Recommended by Claudia Haas

  • Indoor Cats
    27 Mar. 2024
    Cats and catastrophe and Covid. Birds and babies and blues. And love. Imperfect, wild, tame, and (sometimes) bliss. A tale of creating, recreating and finding what is needed and wanted. A play that includes Covid without it being centerstage. The relationships take that honor. Gorgeous, imaginative play.
  • Poseidon and the Sea Nymph
    20 Mar. 2024
    It’s easy to judge Abel. Even easier to judge Lydia. Sickles’ chance encounter makes you rethink, tropes, appearances, and the necessity of tea but he never makes you rethink the quality of kindness.
  • Machihembra
    20 Mar. 2024
    “The future is not fixed.” Heyman’s poignant play embodies the truisms that you should just love your children - who they are - and who they will become. Trust them to figure it out because they will. And when they do, they will want you in their corner. A play that will speak to so many teens who are struggling with identity. This play will make them feel seen.
  • Veterans of Community Theatre
    19 Mar. 2024
    While no community theatre will admit this is them, I suspect a lot of backstage snickers. I have an abiding love of local theatre and Floyd-Priskorn deftly portrays their charms.
  • Following Sarah
    19 Mar. 2024
    Espey has devised a clever mystery. But it takes second place to the rich inner-workings of gifted, stressed, female teens. As they grapple with the loss of their friend, they must also discover who they are and who they should be - if there were nobody else in the world. A rich play with a chance for female teens to shines.
  • Pistachio Ice Cream
    16 Mar. 2024
    The past, the memory, the love - it stays with us and so prevalent in Weibezahl’s charming remembrance of a past that lasts as long as we do. One of the beauties of theatre is the immediacy of memory. And the playwright conjures it and gives it as a gift for us. Accept it as a present for all of us.
  • Conversations
    16 Mar. 2024
    Reality, AI, chatbots - Feeny-Williams takes them all on and succeeds in her wonderfully satiric and human chatroom where being human is a liability. The trolls are out, their knives are sharpened and will two lonely people survive the onslaught? Timely, wistful, true and imagined - a play for our times and our overpowering need to connect.
  • The Girl Who Could Talk to Birds
    13 Mar. 2024
    This could be the guidebook as to how our animal friends really encourage the love lives of humans. Disney would be appalled. Audiences will laugh themselves silly.
  • We Were Happy
    7 Mar. 2024
    A combination of rose-colored glasses and reality join together in a rich play of memory, truth and maybes. O’Grady deftly mixes the toughness of immigrants blending into their new country with the sweetness of their hopes for the future. There is a twist in these remembrances. Are those times missed? Or best forgotten? Happy can have two edges. A poignant slice of life that rings true today.
  • A Daffodilly-Ding-Dong
    7 Mar. 2024
    Can a daffodil make friends with a child? What do they have to offer each other? Is being picked and then “vased” the end for a daffodil? Or is the journey from ground to vase an adventure? Plumridge looks at these questions from a child’s point of view and creates a sweet tale of one child in a nest of daffodils. Young ones will delight in the tale both onstage and in the audience.