Recommended by Dana Hall

  • The Sisterhood of Take Away Dumplings
    5 Jul. 2021
    A restaurant that does not allow cell phones - YES, Please! The bonding of these women celebrating not having to be in a relationship is an important statement. The cultural reference are endearing and ground the celebratory nature of this multigenerational piece. Their dynamic with Mr. Lang is heartwarming as it leaves no one behind as they create their own fortune this Chinese New Year!
  • Barcelona
    23 Jun. 2021
    What a novel concept! "Fudge!" I was laughing out loud reading this one. Thank you for the twist on the spy thriller genre it is very clever and enjoyable!
  • Meta-Morphosis (An Online Comedy)
    6 Jun. 2021
    Loved the layers in this play. Never a dull moment and as always Ken masters relational dynamics. Very creative and a lovely use of the virtual platform! You will never look at cupcakes the same way!
    3 Jun. 2021
    I can't be the only one that wants more? Vivian has brought us into a world so rich and creamy it leaves us salivating. What a fun monologue with twists and turns along the way- it is well-developed and I wanted to read more!
  • Mouse
    28 Apr. 2021
    Completely engaging and the dynamics between Noah and Andy are hilarious. It takes something we all have experienced and pushes the boundaries. It really highlights our human condition that we can be so afraid of something so small. Great work and a fun festival piece for sure!
  • The Legend Of Snails
    28 Apr. 2021
    Warmly written, authentic exploration of the connection between two people. A beautiful union of place and time creates a world around the characters that is both believable and vulnerable. Not forced or contrived, you feel the authenticity of Sophie and Tess. Would love to see this produced.
  • Senior Moments (15 Minute Zoom Play)
    28 Apr. 2021
    One of the most honest portrayals of love and acceptance I have read in a long time. This would be a lovely piece for festivals and/or for PRIDE month. It would be easy to produce, yet leave a lasting impression with an audience. It is impressive how technology is a part of the narrative and enhances the storyline.
    28 Apr. 2021
    A fun take on the classic themes of fairy tales. Imaginative.
  • Barricade (15 Minute Play)
    19 Mar. 2021
    Such a touching piece. It has humor and heartfelt moments that are very relatable. Fun use of toilet paper and potential for audience involvement. Very creative and well-done.