Recommended by George Sapio

  • French Pig
    19 Nov. 2020
    Where did this play come from? Don't care--Need more from there. Play very funny, and ring very true about absurdity of life.
  • Illiad Idiots
    19 Nov. 2020
    Funnily enough, this play re-awoke the horrible memory of a two-day car ride to catch the Rolling Stones in which I had come off a 30-hour shift and begged my companions to keep it quiet for a couple hours so I could get some sleep. Fat chance. Charlie has drawn a hilarious short work (it would be so much fun to perform), and I can see it getting done frequently.
  • Potholes & Potluck (10 Minute Play)
    19 Sep. 2020
    A truly lovely seasonal play. An impending social disaster is turned into...well, you have to read this for yourself. A real heartwarmer!
  • Schadenfreude
    5 Sep. 2020
    Absolutely devastating. Like watching a train wreck in agonizing slow motion. Very well done; pacing and development are spot on.
  • My Body
    30 Aug. 2020
    Perspective is everything. And because we live in a society where this not scifi, we can file this under "altogether possible." What features a topic of self management of one's own body is really a treatise on a wider issue of societal control of one group over others. A very challenging work and one that will spark heated discussions.
  • Voir Dire
    30 Aug. 2020
    There's an awful lot in this short play to think about. As soon as one speech ends, another drops in to challenge your opinions, feelings, and views of who we are what happens to some of us--more than we want to confront. A perfect candidate for productions in serious festivals everywhere.
  • The Sentence - 10 Minute Play
    30 Aug. 2020
    The mark of a good play is leaving the viewer/reader with a desire to see more of the characters after the end. So it is with this play: a case of the plot being too big for the 10-page format. Well-paced, sparsely drawn, and the ending has been nailed.
  • Calling Hours
    12 Jul. 2020
    It's the awkward situations that are the funniest, and this one fits the bill: jailbird daughter Zooms in for her father's wake. Sibling rivalry and an Uncle Mitch who is there and not there add to the fun. A touching scene for two actors trying to connect.
  • After the Day I've Had, Death Would be a Blessing
    26 Jun. 2020
    Quite fun piece. Two likeable characters (yes, one is a serial killer, I'm aware of that) unexpectedly having a very different evening than either had expected. Well-paced, comedic turnabouts and lots of fun for two exuberant actors!
  • Addressing the Nation (10 min)
    25 Jun. 2020
    A short play, but with quite a lot in it. I would produce this in a heartbeat...if I still had someplace to do so. Quite simple, and very complicated, but a wonderful example of courage and allyship. I really wanted this to go on longer.