Recommended by Claudia Haas

  • Be Like Water
    9 Nov. 2023
    How many times can I recommend this? As a lifelong fan of Balanchine’s Nutcracker, I remember being uncomfortable during “Tea” and “ Coffee.” Balanchine changed the names of the dances but kept the stereotypical costumes and dance steps. Lucy Wang deftly brings us a Nutcracker for our century. Be Like Water contains all the wit and smart dialogue we are used to getting from the playwright. She infuses all her characters with a strong sense of who they are. Bruce Lee, flowers, and food give us the unexpected. So appropriate for this reimagined ballet to be a Reimagine finalist.
  • The Butterfly Anchor
    2 Nov. 2023
    With gorgeous, carefully crafted characters created, The Butterfly Anchor will resonate long after the play is done. Friedman gives us a tale of more than life and death - but what is in-between - something we may have all thought about. Awaiting death, there is a lot of life resounding in all characters. Friedman manages to celebrate small lives in a world that hints at the fear of death and the will to live.
  • Tall Tales from Blackburn Tavern
    2 Nov. 2023
    Minigan immerses us in history - real and lore. I love the combination of docudrama with the mystical. The play is ripe with imagery and delights for designers. You will lean in - wanting more. Easy to stage, the play sings of darker nights, other-wordly creatures and just enough history to allow you to believe all of it.
  • Leave It
    1 Nov. 2023
    The 1950’s meet the 60’s, the 70’s and beyond. Goodwin glimpses at the ideal family from our youth and puts it into perspective with the times that followed. If’s a tough reckoning. It’s probably a mirror or stepstone for every generation that follows. Wish we could reverse the trend. What a wonderful world it could be.
  • Not Getting Old
    1 Nov. 2023
    I love Edna and her decisions. And even when Edna’s decisions don’t come through as expected, she just rolls with it. Young at heart and rich in wisdom, Edna’s finding the best of both worlds. Feeny-Williams has infused her with wit and courage. I really want to know what Edna found on her shopping expedition.
  • Rainy Night in a Piazza of Stone: a monologue for a dancer
    1 Nov. 2023
    There may be a wish here - a wish that every woman reading/seeing this could be Suzanna for at least five minutes. How many of us have had this walk home? Sickles leads us to a path where in our minds we are Suzanna. A wonderfully physical monologue where the dance could be life or death.
  • Postpartum
    1 Nov. 2023
    Blevins has upped the ante on horror. Never has innocence been portrayed this frightening. There’s something about the baby… you may never look at a baby’s eyes in the same way. Don’t be fooled by the cast size. Yes, there are meaty roles for two actors but the Baby might eclipse them. Stephen King move over, there’s a new horror writer in town.
  • The Scarecrow and the Crow
    22 Oct. 2023
    Bolduc took me to a cornfield and showed me a world of amazements. Ir’s a unique fable for our times, all times, children times, and “grown-up” times. I was enchanted as will all who read this or are lucky enough to experience this in a theatre.
  • The Uninvited
    10 Oct. 2023
    Raw, honest, scary, dark with a glimmer of light. He describes it as personal” and it is indeed to many of us. Audiences will relate. Actors will find a monologue of great depth.
    23 Sep. 2023
    This is almost too much fun. Patterson has a field day with the femme fatale of crime noir and takes it where it needs to go. Move over, Hitchcock and Welles, there’s a new writer in town. If any actor wanted to emulate Bogey and Bacall, here’s your chance. A delight for audiences.