Recommended by Claudia Haas

  • Serious Moonlight
    10 Aug. 2023
    There’s some serious “good girl-bad girl” vibes in this remarkable play about expectations, proms, cool, and teen girls. McClain captures an accurate description of the confusion of the teen years and provides a beautiful two-hander of nuance, nostalgia and truths. Dear high schools: produce this.
  • On the Eighth Day of Hanukkah My True Love Gave to Me
    23 Jul. 2023
    Morey Norkin just gave me Hanukkah in July and it couldn’t be more lovely. Yes, I am sentimental and yes, I shed a tear. Norkin conjured up love and memory of sweet holidays past and those memories are always welcome - even in July.
  • The Bear- The Bear with the Golden Fur
    23 Jul. 2023
    There’s everything to love here. The wit of 007, the eye-candy mixture of heroes and villains, Dame Judi Dench, and of course, Great Britain’s first-ever vampire bear on a mission to save the world. But the tie-in to the beginnings of Bear gives the story its beating heart. Plumridge’s mixture of the clever with sweet truths has made this series a joy to read. I now wait for it to arrive at a theatre near me. I’m ready to buy a ticket.
  • Does It Bring You Joy? (a short play)
    23 Jul. 2023
    What a refreshing change of pace to see such a glowing and positive relationship between a mother and a daughter. Yes, this short play brought me joy.
  • Happy
    16 Jul. 2023
    So many of us have had this conversation. It never fails to punch you in the gut. O’Grady’s short and bittersweet does just that.
  • The Bear - Bears on a Plane!
    10 Jul. 2023
    And again, Plumridge seamlessly weaves history into a bear story. Some clever tidbits as to movie watching habits are peppered in with the grand (and scary) adventure of stuffed animals run amok, lightning, and a true scare-bear. Current events mixed with wishful fantasy (Melissa!) make for a many-layered, satisfying read.
  • Sun, Moon, and Stars
    2 Jul. 2023
    Soltero-Brown offers up a trilogy of (slightly demented) love stories for the (slightly demented) romantic. We jump from a mash-up of Shakespeare and Restoration Comedy to a southern “William Faulkner’s version of ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’”, and end with the existential questions of the universe. The verse in the first play is a hoot - as if all the clowns in Shakespeare got together to outwit each other. We jump to southern discomfort and end with universal angst - all in the name of love. A rollicking, romp of romance born to be staged. Check it out.
  • Subterfuge
    20 Jun. 2023
    Truth can be stranger than fiction. Lawing takes all the bizarre truths from the 1904 Men's Marathon and fashions a gold-medal farce that has "winning" all over it. Nothing will stop these men: not dust, not lions, not even rotten apples. It's chock full of surprises but what really stayed with me is the camaraderie of the men that give the play its heart.
  • Truth Be Told
    11 Jun. 2023
    Cameron takes us on a whirl wind tour into our world of alternative facts, twitter news, sound bytes and rush to judgment. He offers us some ‘truths” (dare I say that word?) as to how we arrive at our conflicting realities. A tight, gripping two-hander that should be widely produced. I’ll be first in line to purchase a ticket.
  • Caleb and Rita
    10 Jun. 2023
    Dating in all its foibles is put on display. There’s a brevity, an honesty happening. Who knows? Maybe this meeting will be fruitful. You hope. You’ll laugh and nod your head “yes” and hope again.