Recommended by Claudia Haas

  • Of Garden Gnomes and Other Tragedies
    24 Apr. 2023
    I never was much for garden gnomes. Didn’t think my yard needed them. But now that I know the amazing chemistry between the gnomes, their marvel comic back stories, their myths, I will be first at the garden store tomorrow. Sickles has opened my eyes Which are now wide-open and cannot blink.
  • Puzzle Piece
    23 Apr. 2023
    The metaphors fly as the pieces of a relationship that once fit suddenly won’t lock anymore. An exquisitely crafted play that mirrors the solving of the jigsaw puzzles onstage slowly unfolds - until it lays bare what’s missing from their lives. As each character and puzzle piece declares it space, we come to an unexpected and moving final moment. Preuss offers up a lot of heart and insight into the puzzles that are relationships.
  • EMANCIPATION (A One Minute Play)
    23 Apr. 2023
    As someone who has had this same (scrumptious) epiphany more than once, this is so relatable. Audiences will roar when they see where Lermond leads. And where Lermond leads, you will follow. Another tasty morsel from this playwright whose work always resonates.
  • To Fetch a Pail of Water
    23 Apr. 2023
    A silly little ditty (I have a rhyming problem) that’s fun for all ages. The combination of wit and farce is irresistible. With the opportunities for physical humor, the play just sparkles and crackles (more rhyming problems). Don’t worry about the rhymes, just do it.
  • Bluebonnets
    20 Apr. 2023
    Love, bluebonnets never die. They return year after year as a reminder. A reminder that love lasts and returns. A reminder that memory is strong. Sweet and strong. We have been there. We will always be there.
  • Verzet Amsterdam [Resistance Amsterdam]
    20 Apr. 2023
    A play that should be done again and again until we accept and embrace our common humanity. Kahn offers a rich portrayal of artists and outliers of society who will risk all to save a few. The outlook is grim for these resistors but their belief in what is right and good remains a benchmark of hope in what can be accomplished by a few good people.
  • A Minute Past Midnight on Valentine's Day, or, the Untold Truth about Romantics [a 1-minute play]
    20 Apr. 2023
    Steve Martin has made me a believer in the one-minute play. You can feel the setting, the time of night, the expectation, the hope, and the inevitable all in a scant minute. And you know the backstory without any explanation. Beautifully done.
  • A Lot of Time to Think
    18 Apr. 2023
    This will give you minimal time to think. Think fast because there’s not a lot of time. Not even as much time as Dzubak suggests. Root for him, pray for him, but can you grant the gift of time?
  • i am coming home
    16 Apr. 2023
    Riveting and terrifying, Berger explores the unknown scars that grow after trauma. No easy answers are given, but the mystery of what time, fear, and unwanted knowledge can do to your psyche grips you tightly. And it doesn’t let go even when the play ends.
  • The Lady of The Sea
    16 Apr. 2023
    Everytime I went to the ocean, my older cousin would proclaim, “the sea will reclaim their own.” And that phrase haunted me through Feeny-Williams magical play. I am a huge fan of Under Milkwood and Feeny-Williams finds her way around this prompt to create a new fable using a day by the sea. It is the stuff that sea shantys are made of. It’s the stuff of sea-dreams and wave-crashing nightmares. It is the all-powerful and mystical sea. It is the stuff of theatre.