Recommended by George Sapio

  • One in Every Flavour
    10 Jul. 2022
    I may never eat ice cream again. Unless it's vanilla. An unsuspecting customer gets way more than they bargained for when they accidentally step into an experimental ice cream station. Absolute fun for two actors who want to play close to over the top. This was so good I'm still queasy.
  • Strangers and No Train
    10 Jul. 2022
    Yeah... we need more folks like Burt in this world. A very lovely, touching moment for two disappointed souls who manage to find each in the most unlikely of places. Tis will add a tender highpoint to any evening of shorts. Rachel's done it again.
  • This Is Bull
    10 Jul. 2022
    Absolutely hilarious. And probably not too far from reality. A (mostly) two-hander with very juicy parts for those keen on acting big. Another Jeff Dunne riot!
  • Companion
    4 Jul. 2022
    AI or not, this is a very human story. Which makes me wonder about AI at all: even humans need to learn how to be human--could AI do it better? Successes are a series of small steps, and Ms. Kirkman presents such a one with kindness and... dare I say it? Humanity.
  • Man Cave; the North End of Euripides Street
    4 Jul. 2022
    Timely, tragic, and poignant. History sadly repeats itself because we never, ever learn from the past. Euripides, fed up and fearful, seeks to find a new future, one where he's appreciated. Meanwhile, his country is falling to the rabble; what little orderly rule there was has disintegrated. Where is the line between patriotism, duty, and personal salvation?
  • Fake News?
    27 Jun. 2022
    Absurdity has become prevalent, nay, the standard of our days, as presented by Ms. Feeny-Williams. I'd love to think this was a brief sojourn into things that could not possibly happen, an overly dramaticized tale from perhaps, Bradbury, but such is not the case. A pair of aliens reads a news article (somewhat incorrect in its facts, yet chillingly apropos in its representation) about events in the US and are quite shaken. (Possibly they're not as well-versed in Earth's history to be so stunned.) A play that, at first, seems less than it packs, yet eloquent in its brevity.
  • Grace Finds Kel
    29 May. 2022
    A battle of wills wrapped inside a compassionate effort. Two determined opponents trying to do what's best, and only one will triumph. Or do they? Excellent, fun piece for two game performers!
  • Rotten Roots
    29 May. 2022
    Perfectly sequenced, deftly written, this side-by-side is captivating, both for its heartfelt characters and the powerful reveal. And the best last line I've seen in a long time!
  • Wetworking From Home (a play for Zoom)
    18 May. 2022
    I kinda thought I knew where I was going, but, boy, was I wrong. Great snappy dialogue, absurdly hilarious, and a great piece for three actors with a taste for the bizarre. I'd love to see this one onstage for real!
  • The P-Team
    14 May. 2022
    This would SO much fun to play. Anyone who's ever been condemned to an office planning strategy meeting has already served their time in Hell, and Mr. Dunne's hilarious play would be the highlight of any night of shorts.