Recommended by George Sapio

  • Wetworking From Home (a play for Zoom)
    18 May. 2022
    I kinda thought I knew where I was going, but, boy, was I wrong. Great snappy dialogue, absurdly hilarious, and a great piece for three actors with a taste for the bizarre. I'd love to see this one onstage for real!
  • The P-Team
    14 May. 2022
    This would SO much fun to play. Anyone who's ever been condemned to an office planning strategy meeting has already served their time in Hell, and Mr. Dunne's hilarious play would be the highlight of any night of shorts.
  • Sister Vagina and learning to swear.
    2 May. 2022
    Partially a horror mono (Catholic school!!), but really a sentimental, wry, memoir of growing up around a father who, despite his verbal faults, was a dedicated and loving parent. Very touching and perfect for most audiences.
  • Sugar
    2 May. 2022
    Short and powerful. This play kept me guessing and hoping...really hoping.
  • Cake
    2 May. 2022
    What a great moment. Flows as smooth as, well, frosting on a cake. Beyond the outer glaze of contention lies a layer of sweetness that's impossible to resist. And, yes, i would love to hang with these two guys--they know how to have fun! But their banter is battered back a bit by the authority of the law, and that' what makes this mix a joy.
  • Camp Lumberjack
    12 Apr. 2022
    Now this is how those scary campfire stories ought to go! One country legend, one loose-in-the-woods killer, and who would ever suspect? Perfect for nights of scary tales!
  • The Night Visitor
    12 Apr. 2022
    This one will keep on the edge of your seat until the last syllable. Dangerous, foreboding, honest. A great script, easy to produce, and you'll remember this one for a long time.
  • Beast
    12 Apr. 2022
    Beauty is found within and shows itself through what happens when you try to teach someone to appreciate beauty through despicable actions? A great short about learning to see one's own faults.
  • Well-Intentioned White People
    9 Apr. 2022
    One of the most powerful, honest plays I've ever read. This should be produced everywhere.
  • Things Didn't Cost As Much Then (Beauregard and Zeke #5)
    12 Mar. 2022
    What a lovely, lovely play. Mr. Sickles knows just how many--and exactly which--words to use to convey huge concepts, life-changing realizations. Both Zeke and Beau are drawn with compassionate accuracy and great affection. This one will stop any show.