Recommended by Claudia Haas

  • The Oktavist
    8 Jan. 2023
    A play where what is left unsaid is as important as the spoken dialogue is rare and hard to do. Gatton crafts a beautiful tale of epiphanies, desire, and self-realization that stops your heart. The play’s power draws you in as you fully invest in the characters - so much so that by the end - you are wishing all good things for Dmitri. And you want to know what’s next. And you think about that for a long time.
  • Right Field of Dreams
    8 Jan. 2023
    This may be the most enchanting play about sports that I’ve ever read or seen. Tim has this gift of knowing himself that I wish could be spread around to all kids - like magic dust. In fact, this play has enough magic dust to give some to everyone. Read it. Produce it and catch the magic.
  • Un Hombre
    8 Jan. 2023
    Kaplan explores grief and relationships in many forms. With many powerful moments laced with humor, the characters take you on a journey that is both challenging and welcoming. Original and insightful, the play will stay with you for many moons.
    27 Dec. 2022
    Lermond has the gift of taking a slice of life we can all relate to and infuse it with humanity, compassion and surprises. This is a nice change from the “merry merry” and “fa la las” of the season. And a reminder that tradition is nice, but continuing to evolve is pretty special, too.
  • -1
    26 Dec. 2022
    As a Minnesotan, I have been to too many of those parties. Without names, Weaver gives us a specific assortment of characters reacting to both the New Year and the icy cold. It’s a warm ride but with icicles. And somehow, it embodies all that a coming year will bring. Audiences will shiver and smile and welcome in the new.
  • Perseus and the Pretty Purple Pickles: A short play for young audiences [co-written with DC Cathro]
    26 Dec. 2022
    Martin and Cathro are delighting our young audiences with all creatures great and small. They will have children leaving the theatre saying, “pretty purple pickles please” and giggling through it all. The visuals are vibrant and fun and the tale is within the scope and grasp of pre-schoolers through second grade.
  • Anyone Can Be Santa
    26 Dec. 2022
    Variety is the spice of Christmas. Hoke gives us an assortment of Santas, merry cheer, and an unexpected twist perfect for the season. It’s a fine way to end 2022.
  • Ten Minutes 'til Christmas!
    15 Dec. 2022
    I “hear” there is a drinking game associated with Christmas tv movies. Every time a stereotypical Christmas moment happens, you take a shot. That would be a dangerous game to play with Vinero’s Christmas-latte-confection. You would be inebriated five minutes into the play. Vinero hits all the Hallmark-trope-frosting-covered-elf moments with sprinkles on top. If the sugars of the season are leaving you jumpy, the antidote is right here. Read it! Better yet, produce it.
  • The Mockingbird's Nest
    20 Oct. 2022
    A play that seems to go down the caregiver road - and doesn’t. A play that may explore dementia and does and doesn’t. A play about the human condition that ties a knot in your expectations. Loss, future, AI meet and do a new dance. A great take on an old theme.
  • HUG for the HOLIDAYS
    20 Oct. 2022
    The mother-daughter relationship is laid bare by Goldman-Sherman. It’s about everything except what they talk about. It’s about nothing except what they talk about. Is anything more personal than food and hugs? Insightful, true, and sweet.