Recommended by Asher Wyndham

  • Ever-Fixed
    22 Jun. 2017
    Is the guy a creep or admirable for not giving up on the woman? Is the woman foolish or right for not wanting the guy? I enjoyed being conflicted, torn between two people, agreeing and disagreeing with a character's position. The playwright did a fine job presenting something complicated about a lot of relationships: there's a bit of love and a bit of hate, desire and disgust.
    22 Jun. 2017
    I saw a production of this play at Mixed Blood in Minneapolis in 2016. This is the only play that I can think of that brings to the stage Queer and trans homeless teens. I was moved by each character's development from self-harm to charm. There's some shocking cruelty and surprising intimacy and tenderness in this play. Dawkins' play deserves many productions -- including one in your community -- because it could foster conversation and bring awareness to many issues surrounding Queer teenagers.
  • JUMP
    22 Jun. 2017
    Like with her other short plays, Gina Femia captures an emotional intensity that's always a page-turner. The intensity in this play feels real, never contrived because the characters are so alive. They're alive because their mourning -- the pain and sadness and confusion -- is totally relatable.
  • Boo School
    18 Jun. 2017
    The perfect short play for theatre middle schoolers to perform for Halloween. The concept, kid ghosts learning Frightology in a classroom, is spooktacular. I would love to see this as a longer one act.
  • Burkini Blues
    18 Jun. 2017
    This play is a good example that humor is sometimes the best way to deal with patriarchy, sexism and racism, especially if you're criticizing a French beach town. A serious comedy on assimilation and human rights with the perfect twist near the end.
  • Brine Shrimp Gangsters
    18 Jun. 2017
    Gangsta shrimp, maniacal and scheming with squirt guns! If Mario Puzo was alive, he'd be proud of Stubbles. (If you're a producer and you want your audience wet, choose this play.)
  • Peripheral Resistance
    17 Jun. 2017
    This short drama has the depth and intensity that reminds me of Pinter's plays about couples. If you like Pinter's Ashes to Ashes or Marber's Closer, check out this play.
  • Surprise
    15 Jun. 2017
    A good play should always surprise us. This play does just that, page after page, with unexpected stage images and actions. The concept, the play within the play, and the theatricality of breaking up is definitively a hook for the reader.
  • Highway 16
    13 Jun. 2017
    More horrific than the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood it's based on. Barnett's f'd up tale is like what Kathy Acker did with classic stories. The more you find out about Granny and her "establishment" and Red's situation, you realize this twisted fairy tale is an allegory for modern human trafficking. If you're producing a festival of plays based on fairy tales, choose this play.
  • Dora's Dynamic Dates
    12 Jun. 2017
    A fun read with a hee-larious concept, a pleasure that reminded me of short plays by David Ives. This play is easy to produce, and deserves many productions.