Recommended by George Sapio

  • Copley: Boy with a Squirrel (Boston, MFA)
    18 Aug. 2022
    Same thing I do when gazing at a particularly lifelike painting: wonder what the life was. Or, in this case: is... or may be. Larry catches the train of thought as it meanders here and there, always returning to the mysterious life held within the pigment. These seemingly random sentences all string together beautifully to capture a moment of retrospect.
  • To Tread Among Serpents
    15 Aug. 2022
    An outstanding play. Tense, suspenseful, incisive and chilling characterization. Nothing is obvious and the plot turns with devastating effect. Do NOT get involved.
  • Meet My Boyfriend
    2 Aug. 2022
    A play to engage meaningful conversement. RFW once again finds the humanity in our fears and creates characters who challenge to protect what and who they are--and are challenged because of what they choose to think.
    29 Jul. 2022
    Like watching a train wreck. Thankfully Rachel doesn't romanticize this. This 10-minute episode, for all its hilarity, seems uncomfortably real and would make a blazing onstage performance.
  • Virgins
    29 Jul. 2022
    I never get tired of reading Scott's work. He never fails to create fully human, vulnerable, genuine characters who find themselves knee-deep without much of an idea how...well, they know how they got there. This play is wonderful, full of love, honesty, funny as hell and a beautiful vehicle for two actors to negotiate their way through.
  • Romero and Juliet
    13 Jul. 2022
    An outstanding, completely captivating play for four romantic actors. I found myself hoping it would all turn out right and rooting for each character to make it all come true. A wonderful piece for any night of shorts--especially romantic plays!
    13 Jul. 2022
    Wow. Did not see this coming. A very important lesson was originally supposed to be presented and discussed, but a more critical one took its place. Well done, tightly written, and honestly presented. And may I say--huge props to Mrs Cooper. Wish we all had teachers like her!
  • Uncomfortable [a 1-minute monologue]
    12 Jul. 2022
    There is an art form to one-minute plays, and Mr. Martin absolutely excels at it. We've all seen William, but how many of us take the time to acknowledge--really see and validate--him? On the one hand the world speeds by inexorably and on the other, William seems to become more invisible. This is a one-word play and Mr. Martin uses it for maximum emotional effect. A perfect moment of simplicity speaking volumes.
  • Suddenly Rippling, Out and Up [a 1-minute play]
    12 Jul. 2022
    Such a true, incisive moment. The things we say to keep our children safe and brave, yet the reality...may not be so pat. Mr. Martin gives us a powerful piece, one that stays, and reminds one that bravery is a good thing to pass on. Skip this in to an evening of shorts and it will be talked about long after.
  • The Replacement
    12 Jul. 2022
    Would that it were this easy. Mr. Norkin's short play strikes a dangerous yet hopeful tone in a struggle deep and unfathomable. Maybe peace and humor are the ways to enlightenment--but you'll need a brave bubbe like Sylvia to make it happen!