Recommended by Claudia Haas

  • The Naughty List
    29 Jun. 2020
    Just the right amount of silliness for these times - wrapped up in tinsel. If you need some anti-Christmas cheer, it’s here.
  • What Is a Friend?
    16 May. 2020
    Hill has it right. All the characters exist. But they are all young and pliable and can change. Hill also has that right. Instead of accepting the status quo, young people can think things through and switch allegiances. A lovely treatise on friendship and its variables.
  • How the Light Gets In
    13 May. 2020
    Lewis has given us a slice of humanity in all its tremors and hopes. There are shadows from sunlight, light hiding in darkness and people not knowing how to live with the cracks in their lives. How the Light Gets In brings us all hope in a difficult time. A lyrical, compassionate story of choosing to come together that will resonate with audiences.
  • Tiny Baby
    12 May. 2020
    Pfeffinger has such fun withTiny Baby where the baby is .. well tiny. How does baby show at competitive reunions? When is tiny too tiny? When do you stop caring? Absurd and poignant.
  • Red Light Madness
    12 May. 2020
    A short that is just silly fun. If you are me, one of the reasons you never break the rules is because you know you will be caught. A man decides to see if it is worth it. Is it? How many of you have experienced Red Light Madness? Karp gives a very good answer. (Cue the sirens.)
  • The PlayMakers
    10 May. 2020
    A play within a play within a relationship within a play. And so it goes. Zaffarano offers us layers of real life mixed up with the theatrical. Can you tell which is which? Does it matter? The Playmakers mines comedy in relationships and love and you will also. A total delight for artists and audiences. What is real? What is theatre? It’s hard to say and in the end, it doesn’t matter. All’s fair in love.
  • Mother Ever After - Monologue
    10 May. 2020
    A beautiful homage to the eternal flame that is motherhood. Giffen Speckman’s poetic monologue is born of heaven and earth, endless time and tomorrows. The female hearts beats loud and strong here and cannot be silenced. A stunner.
  • Brightly: A Monologue
    10 May. 2020
    Deray’s monologue sums up what being a parent is all about. The details in the delivery room, the anxiety, the first eye-to-eye look gives you an inkling of how important this child is. Imagine if everyone had such a detailed account of a parent’s love, the world would indeed shine brightly. Brightly gives light and love in a minute. But that minute lasts forever.
  • Sweet Revenge
    3 May. 2020
    Zaffarano has created a nothing-is-sacred farce. And she is using “senior” actors to boot! With ample room to chew the scenery, destroy the scenery, and modify the scenery in real time, this play offers every character a chance to basque in the absurd. With no break in the action, the build up to the chaotic ending is a heckuva good time. Sweet Revenge is the laugh-in break we need in our lives. Warning: you may leave the theatre craving sweets... and searching for a brownie recipe.
  • November Women
    3 May. 2020
    McGrath has written a beautiful play that encompasses life even as the characters deal with loss. It’s quirky, surprising, and spills over into the many aspects of love. The irony in the relationship of who is helping who combined with the tiny fragments of what makes up a life are woven seamlessly together. There is a gorgeous sense of different pieces of fabric coming together to form a quilt - a quilt that heals, warms, and comforts. It’s a gripping gem of a play.