Recommended by George Sapio

  • Lucid
    31 May. 2024
    This will both break your heart and show you the kind of strength that we hold in reserve for the times when we really need it. Touching, lyrical, simply drawn, yet so complex in its relationships. This is a play you will not forget.
  • Garden of Sweden
    29 May. 2024
    A well-written piece with tension, honesty, and pathos. Funny as well! You're drawn in and hope they find a way to reach out and build together. But humans always seem to make it more complicated than needed, don't they? I'd love to see this staged.
  • Shoots and Blathers
    29 May. 2024
    A fun piece guaranteed to make the audience smile. And quote a lot of fun for the two actors involved, each acting at opposite ends of the spectrum. I really enjoyed this one!
  • The Disturbance
    28 May. 2024
    As compact a nightmare as you can imagine. A typical couple looking to make it on their own find the legal system is full of trap doors and dead ends. What are they--a normal couple as you are ever to find--to do? If this doesn't get to you, see a doctor.
  • SO GAY
    17 May. 2024
    Well-crafted short play examining the effects of LGBTQIA+ bullying. Astute questions, pinpoint examinations. Relatable characters. Guaranteed to provoke energetic conversation...and conversation is what's needed to keep this important issue in the light. Ms. Cole's writing is always spot-on, and this piece hits the mark perfectly.
  • 18,936 Steps (A Monologue)
    17 May. 2024
    Found myself saying "Somebody just call this woman already!" out loud. Angrily. Perfectly paced, completely genuine retelling of a morning nobody ever wants or should have to go through...but many of us have had to. Rachel nailed it with this emotional rollercoaster.
  • Caged
    8 May. 2024
    This bunch would drive a stoned Buddhist monk mad with rage. Well-meaning but wholly unable to read the room, this family would be a malevolent joy to portray on stage. RFW has once again taken a slice of life, given it a shot of steroids and watched it play out. In fact, I need a walk myself.
  • I Know
    8 May. 2024
    I'm exhausted from just reading this. It's a juggernaut of emotion, twisting and manipulating, and you never really know what's real until the end. And even maybe then. But what a workout! Every line is perfect, every nuance natural. Brilliant.
  • Heartworm
    8 May. 2024
    What a fun short play! Depression and the absolute knowledge that you are alone is paralyzing. It takes a special friend, one who knows how to reach you, to give the help needed. Man's best friend is well-paced to do just that. But dogs don't talk, do they? Heartworm is heartwarming; this play's gentleness uplifts and makes you laugh and the ending abso-perfect. A wonderful addition to any night of one-acts!
  • A Brandy to Stoke the Flames
    8 May. 2024
    A hilarious piece for an actor to tackle. Stirring, patriotic, and completely absurd. Robert's work is always spot-on, and this short gem could easily slip in between other one-acts and steal the show. If I could find a dress that fits and a proper wig, I'd love to do it myself.