Recommended by Claudia Haas

  • The Sunset Train - 10 Minute Play
    27 Aug. 2023
    An original, wild west tale, easily produced and easily understood in today’s norms. Original and nuanced with a duet of characters that will speak to us today. Life and death and a sunset.
  • Below Zero
    25 Aug. 2023
    As someone who has spent half her life in NYC and the second half in Minnesota, Below Zero spoke to me on so many levels. Watts explores a friendship? A kinship? through the lens of a beautiful and deadly winter. There’s an early mystery, an adventure, some hard truths, oh - and dogs, too. The dialogue is irresistible as are the characters. It’s a wonderfully theatrical and compelling take on a female-buddy story. Bring on the dog sled - it’s a fun, heart-stopping ride. Amazing opportunities for designers. Produce it. I’ll buy the 1st ticket.
  • The Disappearance of Greta
    22 Aug. 2023
    I was drawn into the intrigue right from page 1 - reading furiously wanting to learn more. Plumridge has given us a nuanced play filled with chills and unexpected (but welcome) humor. Intricate and original, the play gives us a fresh outlook on a catastrophic time.
  • No More Flowers
    14 Aug. 2023
    A winning combination of art, analysis and what is in the eye of the beholder. Hall combines all and let’s us see that what we actually see is the artist’s intent and no more. But -Maybe art is different from all eyes and just maybe that is fine. A lovely commentary on how art reaches us - individually.
  • When the Chaos Started
    14 Aug. 2023
    Lawing always makes me feel and think. He shows us loss, love, and grief in a scant ten minutes. In the background, I hear “when will they ever learn?” from “Where Have all the Flowers Gone” and think - when will we ever learn. Evocative, beautiful writing.
  • Joy Ride
    14 Aug. 2023
    That ending will stay with me forever. As will the joy ride that Foster takes us on. Sweet and salty and with a pinch of bittersweet. Two stellar roles for women!
  • On the Farce Day of Christmas
    12 Aug. 2023
    Christmas in August? Why not? It was a great pleasure to chill with Levine’s play. He has a way of finding laughter without sacrificing character - actually deepening the character - on every page. There were holiday surprises galore. Treat yourself to an early present. You’ll be craving gingerbread men (or latkes) by the end of the play.
  • The German Play
    11 Aug. 2023
    Years ago, I used google-translate for a scene. This play is a cautionary tale about why you should never do that. While Levine’s play is an absolute comedic gem on the page, the dynamics and physical possibilities onstage make me wish it was coming soon to a theatre near me. Need a pick-me-up? Pick this up and read it/produce it.
  • The Devil and the DMV
    11 Aug. 2023
    Syran has confirmed my fear that if I am sent to Hell, I will spend eternity at the DMV trying to prove I once existed. The play is chock full of clever tidbits but that ending - oh the ending. Proof positive the DMV exists in a circle of Hell.
  • Out, Out Damned Bird!
    11 Aug. 2023
    A tale of a bird, a lesson in sensitivity, and an opening for a grand discussion all wrapped up in one minute. The silence at the end is so telling. Well done.