Recommended by Asher Wyndham

  • Puppers
    6 Feb. 2022
    Delightful! Just perfect for toddlers, pre-k and Kindergarten kids! Yes, a monologue for them to enjoy! There is a physicality here that an adult performer would love.
  • Monologue: Dad's Raccoons
    5 Feb. 2022
    With its emotional range, its outbursts, its desperation, this physical monologue would make use of space. A fully body monologue. Funny that she's complaining like a raccoon when's kind of acting like one. Entertaining. Hilarious.
  • Not My Fault
    3 Feb. 2022
    This shouldn't be funny, but it is. Black comedy. Its reveals are surprising and the way it focuses on expectations of women and motherhood is also surprising. It does a lot in just a page!
    3 Feb. 2022
    The tenderness of her profession, the intimacy, the care, the beauty contrasts everything about gun violence. This monologues reminds us that gun violence and unrestricted gun laws result in unnecessary loss, mourning and tragedy that takes away from this world something beautiful -- like this woman who trained horses. Another beautiful monologue from Carnes who is one of the best working with the language line by line.
    1 Feb. 2022
    Lermond does a fine job with details to capture a sense of place and an event for her character's glorious, goddess-like transformation. Another winning monologue in a series of monologues with empowered female characters.
  • Soot Darlings
    31 Jan. 2022
    An uplifting monologue, transformative with its soaring poetry. Beautiful imagery that'll be in your head a for a long time. This would an amazing play for designers - costume, lightning, media.
  • Something Happens Perfectly
    23 Jan. 2022
    If only some men understood subtext! Hoping for the best for this woman who's waited -- only a year. The description of the scene for the first kiss...during a snowstorm is the stuff of theatre. a great picture--and funny. Maybe we can have these theatrical moments in life if only we're spontaneous and commit to being crazy for the sake of fun and maybe love.
  • Messages
    21 Jan. 2022
    What kind of theatre should we produce in a world on the brink of ecological disaster? This is a play that demands attention even if it means doing so with a playful twist. We need more plays like this to wake us up.
  • The Runner
    21 Jan. 2022
    Keyes is one of my favorite monologuists that crafts atmospheric monologues with a creepiness that gets under the skin. Check out The Runner and then read the other monologues.
  • 21:34 and 32 seconds
    19 Jan. 2022
    Gallant's characters like this double-D bus driver are fully-realized and singular like characters from Talking Heads. Read any one of her monologues and you want to read them all and wait for the next one.