Recommended by George Sapio

    13 Jul. 2021
    This play is many things: hilarious, satirical, and right on the money when it comes to skewering parenthood, teenagery, politics, border relations, and anything it runs across. This would be a riot performed, and the actors would have the time of their lives. Fave line: "We never believe anyone. It’s procedure." Someone should produce this immediately.
  • Memory
    11 Jul. 2021
    An exciting police procedural with a dynamite ending. Moves quickly and cleverly--this would be a truly fun play for an audience who loves mysteries!
  • After Happily Ever After
    11 Jul. 2021
    As we all knew it would be: The Prince is clueless and the Princess has all the hard realities in her pockets. A wake-up call and a station stop on the journey to what we think might be our own personal happiness. Great dialogue and would be fun to play!
  • Another Park, Another Sunday
    11 Jul. 2021
    What a lovely episode for two crossed-over souls. Not quite "Our Town" but it shouldn't be; the afterlife has to be more interesting than waiting for God(ot). Williams, always straight from the heart, carries on the journeys of two spirits, one experienced, one new at the game, who are still capable of hopes, dreams, and compassion. A very touching scene.
    11 Jul. 2021
    I just had the honor of being a part of a reading of this thoughtful work, and loved it. There's so much here to think about: humanity and efficiency. Should we let the machines dictate our logical society--which eliminates our humanity? Much to discuss, much to think about, and fun roles for all the actors!
  • The New Death
    10 Jul. 2021
    Certainly takes the mystery out of "crossing over." A truly fun piece for the right actors, full of wit and absurdity. And possibly the silliest job tryout ever.
  • The Trial
    10 Jul. 2021
    Once it starts it tears through the pages. A star chamber seeks to destroy a woman accused of witchcraft, and are challenged by the defendant to justify their claims, which they find difficult to do. Much food for thought here, as well as gruel for the maintenance of cosmology. Directed with energy, this could be terrifying.
  • Tracks
    10 Jul. 2021
    I had to read this twice just to process all the imagery and content embedded in every line. There's so much in this: characters who appear fully realized and stay in your memory; their desires, dreams, heartbreaks all happening while . I would love to see this staged; it would be beautiful. A play full of magic, emotional and spiritual.
  • Happy deathday to me!
    6 Jul. 2021
    A hard lesson for bully victims about standing up to their oppressors. Kindly written and to the point. Makes me want to see more about Esther--she's so fascinating!
    5 Jul. 2021
    Every word about child rearing is true. Read no further than this hilarious, terrifying, all-too-honest tale of why some people should never adopt and the agency we all wish was there to successfully discourage them. I can definitely see this on stage with three actors having the time of their lives.