Recommended by Claudia Haas

  • This Cow and That Trombone
    7 Mar. 2024
    This play will make you want to put a trombone in a farm field. How can you figure out something when you don’t know what “something” is? Martin’s fable show’s us how if you limit your expectations, you limit your life. Wanting more is not a crime.
  • The Edge of Play
    17 Feb. 2024
    What a beautiful and kind reminder that children live with anxiety - maybe even more so after Covid. The playwright does a beautiful job of a child yearning to play but fearful. I love how help comes to Ada with care and a lot of imagination. Stuffies can be lifesavers.
  • Make it quick
    17 Feb. 2024
    You want to know the ending and you don’t. Gripping and terrifying. An epic story in one minute.
  • A KNIPPLE FULL OF DREAMS - ten-minute period drama
    16 Feb. 2024
    What a gorgeous story of will, feminism, motherly love, and resilience. Even when women had no power, they found ways. Rose’s story evokes a time that is not as far removed as we think and infuses it with care and bravery. A play suitable for any time of year that celebrates love.
  • The Old Railroad
    16 Feb. 2024
    A Christmas story. A sibling story. A train story. A memory. Sickles combines all of my loves and delivers with a play cemented in brotherly love. My heart skipped a beat at the end. So will the audience.
    15 Feb. 2024
    A beauty of a play for students who missed the memo that women have always been involved in science and mathematics. Syran cleverly brings us some of the most influential women of their times and ties it to today’s world. This play is ripe for a teen cast in a high school or university setting. You’ll smile. You’ll laugh. And you’ll google these women. Because you should have known about them in your lessons. Syran rectifies their omission. Read. Produce.
  • A Quarter Placed on Railroad Tracks
    9 Feb. 2024
    There’s so much love and care in this tale of friendship, new paths, and good-byes. Martin fills the characters with emotion that may be too hard to be said and must be covered with banter and shorthand that bring the feelings to light. The ending is a stunning theatrical moment that will stay with you a long time.
  • DON'T PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD, a 10-minute comedy for five actors
    9 Feb. 2024
    In case you had any doubts, yes - cookies and ice cream (and chips!) can talk to you - quite persuasively. The massage interlude is quite telling as to which foods are needy and which foods exist to please you. Rose has concocted a sweet spread of resolution and indecision. The physical comedy and sly inserts of clever lines (“I’m melting!”) are the added cherries (or sprinkles) on top.
  • Don't Touch The Carrot Cake
    9 Feb. 2024
    McClain dishes out some truths in this wild and wooly competition. Yes, there are guaranteed laughs with great roles for women and an absolutely delectable ending. But the play will not only entertain but give you some food for thought to mull over in the coming days.
  • Blind Date - ONE MINUTE PLAY
    6 Feb. 2024
    This is a delightful little ditty in the realm of, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Cole sets us all up with a lively cocktail that holds promise. And delivers.