Recommended by George Sapio

  • Vegetables are Revolting!
    5 Dec. 2022
    Any evening of shorts would benefit from this pun-fest where no pun is left untouched...much unlike the veggies on a child's dinner plate. Energetic and hilarious!
  • The Window
    3 Dec. 2022
    Hilarious, tender, accurate. How can two parents-to-be manage to get through the unknown? Like everyone else...with fingers crossed. And yeah, a funeral's a great place to make whoopie.
  • Happy Holidays?
    27 Nov. 2022
    Rachel's done it again. What fun! This one is perfect for every seasonal night of shorts: Hilarious, truthful, and so much fun for all the actors.
  • Florida Man
    19 Nov. 2022
    Oh lord, I wish this weren't so accurate.Ms. Cole paints a brief yet timely piece of absurdist life...or has the Absurd become the Normal?
  • Weather it Out
    17 Nov. 2022
    The title should be "Will Someone PLEASE Drown Julia?" Another day at the beach ruined by that one person...and an explosion just can see it getting closer and closer. Rachel's found lots of hilarious fun that many of us can relate to!
  • Playwrights Versus Zombies!
    1 Nov. 2022
    I just had the pleasure of acting in a Zoom version of this and we had so much fun; it was almost impossible to keep it together while trying not to explode into laughter. This is one fun play, at least for audio alone. I can only imagine the actual staging. Exceptionally well done!
  • Sisyphus and Prometheus
    19 Oct. 2022
    As a former tutor...I just went through a flashback of Hell. A quite realistic flashback depicting the struggle of what seems like futility until perseverance comes through. A great Zoom piece for four energetic actors. How does one teach life lessons to those who have not really experienced life? Engaging, engrossing, enraging; a brilliantly done life lesson.
  • Heartbreaker
    11 Oct. 2022
    The first time I laughed out loud was the setting. But that's just me. I'm funny that way. This script is hilarious and I can see why audiences love it--it's fast, atmospheric (way atmospheric, like someone dumped a bucket of atmosphere all over it), and plays the humor fast and without a scintilla of shame. A total winner.
    30 Aug. 2022
    Let us hope that all couples try to find a way through their difficulties, bad choices or not. Jack Levine is a romantic at heart, and his (horribly, actually) mismatched couple seem doomed. But true love takes many...sometimes unexpected...forms.
  • Cupid
    30 Aug. 2022
    We tend to believe in stories and myths that makes us feel good about ourselves, but these stories do not always reflect the truth about the word we have created. A strong play about what's right, what's natural, what's not right, and how fear makes monsters of us. Would love to see this one staged.