Recommended by Diana Burbano

  • Have to Believe We Are Magic
    29 Oct. 2021
    This play is magic, fun, pain, and Disneyland. It's so glorious when Gloria rolls on to steal our hearts and a bunch of Jack in the box balls. Tackling serious topics with humor and music and centering latinx women. LOVE THIS PLAY!
  • Helicopter Typhoon Carabao! Or, To Survive an Apocalypse Now
    28 Oct. 2021
    This play takes you on a journey, deconstructing and destroying the myth of Apocalypse Now. A story of how filmmakers wreaked destruction in the Philippines, from a Filipino-American perspective. A definite "Our Stories" piece. Clever, biting, heartbreaking BRILLIANT. Amanda is a writer to watch.
  • Bingo Hall
    26 Oct. 2021
    Hilarious, witty with a thread of love and longing to belong, Bingo hall is a delightful play by Native writer Dillon Chitto. So much heart, and some serious laugh out loud moments (at a funeral no less.) Here's a great play for those companies looking to center BIPOC work but now sure how to find them.
  • Waiting for Godínez
    19 Oct. 2021
    Beautiful wrought, about the waiting that happens when you are ni de aqui ne de alla. This is an outstanding piece, especially for audiences who need to see the humanity that is the actual "border crisis" Profound.
    19 Oct. 2021
    This play hits so deeply, especially for those of us who were young women who made what we thought were good decisions about men. I know the bones of the history, but to delve into it in this tight, funny and female-centric way, I came away with a real reminder of the way the patriarchy seeks to divide us. Here's to Monica and to Sarah and to all of us.
  • State of Virginia
    18 Oct. 2021
    A tragic story dealing with trauma and the lack of care for mental illness in small town America. The character of Ginny is incredibly compelling.
  • FLEX
    31 Aug. 2021
    Brilliant, beautiful examination of the lives of young black women who play basketball in their high school in rural Arkansas. The language is realistic and lyrical at the same time. Superb physical theatre as well, and since it's structured like a game, and the characters are so well drawn you can't help rooting for them. Even when they do things they regret. One of my favorite new plays this year.
  • THE REVOLUTION OF EVELYN SERRANO (or, Nochebuena with the Young Lords)
    9 Aug. 2021
    Beautiful, fierce, poetic, historical. The exploration of heritage and history is so powerful, and so needed.
  • Eighty-Seven Keys (a monologue)
    24 May. 2021
    A gorgeous, personal heartfelt and heartbreaking tribute to a much loved artist. This piece will move you to tears.
    Honored to be able to present this in Breath Of Fire's "The Covid Monologues"
  • I Kissed Chavela Vargas
    17 May. 2021
    So good! Chock full of great roles for older women, this hilarious story is about 3 generations of Latinx women, NONE of whom sit around stirring menudo. They are cabaret singers, lovers, lesbians. Older Rosa needs to be taken care of by her daughter Petra until circumstances change. Young Blue discovers herself, while Rosa and Petra discover different kinds of love. There's music, mastrubation jokes, and of course Chavela Vargas! Orale!