Recommended by Rachel Feeny-Williams

  • Date with a Vampire
    1 Feb. 2023
    So the world of dating is perilous as it is but Cole has really brought it to a whole new level! He's taken what should be a normal scenario and then twists and turns it expertly to the point where I was leaning forward in my chair wanting to see where it was going! Its a great piece for two performers and is sure to bring a giggle and curiosity from the audience as they discover the secrets of these two young people and whether they will get the second date? A wonderfully written piece with great pace.
  • Last Night, First Time
    1 Feb. 2023
    A bond between a mother and daughter is one of the most powerful bonds there is and Deb has created a truly beautiful one here. There are great moments of humour but at its heart, its a wonderfully tender conversation about a turning point in a young girls life. The relationship this mother and daughter have is one I wish for a lot of women and their mothers/daughters, a relationship of honesty and trust. As always, Deb has created characters you want to believe in and a story that makes you feel! Its a wonderful piece of work!
  • Only Once An Hour
    1 Feb. 2023
    The concept of entities of time as characters is a fascinatingly wonderful original idea that Elle has created. The characters and the action they are a part of presents the audience with a unique world as these three reveal the style of their relationships. What I find quite interesting (and this may just be the way I saw it) was the way a maturity scale was created between the three characters. If you are looking for something truly unique then this is the play for you!
  • The Wait
    29 Jan. 2023
    We had the great privilege of having this play read at our Sunday night play reading and it was a wonderfully fun read! The endless situations of doom created by the husband that 'could' happen while they are out for the evening are brilliantly created in this lovely comedy. Coupled with the quick and witty back and forth that carries this wonderfully funny story forward and the details we get to learn about the characters lives as a result and you are left with this brilliantly realistic and humerous read that is guaranteed to be enjoyed by audiences!
  • The Bear - Exit, Pursued by a Vampire Bear
    29 Jan. 2023
    Another wonderful adventure of this wonderfully created character. The vampire bear takes a journey to the theatre this time and as he regails the audience with a new set of daring and fabulously detailed escapades you'll be able to see it in your minds eye, this fabulous character shrouded in the theatrical majesty that is the globe. The bear is a character who you'll never get tired of seeing and I never get tired of reading. Where will he go next? I'm dying to know!
  • Alas the Bird Father
    27 Jan. 2023
    I was drawn into this piece from the moment I read the character names! From there you a presented with an intriguing story framed in a mixture of wonderfully creative period themed language intertwined with witty dialogue. The breaking of the fourth wall as the story is told is brilliantly done and the story itself had me leaning forward in my chair, desperate to know more! Its a wonderfully original tale which would be brilliant to produce!
  • Not So Close To Our Hearts
    27 Jan. 2023
    Oh my god! Never has a funeral had me so enthralled and giggling so much! Once again John Busser has created a piece that has you dying to know what's going to happen next. We all know gangsters do things a little bit differently but this funeral is really an event you need to see/read about. With wonderfully lively characters that add to the fast paced and wonderfully funny dialogue its just a fabulously funny piece that would make a great festival piece as its sure to leave an audience in stitches!
  • Letters for Eunice (A Civil War Correspondence)
    27 Jan. 2023
    “The course of true love never did run smooth!” Never was a statement truer than in this wonderfully funny and farcical play. Young Francis Clemons is desperate to tell Eunice Abernathy how he feels about her but through several wonderfully funny mistakes, a whole new series of events unfolds. The play flowed wonderfully as I read, desperate to know where this chaotic series of events was to lead and certainly did not disappoint. Another wonderful work from John and is sure to make a wonderful production that will earn a laugh a minute from any audience!
  • Curtain Call
    27 Jan. 2023
    Sometimes there is no telling a writer when a performance is bad and that is what this wonderfully timed comedy centres around. Greg's wonderful characterisation is something I love in a lot of works and here you get to enjoy four wonderfully strong characters as they debate the performance they were just a part of. As well as being wonderfully funny it also provides a fabulous insight into the world of theatre, and there can be no debate about that!
  • Getting Out of Bed in the Morning
    26 Jan. 2023
    Cole expresses the importance in getting help and support at our low points in a wonderfully powerful way in this piece. Mark is a such a wonderfully believable character who you want to take in your arms and give a hug, which is why we have the supportive character of Fig. While heart breaking that Mark has gotten to this point, Cole leaves us with a wonderful feeling of hope that we could all do with in our lives. Coupling that with two great characters and an emotional roller coaster of dialogue makes this a fabulous piece!