Recommended by Asher Wyndham

    24 May. 2020
    An arresting play that centers mental illness through an emotionally complex relationship between two sisters. Henry's pacing is perfect, as evident in her shorter works. She knows when to hold back and when to reveal, showing here how death in the family complicates everything - trust, communication, intimacy. Henry resurrects trauma, but does more than that, something that is rare indeed in theatre: she transcends it, beautifully, showing a way forward. Easy to produce, this female-centric play deserves your attention.
    16 May. 2020
    Plenty of laughs for this homage to Star Trek (original and TNG) that'll bring back fond memories.
    The right kind of play for a stage at a bar or a sci-fi theatre fest.
    Get a projector, some trekkie pjs and face-paint - and have some fun!
  • Remember Me
    15 May. 2020
    Dickson's monologue is an arresting character study about a young woman traumatized still by her uncommon childhood, who's wrestling as she narrates with her biggest challenge in life - forgiving her monstrous father.
    This monologuist does a fine job showing how the past shapes character as much as the present.
  • Do Not Bend
    15 May. 2020
    A one-minute play that works surprisingly well with 3 characters.
    This will have the audience in stitches.
  • Bartleby & Bess (10 minute play)
    15 May. 2020
    We cling to every word - from the funny but poignant airport-monologue to the final moment for these two characters (reconciled lovers??) - it's lovely.
  • My Heart is a Kaleidoscope (Waiting to be Turned) (1 minute play)
    15 May. 2020
    A beautiful poem that could be crafted as a experimental choreopoem for actors.
  • Hot Gecko Space Love Action (Based on a true story): A Ten-Minute Play
    9 May. 2020
    Pay-per-view porn with geckos in space!? One of the most f'd up plays on NPX -- loved it!
  • Six Feet Away
    9 May. 2020
    You'd think the private space, homelife, a living room for a couple would be a safe place during this crisis. This playwright reminds us it isn't, and that intimacy and connection and communication is difficult. It reaches a feverish intensity in believable escalation.
  • Do You Get It - A Monologue
    8 May. 2020
    Devastating little monologue. The ending has a weight that sits on your heart.
    Makes you question patriotism and its relation to war.
    This mother is from 1970s but her fears and her questions are for all future mothers.
    This would be a fine addition to a showcase of plays on American history or Vietnam War.
  • There Are No Small Parts
    4 May. 2020
    The most ridiculous audition play! The casting director's monologue would be a smart choice for an audition.