Recommended by George Sapio

  • Online Dates Are Hard To Handle
    24 Aug. 2022
    Well done; a very strong, honest account of what it takes for someone to deal with something most people would find off-putting or ugly. An excellent choice for an evening of short plays. Highly recommended.
  • Toxic Norse-culinity
    24 Aug. 2022
    Love it; a fun and funny play to perform (find the costumes, eh?) and oddly touching. This would be a highlight of any evening of shorts!
  • The Very Furious Kugel
    22 Aug. 2022
    I love kugel. It's a special treat. But poor Isadore, well, the kugel for him is more of a problem. A fun piece, especially if your costumer has a brave imagination. Funny, inviting, and you will be hungry afterwards.
  • Shark Week
    22 Aug. 2022
    The confusion and pain of being a teenager is devastating and terrifying, especially as things get out of control and it looks like the world is ending. But throw in a Shark in Drag (yup, shark in drag) and this play takes a turn no one expected. Beautiful in its complexity, and full of honest characterization.
  • We're All Girls Here
    22 Aug. 2022
    Not what you expect. In any way. Who sets these, more apropos...who adheres to these standards? High school is Hell--no doubt--and competition for teenage self-esteem is a minefield. Roni Ragone pulls off a raging piece about what it takes to even start believing in oneself. (And the best stage direx EVAH.) A great acting piece that will stop the evening in its tracks.
  • Snake for the Grass
    22 Aug. 2022
    When a relationship goes bad, it really goes bad. And where do you go for help? This short yet fully packed play has more than enough emotion to keep you interested. It's all about trust, and why trust is so dangerous. Another well executed piece by RFW.
  • Stork Patrol
    20 Aug. 2022
    A truly horrific idea that might just come to pass in the near future. Deb Cole gives us a scenario and a choice, and what seems like a charitable option turns quickly into a nightmare solution. Chillingly done.
  • 20
    19 Aug. 2022
    Brief, packed with emotion, and sums up the crux of the traumatic imprint and all the bright new days that if nothing had ever happened. A piece of text that will keep you thinking about the inevitability of life. And a beautiful, truthful last sentence.
  • Alpha Omega Incorporated
    19 Aug. 2022
    An idea whose time has come. No one wants to be sidelined, but Swenson handles this particular changeover with a compassion and style.
  • Right as Rain
    19 Aug. 2022
    A lovely play, peaceful, touching. Inevitable, really. Catches a part of our lives and makes a certain transition with love and tenderness.