Recommended by George Sapio

  • Getting to Know You
    25 May. 2023
    An excellent 2-hander for a night of gay-friendly work. Two real characters, each smartly drawn, working out crossed signals. Could it be a wretched beginning to something more, or is it a one-time mistake? Excellent script for two strong actors.
  • For a Man Your Age
    25 May. 2023
    The Pump and Grind Coffee Shop. Just gonna leave that here. Love both characters here, so natural, so honest (and how often does *that* happen*?) and so naturally gifted with sparkling wit. And yet...the truth about aging is not funny at all. Rage, rage...yes, but be prepared for reality. A wonderful 2-hander for men of a certain age.
  • Let Them Eat Cake (from the THE WRINKLE RANCH AND OTHER PLAYS ABOUT GROWING OLD collection)
    21 May. 2023
    A beautiful moment; touching, bittersweet, and shows the power of enduring love.
  • Storm in a Teacup (from the THE WRINKLE RANCH AND OTHER PLAYS ABOUT GROWING OLD collection)
    21 May. 2023
    Once again, Ms. Cole gives us an endearing and fun comedy--a joy for two actors to bounce back and forth--and ends with an unpredictable but beautiful moment. Well done!
  • Divine Truth
    6 May. 2023
    A question of faith; should one follow a text without question, or one's own instincts and desires? And what happens when physical ailments come into play? Deb Cole raises these questions effectively and judiciously, examining a family's time of crisis when every family member must decide which path to follow. A superb drama for engaged audiences.
  • Coffee House Boos
    25 Mar. 2023
    Just when you thought reality tv had seen it comes Haunted Hangouts, a below-low budget trash tv program that invades a small-town coffee shop looking for *anything* supernatural. What they find is surprise after surprise, leading to a finale that, up until they arrived, hadn't had the ghost of chance. A raucous short for enthusiastic performers!
    15 Jan. 2023
    A hard play to read, but a message of hope that resonates.
  • First Draft
    15 Jan. 2023
    I would SO love to see more of this one; the story is so good! A lesson for those who need to break free of people who only see a small part of their soul.
  • Environmentalist - 10 MINUTE VERSION
    15 Jan. 2023
    As always, Ms. Cole finds the humanity within the comedy, and lets it blossom naturally. Brave overtures and kind hearts are what this short is all about. Would love to see this one done!
  • Poor Paige
    31 Dec. 2022
    Hard truths. Hard realities. What does it take to hit bottom and understand what it takes to survive? A beautifully written two-hander that will resonate long after it's done. Another excellent work by Ms. Cole.