Recommended by Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend

  • WEDDING SECRETS - full-length family comedy
    15 May. 2024
    Everything quickly starts going wrong in this comedy about family dynamics on a wedding weekend. I enjoyed watching the reactions of all the different characters as things started going off the rails.
    9 May. 2024
    This timely short about two kids living on either side of US southern border is sweet and sad and hopeful in turn. Plays starring children are rarely as powerful as this one. This would be an amazing play to see live.
  • The Name of Action
    8 May. 2024
    This didn't go where I thought it would! This fun short play starts with a quirky premise, zips along with clever banter and ends with a darkly comic surprise. I love how it drifts lightly along until the ending sneaks up on you.
  • Perspective: A Ten-Minute Play
    8 May. 2024
    Art humor! I love it. This short about a Renaissance painting of the Annunciation which is moved into the same room as the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, much to Mary's displeasure, is smart and funny and just an all-around clever piece. It deserves all the productions it's had and more!
  • Fighting Mr. Right
    3 May. 2024
    I love quirky comedies, and this short is perfection! Marla and Joel have finished a successful first date, and Marla doesn't want to mess this up, so she's doing things differently with this guy - which Joel finds baffling. The dialogue in this piece is sharp and fast, and even on the page you can tell that this would be a blast both to watch and to perform.
  • Just Desserts
    3 May. 2024
    This short play about office coworkers takes a sharp dark turn pretty quickly, and I am here for it! Sharp, dark comedy at its finest.
  • In or Out? (10 min)
    3 May. 2024
    This short's clever portrayal of the afterlife has a very deep question at its core for a play whose dialogue feels so light and flows so smoothly. In addition to being so engaging, it's also very easy to stage, which makes it a great play for theater companies with a variety of budgets.
  • Immersion Therapy
    2 May. 2024
    The twists! Every time I thought I knew where this short was going, it took a surprising turn. Fun and cathartic in equal measure!
  • Tag (three minute version)
    2 May. 2024
    This is hilarious. Some games last a long time, like Monopoly, and then there's THIS game, which has gone on forever and become part of Erin's identity. What a clever short with a button that is absolute perfection.
  • The Replacement
    2 May. 2024
    Well, I love this. Morey Norkin takes an awful chant and turns it into an amazing play, in which a white supremacist finds that he has, in fact, been replaced in the story of his life by a Jew. A Jewish grandma, to be precise. This short finds humor in a very unlikely place and is an absolute delight.