jul. 2020
    Unfolding naturally, Lewis captures that aching and longing for that special someone that got away, Most audience members will identify with Marquise. Consider this for your solo festival on love and relationships.