Recommended by George Sapio

  • Love's Disenlightenment
    19 Oct. 2021
    Never mind "What is art?" "What is love?" is the question. And it's a good question, especially when represented by two inanimate objects that effectively--and efficiently--represent the romantic struggles that humans go through. Learning to see through others' eyes is frequently difficult, but you have to watch through to the end. A really nice play full of humor and tenderness.
  • Emotionless
    19 Oct. 2021
    This one is scary in a real-world way; there are so many options and drugs to alter our natures (for good or ill), and the consequences of amending one part of our natures can lead to disaster. Rachel's short play perfectly highlights the dangers of seeking "cures" for organic parts of ourselves and also for unfairly desiring others to change. A chilling piece for three actors.
  • My Vagina Has A First Name
    7 Oct. 2021
    I can see this one being a highlight of any short play program; the characters are spot-on, the dialogue genuine and insightful, and the actors would have a ball playing this. Love it!
  • One's Cup Of Tea
    28 Sep. 2021
    As with other JD plays I've read, this one sticks with me. An alternative to normal, humdrum lunches, a completely whacked-out waiter (whom I really wanna play sometime) manages to restart a pair of customers' perspectives on what to expect from life and how the bizarre can remind us that boring needs a shakeup once in a while. Hilarious and intimate.
  • Vanilla Fudge
    27 Sep. 2021
    Perspective and situation is everything, especially when a clown-faced dad catches his daughter where he least expected to. A fun study about understanding and family.
  • C.G (Coronavirus Gone) Day
    27 Sep. 2021
    RF-W gives us a tight, tension-filled relationship full of initial promise, but like all relationships--especially in these bizarre Covid-19 days--the road is full of turns and unexpected twists. Two lovely young people wrestle with lockdown, postponed dreams, and isolation, and it's purely up to them to find a way through. Will they make it? A great piece for two actors who can deliver the lows as well as the highs.
  • Shelved
    27 Sep. 2021
    A quite clever adventure about two French books who suddenly find themselves in danger. Witty dialogue ready for actors who like to go big. Would make an excellent addition to any evening's collection of shorts.
  • The Capture, Nature, and Purpose of the (Unfortunately Non-Terrestrial) Pollywog (a monologue) (Playing on the Periphery #3)
    21 Aug. 2021
    Searching for--*NOT* validation--but comradery is a frightening moment. Knowing who you are without really knowing the words or the ramifications of that identity, but knowing you are "different." Somehow not a part of the mainstream. Sickles draws Zoey beautifully, with respect and courage. Another touching monologue for a bold actor and an understanding audience.
  • How to Tie a Cravat (a monologue) (Playing on the Periphery #2)
    21 Aug. 2021
    Such eloquence for a youngster, but the age is only partially relevant here. It's the poignancy and accuracy of the moment, the crossroads, that both characters have taken. Such bravery and compelling honesty.
  • All of the Napkins are Wet (a monologue) (Playing on the Periphery #1)
    21 Aug. 2021
    I absolutely love this child. She would have been my best friend all through life. Cannily written, and hilarious ("Where’s a flamethrower when you need it?" Really???). This will be huge fun an actor who really gets it.