Recommended by George Sapio

  • The Appointment
    16 Apr. 2024
    Powerful piece of work. A troubled teen and a capable shrink do battle, revealing a little of what the problems seem to be. Just a little, but enough to make change, get a small handle on a world of hurt. You can't help cheering for both of them. The dialogue is handled with truth; no magic bullets here, just a glimpse of what it takes to discover someone's reasons for doing what they did. I'd love to sit in on a second session.
  • The Backyard Stonehenge Chronicles
    16 Apr. 2024
    This is such a fun play! Jacquie has a way with characters that just draws you in naturally; right or wrong, like them or not, you understand them and what they choose to do, and that is what makes great drama. I am now going to build a Stonehenge in my backyard.
  • My Vagina Has A First Name
    10 Apr. 2024
    Perfect for a night of community theatre comedies! Fast-moving, hilarious, and heartwarming. Friendship rules, even if no one reads anything the book club proposes. And you can't help asking "What would I name my own?"
  • Oldest in the County – A Radio Play
    2 Apr. 2024
    This folksy tale is not what one would expect. Hometowns hide many secrets, and gossipy butt-inns make trouble, and most times its best to let things lie. And some folks will never get the meaning of "MYOB." And sometimes justice isn't needed at all. Once again Deb Cole's spun herself a surprising tale sure to make audiences sit up straight!
  • UNHEARD (10-minutes)
    10 Jan. 2024
    Heartbreaking. The things that should have been said, that really needed to be said long before. A father and son, estranged, seek to find a way to connect...even just a little. But that would be enough. A truly beautiful 10-minute piece worthy of any night of one-acts.
  • Best Friends
    20 Nov. 2023
    A blunt yet compassionate two-hander that examines the vicious guilt about "illicit" sexuality inflicted by society and religion. Eddie and Danny are victims of their culture, taught how to separate and hate rather than how to examine the nature of their own desires and see them as organic and innocent. It takes a crisis to bring them together and to find a way to do the right thing. A wonderful and honest play.
  • You Think You Know
    23 Jul. 2023
    Be careful about your "feelings"! For one young woman whose past has just been turned upside-down, life may never be the same. Or will it...? Another raucous comedy that should be done often!
  • Good Neighbors (from the THE WRINKLE RANCH AND OTHER PLAYS ABOUT GROWING OLD collection)
    23 Jul. 2023
    Where is the dividing line between appropriate behavior and honesty? Apparently it's what makes good neighbors--a fence! A lovely, fun two-hander.
  • The Boys Across the Street (Monologue)
    23 Jul. 2023
    Brief, but very powerful speech that could come from any sanctimonious homophobe. Perfect for a night of LGBT-themed work. Hard to witness, but we need more work like this.
  • An Endangered Species
    9 Jul. 2023
    What fun! My heart goes out to the princess, but my bet is always on the dragon. An insightful--but short--peek into the search for someone worthy. And the costume designer should have a ball with this one!