Recommended by Claudia Haas

  • 100 Things I Never Said To You
    28 Sep. 2021
    Poignant, funny, and specific, Szymkowicz captures teenspeak beautifully at a time when speaking is difficult. While we get a sense of who Julie was, we also get a nuanced look at all of the characters. The remembrances are so specific, we can figure out their relationship to Julie and their relationship to themselves.
    24 Sep. 2021
    Characters who take the time to listen, loneliness unburdened, grief finally shared - a beautiful play highlighting what it is to be human. Rough Waters will stir your memory and help you offer gratitude for what is good in life.
  • An Interview with a George
    14 Sep. 2021
    So, yes it is absolutely absurd. And absolutely so true to life, you will cry. Vovos nails the “trying to carry on in a pandemic” as if everything was normal. And that’s what’s absurd. Funny and poignant, this play is timely and everlasting.
  • The End of Summer
    2 Sep. 2021
    A lot of wishes are made when you read this. Can everyone be happy? Unlikely. Can father and daughter keep their bond? Fingers crossed.
    5 Aug. 2021
    It’s an original reminiscent of The Gift of the Magi - but with plumbing jokes. It’s sweeter than the short story (it’s possible), sillier (definitely possible), and a perfect fit for the holidays. Lermond’s knack for quick dialogue and characters bursting with humanity just shine.
  • American Love
    24 Jul. 2021
    There is so much to recommend here. I love how the play moves seamlessly back and forth in time. And I love-love (because English does not have enough variations on the word “love”), the use of other languages’ and cultures’ variations on the word “love.” The play is sweet without being cloying and a welcome respite from our chaotic, divided times.
    23 Jul. 2021
    History repeats. And history is scary. Carnes play gives us a look at a possible future firmly rooted in the past, present, and future. Any of the characters could be us. Some of the characters are us. A play rooted in a fluid time and space. A play rooted in our future. A play to be produced so the reality sinks in.
  • More Complicated Than That
    2 Jul. 2021
    What a sweet, slice-of-life romantic comedy. A poetry book, unrequited-maybe-love, and one stubborn student make for an utterly delightful ten-minutes. You have a feeling that Hood is going to go for the easy ending. And though there are hints, Hood wisely doesn’t tie a pretty bow of romance. The play is a welcome break of tea and sweet cakes from the challenges in the world.
  • Slow Dating
    28 Jun. 2021
    A gorgeous remembrance of love. Holding on, letting go… Szudrich finds all the elements that make up a relationship - past and present.
  • Hoax (Short Play)
    21 Jun. 2021
    Hoax is a conversation I suspect many of us have had. There’s a fine line that is walked here and Lamedman does a fine job not crossing into stereotypical behavior. It’s a conversation that will likely not bear fruit but needs to be stated again and again. Actresses have a lot to work with in this short play and who knows? It may spark conversations in the audience.