Recommended by Claudia Haas

  • Little Black Dress
    19 Nov. 2023
    Mabey manages to sweep away cobwebs and give us an affirmation of gender in all ways. With secrets revealed, a couple learns to love and accept all because in a good world, love wins.
  • Oyster Stuffing (One Act)
    19 Nov. 2023
    More than the December holidays, Thanksgiving seems to be the time of truths about families. Heirloom recipes, guessing what you are grateful for .. or not, it can be an emotional dinner. Donnelly sets the table with a fractured family where healing is possible but not guaranteed. A remembrance of a family recipe conjures up the good, the bad, and the ugly. Time heals and time gives. Donnelly offers both. A play that exposes truths, it gives us an ending worthy of giving thanks.
  • Eden 2
    19 Nov. 2023
    Has Norkin set the stage for a new Bible to be written? Or did that not work so well the first time? In a deceptively simple ten-minute, Norkin has given us an epic tale. Tale as old as time? Maybe. The seamless blending of hard truths with beacons of hope and some gosh-darn puns and humor, it’s a play that will leave you lost in space and thought.
  • Coulda-Woulda-Shoulda
    19 Nov. 2023
    What’s that line? “If you didn’t want me to write about it, you should have behaved better!” Alterman turns the tables on family life. Even when the going gets tough, Alterman spices it all up with surprises and humor. A hard look at family dynamics through a delightful theatrical lens. The ending has you lost in “what’s next?”
    19 Nov. 2023
    Behind every magical Christmas are parents who were magicians. Clarke captured my sister and I every Christmas and later my own kids. Oh those tiptoes in the living room in the middle of the night to see what we could see. A charming, family-friendly Christmas gift.
  • Be Like Water
    9 Nov. 2023
    How many times can I recommend this? As a lifelong fan of Balanchine’s Nutcracker, I remember being uncomfortable during “Tea” and “ Coffee.” Balanchine changed the names of the dances but kept the stereotypical costumes and dance steps. Lucy Wang deftly brings us a Nutcracker for our century. Be Like Water contains all the wit and smart dialogue we are used to getting from the playwright. She infuses all her characters with a strong sense of who they are. Bruce Lee, flowers, and food give us the unexpected. So appropriate for this reimagined ballet to be a Reimagine finalist.
  • The Butterfly Anchor
    2 Nov. 2023
    With gorgeous, carefully crafted characters created, The Butterfly Anchor will resonate long after the play is done. Friedman gives us a tale of more than life and death - but what is in-between - something we may have all thought about. Awaiting death, there is a lot of life resounding in all characters. Friedman manages to celebrate small lives in a world that hints at the fear of death and the will to live.
  • Tall Tales from Blackburn Tavern
    2 Nov. 2023
    Minigan immerses us in history - real and lore. I love the combination of docudrama with the mystical. The play is ripe with imagery and delights for designers. You will lean in - wanting more. Easy to stage, the play sings of darker nights, other-wordly creatures and just enough history to allow you to believe all of it.
  • Leave It
    1 Nov. 2023
    The 1950’s meet the 60’s, the 70’s and beyond. Goodwin glimpses at the ideal family from our youth and puts it into perspective with the times that followed. If’s a tough reckoning. It’s probably a mirror or stepstone for every generation that follows. Wish we could reverse the trend. What a wonderful world it could be.
  • Not Getting Old
    1 Nov. 2023
    I love Edna and her decisions. And even when Edna’s decisions don’t come through as expected, she just rolls with it. Young at heart and rich in wisdom, Edna’s finding the best of both worlds. Feeny-Williams has infused her with wit and courage. I really want to know what Edna found on her shopping expedition.