Recommended by Asher Wyndham

  • How to Pill a Cat in Three Easy Steps
    16 Mar. 2022
    I would love to see an actor in makeup and costume bring this feline character to life. Super funny.
    16 Mar. 2022
    It's not what said, it's what you fill in between the lines, it's what your imagination brings to this that makes this super creepy and unsettling. Gets under the skin.
  • Boing!
    7 Mar. 2022
    I love this concept --- interactive theatre that is fun and therapeutic and open to interpretation in various spaces.
  • Animal - Monologue
    5 Mar. 2022
    This would be a monologue would be entertaining with food being eaten during it. What a fun way to explore ridiculous social expectations of femininity. This is the kind of friend you'd want to hang out with. Maybe even date.
  • I Ate the Divorce Papers (On Accident)
    5 Mar. 2022
    Silly but also serious exploration of sexism and dramatic literature with a playful meta-theatricality that an auditioning actor would love. Wonderfully weird and funny.
  • A Thousand Words
    1 Mar. 2022
    A poetic rumination on a senseless loss from gun violence from the perspective of a journalist. I love how the monologue takes its time, doesn't rush itself.
  • When You're Fifty - a monologue
    27 Feb. 2022
    A reflection on milestone ages with surprising depth and humor. So many great lines and yes-moments of recognition.
    13 Feb. 2022
    I had the opportunity to hear Scott at MONOMANIA deliver this monologue with raw intensity and emotion. Atmospheric, harrowing and, surprisingly, relatable. A physical, full-bodied performance. You definitely should consider this monologue for a theme on trauma, PTSD, or city themes.
  • Intestate: A COVID-19 Monologue
    10 Feb. 2022
    One of the most powerful, devasting monologues written during this pandemic. Baker has given us a fully-realized character that develops before our eyes, breaking our heart with his unanswered questions, his mistreatment by the hospital and his setbacks after the death of his loved one.
  • Monologue: Letter to The Babysitter
    10 Feb. 2022
    The fun would be watching the face and the reactions of the babysitter reading the letter of instructions. What has she got herself into?