Recommended by Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend

  • LULLABY PLAY (a liminal medea)
    14 May. 2023
    The theatricality of this play!! I wasn't prepared for how beautiful it was going to be. Aly Kantor has a knack for reimagining her adaptations in a wholly unique way. This is gorgeous on the page, and I can't even imagine how amazing it would be on a stage, getting to see the dances and hear the songs (and that ending!! I want to see the ending!!) This Medea feels both classically old and surprisingly contemporary at the same time, and I can't get enough of it.
  • You Enter the Tavern
    14 May. 2023
    I love this! I don't know a thing about DnD (other than what I've learned from this play and its one-act predecessor, Adventurers Anonymous), but background knowledge really isn't a prerequisite to enjoy this story of five women in recovery who gather weekly for a DnD campaign. I love the complexity of the characters as they slowly peel back their layers and wrestle with their own demons, as well as the fact that the story can - and often does - turn from hilarious to heartbreaking on a dime.
  • Winifred and Henry Celebrate Their Fifth Wedding Anniversary
    9 May. 2023
    I was not prepared for this! This short comedy/horror play will keep you on your toes as things get revealed and then circle back in a delightfully surprising way. Come for the silly jokes (“I work the graveyard shift at the graveyard”), stay for the crazy surprises.
  • Vegetables are Revolting!
    27 Apr. 2023
    THE PUNS. I was not prepared for the absolute deluge of wordplay this short contains. This play is pure silliness. What a delight!
  • Table for Thirteen
    27 Apr. 2023
    I love this monologue. Jesus is booking a table at a restaurant for the Last Supper - well, two tables. (Leonardo needs a table for one, so he can paint them all.) So much fun, and so many smart jokes! This is the rare piece that would work equally well on a stage, over Zoom, or on the radio/podcast. This Jesus is a triple threat. Love it.
  • Our Fake History
    25 Apr. 2023
    What a great play for young audiences! In addition to correcting some historical inaccuracies that have entered the collective conscious, it also reminds the audience to always think critically and consider the source - Just because something is written down doesn't mean that it's true. This would be a perfect play to mount at a high school, as there are lots of roles for teens and a great take away message.
  • Ask Me Anything
    22 Apr. 2023
    What a delight. A job interview gets very personal - bafflingly so - as the man being interviewed struggles to be accommodating even as he can’t understand how any of these questions are pertinent. Hilarity ensues as the questions become more and more rapid-fire, and the final button is perfection. A fantastic, hilarious short comedy.
  • The Fake
    22 Apr. 2023
    People are so quick to believe what they see on social media, and in this short, Jason exploits that and heightens it to high stakes (and hilarious) levels. This entertaining two-hander is also a cautionary tale about taking what you see and read on social media with a grain of salt. Very clever!
  • For Richard, for Poorer
    21 Apr. 2023
    This is adorable. What a fun challenge for the actors (one carrying the whole play with his words, the other playing almost his entire part with wordless reactions). I love these two and their affirmations and the fact that they started eating cake early. Just a delightful piece.
  • Kangaroo (Ten Minute)
    20 Apr. 2023
    What I like about this short play is it shows someone grappling with a problem, trying to decide what to do, and by the end, things are clearer, but far from resolved. It feels very true to life, this talking through a problem with a good friend who offers sound advice and helps figure out a plan of action. While on the surface this play is about a woman trying to figure out if she and her partner are too sexually incompatible to work, it's also a wonderful study on friendship as well.