Recommended by George Sapio

  • Midler on the Roof
    8 Jul. 2023
    This is so much fun! Perfect for three game comedic actors to own the stage. The laughs don't stop and the'll just have to read for yourself. Well done!!
  • How About Them Dodgers
    8 Jul. 2023
    I'd say this was a dystopian view of the future, but it's a lot closer than we'd like to think. A clandestine deal in contraband with a few surprises along the way. I never get tired of the insightfulness of Mr. Williams' work, and this one makes us worry not just for the characters, but for ourselves as well. This one should be done everywhere. Especially in FLORIDA.
  • The Antique Shoppe
    7 Jul. 2023
    Once again Scott plays it perfectly, nailing the nuances of character with subtlety. A lovely four-hander with two older parts (yay!) that should be a perfect end to a night of romantic works.
  • She Fed the Devil (10 minute play)
    7 Jul. 2023
    What to believe? What do you want to believe? Jessie's brush with Ol' Mister Scratch might, if she chooses unwisely, have eternal ramifications. A nice two-hander that will keep the audience guessing!
  • Kangaroo (Ten Minute)
    30 Jun. 2023
    Coming to grips with the idea that the relationship might not work is a complex and difficult situation, and Paul Donnelly sets out the crisis naturally and beautifully. We don't all get magic endings and life does get painful and difficult, as Lily fears it might. But having a staunch friend in your corner goes a long way to helping navigate. A great play for two!
  • Come on, ref!
    30 Jun. 2023
    I very much like this play. It's true, warm, and would make an excellent addition to any evening of short work. Bram catches the pathos but concentrates on the humanity and we come out of this thinking things might just actually turn out all right. I hope this gets loads of productions.
  • You Can Still Call Me Grandma
    30 Jun. 2023
    This mono opens a crate full of reactions. There is so much emotion, heartache--reality--packed into this short piece. I wanted this to go on for pages, but the way it is now makes you wonder, think, sympathize with both the narrator and the teenager. A beautiful, honest call for love.
  • The Fist of Branding
    13 Jun. 2023
    Umm. Wow. Just. Wow. Fit for a select audience or best for most unsuspecting crowds. I literally howled at this one. Hilarious, embarrassing (it hurts to just observe, really), and not a wasted word or gag anywhere. Not to mention tons of fun for the costume designer.
  • Second Thoughts
    13 Jun. 2023
    Just wondering how many times in "real life" this has happened. Because it's not impossible in the least. Mr. LeBlanc has captured a tragic situation and mined it for every ounce of hilarity and absurdity available. A beautiful piece for two game actors eager to bounce off each other. Rings with a sad truth, as well, and that what makes the comedy so sharp.
  • Getting to Know You
    25 May. 2023
    An excellent 2-hander for a night of gay-friendly work. Two real characters, each smartly drawn, working out crossed signals. Could it be a wretched beginning to something more, or is it a one-time mistake? Excellent script for two strong actors.