Recommended by Asher Wyndham

  • 3 Monologues (Summer's Welcome; Pity-Wanting Pain; and, Mirror, Mirror)
    24 Apr. 2022
    Schumacher explores beauty and love through three distinct voices -- a pleasure to read out loud.
  • Thou Shall Not Liest (a monologue)
    24 Apr. 2022
    Our recent out-of-the-closet atheist is on the edge of losing it, both his mind and his job. It's his first job, doesn't want to upset his parents - a funny/not funny predicament that Lawing does best in his monologues. Clever writing exploring how inhospitable Christian schools - as well as larger society - is toward those that want to live Godless. A smart choice for a festival on themes of faith or, better, atheism.
  • Vinterlys
    9 Apr. 2022
    A sci-fi mini-drama about meeting someone's parents turns into a shocking spectacle of light and demonology. For others, it's some sick fun. A lighting designer would have fun with this play.
  • Alpha Omega Incorporated
    9 Apr. 2022
    So smart and clever while being so thoroughly silly. Easy to produce comedy that will certainly entertain your audience.
  • Steam
    9 Apr. 2022
    Shows sexy and realness in an insightful, funny way. How do you create fake cat puke? I don't know. Have fun with this one-minute.
  • Lucy, What Did You Do? (a one-minute play)
    6 Apr. 2022
    This is a perfect example of comedic one-minute play. Perfectly plotted, building tension, with an ending that I didn't expect.
  • Baba Mikey
    3 Apr. 2022
    Plumridge manages to make you smile and laugh at this late-night encounter between a new father and his newborn - and then breaks your heart. A tear-jerker, really. It hits you, guts you, devastates you with its twist. A smart choice for any festival on parenthood.
  • Hoist (a monologue)
    3 Apr. 2022
    A spot-on examination of a certain segment of the gay community from the rare perspective - a bear. Again, Sickles' poetic language wins you over.
  • Discarded (a monologue)
    26 Mar. 2022
    A powerful, poetic monologue - and reminder - about starting over after losing big - in sports and even in life. A great piece for an actor to discover character with each breath, in between the lines.
  • An Awkward Conversation in the Shadow of Mount Moriah
    18 Mar. 2022
    Unexpected tenderness and understanding between father-and-son in a modern comic spin on a Biblical story -- another one-of-a-kind play by Bavoso. I can see this as Best Play at any festival. This play is a perfect example of a ten-minute play - in structure, emotional-plotting, character development - just wow.