Recommended by Asher Wyndham

  • DISTURBING THE PEACE a one minute monologue
    30 May. 2022
    A playful spin on courtroom drama in monologue form. Hilarious scene.
  • EN POINTE ( a one minute monologue )
    30 May. 2022
    So much an actor can bring to this...the pain...the graceful movement...and win over a director at audition.
  • SAWZALL SCREW UP ( a one minute monologue)
    29 May. 2022
    This is heelarious, burst out loud funny. We've all had the experience with long hold times with crappy customer service, but never this mail mixup. This is a smart choice for any comedy showcase.
  • The Golden Rule
    7 May. 2022
    Tense ten minutes exploring workplace bullying and white privilege in an American school. These two characters are perfectly developed and contrasted. A smart choice for college students.
  • MAKE IT KNOWN - Monologue
    1 May. 2022
    Yes, I love this, all of this. Ignorance to knowledge to action. A young voice calls out education for sidelining minority and female voices of theatre, and ends with fighting for diversity and awareness in curriculum and study. What a clever way to introduce us to Elizabeth Wong.
  • Gay newbie (A Monologue)
    1 May. 2022
    The awkwardness and nervousness make this a fun read. Such a fun character that you instantly crush over. What a great character for a Pride-themed showcase of new writing.
  • The Menopausal Freshman
    1 May. 2022
    Love this woman's attitude on life and experiencing the wild side.
  • Between the Surf and the Stars (a monologue)
    24 Apr. 2022
    The world- and relationship-building through careful execution is what Sickles does best. He slows time for us, we settle in and relax like we're in the sand next to the bonfire, revealing, surprising us along the way. Beautiful writing made believable out of the mouths of his characters like Benton.
  • Bubbles
    24 Apr. 2022
    An opportunity for empathy. A surprising voice for a teen character, an unexpected perspective. Another compelling slice of life from Cole in one page.
  • Who Want The Smoke? (a monologue)
    24 Apr. 2022
    Teachers across the country could relate to Porter's protagonist, an elementary teacher on the edge with her out-of-control students. It's absolutely funny - the part about the little girl Madeline is LMAOF - but it's also not funny: it packs a lot of truth about the challenges of teaching, the emotional stress, and the problems of American education that is wat beyond our teachers to fix. Perfect for any festival on educational themes.