Recommended by Asher Wyndham

  • How to Keep Teens from Doing the Devil's Tango - a Monologue on Sex Ed
    23 Oct. 2019
    I wanted to High-5 the playwright after reading this. This monologue's eye-opening truths about sex really puts abstience-only sex-ed to shame. And presents a winning argument through sick humor.
    This would be a fun monologue for any festival on education and/sex or a parent who happens to be an actor could give it at a PTA (haha).
  • Cherie/Cherie
    23 Oct. 2019
    It's so much fun if you read this monologue out loud. Rasmussen has done a fine job capturing teen speak through rant (which is really a classroom presentation). A teen actor should consider this for competition.
    22 Oct. 2019
    Seidel's monologue is compelling because it works on so many levels - personal, social, educational, political, national, religious.
    Since it works on so many levels, there's something in Miss Smith that we can relate to. Miss Smith is frustrated as a teacher against the educational system (in this case, Catholic school), she's disgusted with helicopter parents that want to protect their kids from horrible truths, and she's disillusioned with the United States of America. And she wants to escape all the crazy.
    Loved it!
  • The Assignment (written with Austen Janna Borg)
    21 Oct. 2019
    An exchange between two people representing different generations starts off awkward and naturally progresses to something endearing and intimate.
    Captures perfectly that ignorance of history for a younger generation, especially those college-bound. That's ignorance of wars and suffering - historical truth.
    Rarely are characters with this age divide seen on stage. If you're producing a short play festival on American history, consider this play
  • Conversations with My Cat
    20 Oct. 2019
    Cat lovers could relate to this monologue. A funny exploration of codependency between human and pet.
    Consider an exercpt for audition or, better, perform the entire monologue at a solo festival or cat cafe.
  • Esai's Table
    20 Oct. 2019
    I had the opportunity to see a staged reading of this incredible play a few years ago.
    This was definitely an *experience* that shocked me and woke me up.
    One of the best received staged readings I've experienced in my life.
  • Marianas Trench (Part One of The Second World Trilogy)
    20 Oct. 2019
    This is a huge play, not only in pages, but in scope, emotion, and ambition.
    The political scope of this play looks to our past, our history of suffering and suppression, but also to a possible Atwoodian future for a fractured America. Two countries, north and south, liberal and conservative, one for all faiths, the other Christian dominionist, are in contrast as well as the lives of two families and two boys.
    Empathy, love, desires, and dreams takes on political, life-threatening significance.
    A highly imaginative, structurally ambitious play that will challenge every artist involved.
  • Jailbait
    19 Oct. 2019
    A carefully-observed, complex coming of age story for two girls that doesn't judge or moralize. Still current, this honest exploration of dating, desire and sexuality is compelling from the first scene to the last. Surprisingly funny when you least expect it.
    There are plenty of plays now with teenage girls, and this one from several years ago deserves more productions.
  • Secrets of Gardenias
    19 Oct. 2019
    I saw a staged reading of this at Arizona State University, Tempe many many years ago.
    It was my first introduction to the work of Katie May. This is one of those plays where the protagonist's emotional journey isn't something you just witness, you feel it, every minute, and wonder about your own health and future.
  • A History of Freaks
    19 Oct. 2019
    Producers, consider this play under your big top!
    There's an immediacy and inclusivity that makes this circus-inspired play so entertaining.
    This play explores the challenge of facing the future, the conflict between tradition and modernity, and the concept of freak.
    Get your freak on with this show.
    A dramaturg and costume designer would have a fun time on this show.