Recommended by George Sapio

  • El Loro, El Gato y El Espiritu Santo (or The Parrot, the Cat and the Holy Ghost)
    2 Oct. 2017
    Kelly has a wonderful ear for dialogue and a heart full of warmth for her characters, each of whom is special in her own way and so fully human. A hilarious situation just gets crazier and every choice made amplifies the delicious discomfort.
    4 May. 2017
    An extremely disturbing work. Read it a few days ago and still processing it. Re-read it again. Neither character is all that sympathetic and each shows cruel tendencies; one wonders how they made it through eight years together. Still, a very powerful piece that challenges traditional ideas of dominance, sexual tactics, and violence. This would make a hell of a performance with the right actors.
  • The Diplomats
    3 May. 2017
    It's what happens as life moves on inexorably and we try to stay true to our core values. Problem is we don't change the way the world around us does--it changes much faster. Take three people who used to know each other and bring them together when something critical--like an election--is about to happen. Between the things we do to survive and the things we think we believe, or want to believe that we believe, that's where "The Diplomats" comes in. This play cuts hard into the dreams we think we still have and the ones we abandoned.
  • The Resignation
    11 Feb. 2017
    What a nebbish! Funny, in a pathetic sort of way. if you ever need a piece about someone who really, REALLY doesn't get it, this is the short mono for you.
    11 Feb. 2017
    Truly painful situation. Hard to read, but truthful in its intent. Part of the impact is its brevity; in so short a time we see so much and we hope for the best. Very well-written.