Recommended by Dana Hall

  • Narcissa, Narcissa
    29 Dec. 2021
    "Begin with the light. Feed yourself." This is a wonderful take on the myth of Narcissus and Echo - There are so many memorable lines in this piece it is beautifully written and such a thoughtful contemplation. Well done.
  • Tell Me Something
    24 Dec. 2021
    What a lovely dialogue between these old friends. There comes a time where we all take inventory and watching these two connect over the past warms the heart. There's something about sitting with those that know us best- it's raw and honest. This play hits all chords.
    24 Dec. 2021
    The smug confidence of Pat sets the scene nicely. The reveal leaves you with a mix of emotions but ultimately when it's over it's over might as well take the creative way out! Love it.
  • Dirty Looks (Zoom)
    24 Dec. 2021
    A fun perspective on how those previously concerned about germs in public settings were the minority and overnight with COVID they have become the majority.
    To that I say- Welcome, we have hand sanitizer and masks ready! I look forward to seeing this performed virtually or from a safe 6 feet away from the stage. Thank you Craig for this piece! Great work!
  • My Friend Annie
    24 Dec. 2021
    Sweet nostalgia rushes over me as I read this delightful piece. Annie is more than a doll she is the comfort and love of generations before. What a lovely perspective! Thank you Rachel - well done BRAVA!
  • Miss Charlotte
    24 Dec. 2021
    "If these walls could talk" in Christopher Plumridge's heartfelt Miss Charlotte they do! I felt like I was right there in the memory. As a mother, it spoke to me and I understood so clearly those moments of childhood emotionality. It's a wonderful piece about bonds and how we can be haunted by memories. I felt as though I was reading an opening to a novel- it definitely leaves you wanting more! Bravo!
    21 Dec. 2021
    Everyone has a story if we stop to listen. Thank you for a piece that reminds us that we don't know the depth of someone just by the first encounter.
  • FIRE
    9 Dec. 2021
    Where was Miss Ella when I was dating!? Love it - always love pieces with generational advice. You know it's rooted in some deeply personal experiences! Brava Vivian Lermond!
  • The Jar
    17 Nov. 2021
    This is a fun and honest romp. It feels authentic and I appreciate how we are flies on the wall of this couple's adventure to break up the slump in their relationship. It takes risks and has humor and heart- you can't go wrong.
  • Deluge
    7 Nov. 2021
    A lovely nod to Baldwin and perhaps an extension of his ponderings on a 'higher power'-brilliantly left to the reader's interpretation. There is an essential struggle underlying each part that seems to endless flow into each other. It's gritty yet hopeful and everything in between. A good play should take us somewhere and Debbie Lamendman doesn't disappoint- the interplay of sound and movement is sure to make a spellbound theatrical experience.