Recommended by Kenneth N. Kurtz

  • Cabana Boy
    14 Jan. 2023
    I'll grant you that the title sounds like a racy sex romp, but Cabana Boy is a beautifully done gay coming of age tale. The first scene ends with a line forecasting untoward machinations. The last scene provides a warm closure of contentment. And I, as a lighting designer, would love to do this play with the amber haze of seaside sunsets off left doing battle with the hotel's harsh mercury lights from off right. Thanks Philip Middleton Williams for yet another fine play.
  • A Song of Bucephalus
    6 Jun. 2022
    James Odin Wade entwines the story of Alexander the Great's famous horse with the vaudeville tradition of the two-man horse costume,,,but they're both the buts! All wafted on mounds of lovely and funny word play. Bravo Bucephalus!
  • Every Creeping Thing
    16 Apr. 2022
    Every Creeping Thing is such good fun with beautifully layered (or should I say stratified?) humor. Ten minutes of pre-disaster delight. Thank you Mr, Beardsley
    30 Mar. 2022
    This wonderful short play is like a three-way tennis game. the words are balls being endlessly lobbed between the three players. We are the net watching the flights of delightful non-sequiturs. The final score is: love-plus?
  • Waitering for Godot
    11 Mar. 2022
    Mr. Bonafede has wonderfully and wittily skewered Beckett. now I' like to see him do the same favor for Pinter. Waitering For Godot is a classic ten-minute satire.
  • The Unjust Sound of Unseen Waves
    7 Feb. 2022
    Thankyou Scott Sickles for creating the sense of wonder that is what theatre should be about. If I have to read another NPX play about ordinary people inhabiting maudlin scenes. I will vomit. Besides imagining extraordinary creatures, you have offered sound designers an ultimate test. Bravo!
    6 Feb. 2022
    This delightful riff of Noel Coward's Private Lives lacks only one equivalent of Coward's best line: "Don't quibble Sybil." May I suggest "Let's go bedward Edward. Ten pages of good gay fun.
  • The Damage
    31 Jan. 2022
    The Damage is done...and done very well. Jacob Devine has smoothly blended lifetimes of deceit and revenge into ten minutes of knife-edged celluloid cynicism.
  • Scones (or, Macbeth Part II)
    29 Dec. 2021
    Scones is a delightful Wha' if tha' only needs some glo''le stops to Rrrrround out i's cauldron of ingrrrrreedien'' a gud bo''le of scotch on the side.
  • murmurs
    23 Nov. 2021
    Murmurs is a lovely gentle play about two boys discovering truths. I read it with both quiet joy and a tear or two. You will too. And "murmurs" has so many meanings.