Recommended by Claudia Haas

  • All My Love, T.L.C
    1 Feb. 2024
    Let Rachel Feeny-Williams lead you up the garden path of the twisty turns and bumpy roads of adolescence. Clever banter disguises the shadows lurking and even when you think you have all figured out, think again. Pointed and poignant.
  • A Bad Play
    1 Feb. 2024
    There’s a lot of fun-absurdity here. As Cern’s Artistic Director exclaims that audiences don’t want to be schooled in anything, Cern is cleverly schooling the audience in a day in the life of a playwright. How does a new play get attention? There are some fun asides - the gender neutral character comment- which Cern accommodates. The season planning. My favorite moment is a quick mention of coughing up the production fee … which is on top of the submission fee. Audiences may think this is satire. Playwrights know better. Come on theatres, be brave and produce this.
  • The Grift of the Magi
    19 Jan. 2024
    The Magi learn some hard truths in this quirky, oh so relatable story where the Bible meets theatre producers and highway robbery ensues. O’Grady hands us the slings and arrows of play production with a pretty Christmas bow and a touch of sharp-edged holly.
    19 Jan. 2024
    We all know or come to know these two ladies. Heck, we may even be one of them. Lermond deftly gives us a tale that shows us that living is more than just breathing and new dawns come at any age. Witty and knowing, you will like spending time at Myrtle Beach with them.
  • A True Ghost Story
    19 Jan. 2024
    A tale that could give you a chill during a sweltering, hot, southern night. Soucy’s details are so rich, you are there in the home with the ghost… and a most charming lady. It almost makes you want to have a cup of tea in that haunted home … almost.
  • An Angel Comes to Brooklyn
    18 Jan. 2024
    What do the cards say? Truths? Intuition? Wishful thinking? Bluestein-Lyons will not give you a straight answer but you can connect the dots as you will. Maybe the cards are at work, maybe there’s an angel but there are certainly truths. An engaging two-hander that will leave you lost in wonder.
  • Why Did You Bother Killing the Sea Witch?
    18 Jan. 2024
    Hans Christian Andersen and Disney need to change their Little Mermaid endings. Jenna Jane nails it. It’s perfect, laugh out loud truths, and now that it’s been fully realized in this play - the only possible ending.
  • Look Away
    18 Jan. 2024
    Dear high schools and universities” Look Away is for you (and me and all of us). A little known piece of history that should be common knowledge is handed to us and we must pay attention. While it focuses on anti-semitism (growing by leaps and bounds here and abroad), it is for all the people whose rights have been violated over the centuries. What’s frightening is Grant’s Order was a knee jerk reaction without a lot of thought that he regretted. Today’s news sound bytes are all too similar. May the play find a multitude of homes.
    16 Jan. 2024
    Love and regret - a combination that rears its head too much in a life. Alterman gives us both and the inevitable question, “what if we just said what needs to be said?” What a wonderful world it could be.
  • Strings
    14 Jan. 2024
    An insightful (and welcome) prequel to the canon of fairy tales - Cern finds new angles, new truths and a welcome coming-of-age to an old tale. Along the way, there are nods to history and the complexities of immortality that add even more nuance to a play that addresses how new fairy tales can thrive in our times.