Recommended by Claudia Haas

  • I Have No Words
    4 Apr. 2023
    “I had a wonderful dream where I walked in a field of wildflowers with my cat.” Martha alternates between terror and hopes of playing the violin again. I am stressed by world politics but I am warm and fed and nobody is dropping bombs on me. Read these missives from a nineteen year old girl who already knows too much of death and destruction because of one man’s callous dismissal of humanity. It’s today in real time. “Where have all the flowers gone? …. When will it ever end?”
  • Silent Vows
    3 Apr. 2023
    I love seeing silence onstage used theatrically. Plumridge offers up a delectable, sweet meeting of two who deftly communicate with nods … and flasks. A surprise and a treat awaits you. Silent Vows shows us that communication is a many-splendored thing.
  • Many Moons Ago (A Garden Party Story)
    3 Apr. 2023
    DeFrates takes a nursery rhyme, turns it upside down and spins a tale of - lost love? Moonstruck? Forbidden love? You decide. Part whimsy, all heart - this moon above a garden will have you longing for the possibilities. And the impossibilities.
  • The Author
    1 Apr. 2023
    A play about authorship, ownership, and who owns the product. Many surprises as a writer writes about writing. Bicknell gives us secrets, lost chances, and new hopes in a play that dazzles with “what if.” The Author teases us and while we are mesmerized, she pulls a surprise. Theatrical and thoughtful.
  • Secrets
    1 Apr. 2023
    A lot goes on in this seemingly breezy conversation between Rory and Lola. A subject not talked about (probably not considered cool with teens), Leilani Larson approaches the subject as Rory does - that asexuality happens and nothing needs to be assumed. There is a beautiful moment that happens as Lola overhears a conversation that I won’t spoil for you. Read it, produce it and let it happen for you.
  • Abandon All Hope
    31 Mar. 2023
    “Hell is other people” or maybe “Heaven is other people.” A ticking clock, high stakes, and a hard look at the “others” in our lives, Fenton lays out the groundwork for surprises,
    29 Mar. 2023
    Good and evil. Two sides of the same coin? Weaver offers a seemingly glib exchange between the two. But nothing is glib. And nothing is easy. Even with God and the Devil - nothing is black and white. A huge play in a small amount of time. A huge wish that this small conversation exists.
  • Seasons
    29 Mar. 2023
    Sapio has succinctly explained to me the Minnesota spring which has confused me for twenty years. Nature is fickle as are all the characters except fall. Which makes sense in our climate-challenged world where the only promise is that the leaves indeed will fall. Theatrical and a boon for designers. A fantastical look at our nutso world.
  • The Bear - A Dogged Tail
    28 Mar. 2023
    We all need a Bobby in our life. And Bear. And Brompton. Plumridge gives us a Bear interlude that is interrupted by love. We should all be interrupted by love.
  • The Great Tinsel War of 1979
    28 Mar. 2023
    Disclosure: I was raised by a father who put on the tinsel 1 strand at a time. Really, Lorne and Molly - don’t even go there. Soucy opens up the Christmas traditions that are sacred. Choose your fights or you might wind up with children that create a thermo-nuclear war. Tinsel escalates. Soucy escalates. To throw tinsel or to place tinsel? Soucy asks this in earnest. Think carefully before you answer. Don’t endanger your holly jolly Christmas. (I now await the Fruitcake Wars play.)