Recommended by Claudia Haas

    1 Feb. 2018
    Future, Here is a terse thriller - right from the beginning. Five students enter and look at a clock and it's ticking down. They've been sequestered together for twelve years and when the clock ticks down to zero - they will be separated. Every teen fear is eloquently stated as the students figure out how they will find their way in the world without each other. It's an excellent choice for teen actors where everyone shines and the ending stops your breath.
  • Crystal Springs
    31 Jan. 2018
    Crystal Springs resonates on many levels. Cyber-bullying is on the rise and not likely to go away anytime soon. We know the outcome at the beginning and the play goes back in time to decisions made that could have prevented tragedy. All the characters save one are culpable. Most disturbing are the three adults who participated either by overprotection, insecurities, or simply wanting to be liked/popular. This play inspires discussion and schools would do well to produce this.
  • Tidal (formerly Renovations)
    27 Jan. 2018
    Every shorewalker needs to see this play. What starts out as a quirky, physical comedy between sea creatures becomes very high stakes as the tide rolls in. A beautiful piece for young audiences about the care of our planet. It manages to show us the results of our actions without one word of preaching.
  • The Festial Quartet - a play for Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass
    27 Jan. 2018
    Faith, loss, friendship and faith are just a few of the huge themes woven into this beautifully realized coming-of-age play. White taps into both the insecurities and the strong ties between close friends. As they deal with a loss, there are revelations that jar all of them. Funny, irreverent and achingly poignant, I clued into to each of the characters and wanted to continue with them on their journey after the play. The play contains beautifully realized characters for teens to play. Highly recommended.
  • The Great Steven Stravinsky
    26 Jan. 2018
    Magic and a first kiss bring enchantment. The magic doesn’t always go well and the kiss is an iffy proposition - at first. Bohannon captures the growing pains, the innocence and the wonder of this preteen couple. The addition of a younger sibling adds some chaos and conflict to both the kiss and the magic. It’s a charmer. I would love to see the different nuances between using adult actors versus young performers. Each cast would bring something different to the table.
  • Allie In Wonderland
    26 Jan. 2018
    This is a delightful revisit to Wonderland through the eyes of Allie (an older Alice obsessed with her technology). Faithful to the spirit of the novel, Robert has kept the nonsense and silliness of the Lewis's characters intact. Filled with chases, audience participation, squabbles, tea and cookies - there is something for every age to enjoy. The bonus is that during the course of the play, you root for everyone (including the Queen).
  • THE ONE ABOUT THE HAMSTER (co-written with Hugh Brinkley)
    26 Jan. 2018
    You are so going to want a hamster after reading/seeing this play. You are also going to want to be a basketball star, Russian Olympic track star, astronaut, artist... yes, this tale is that epic. Forget Stuart Little. Life is all about the hamster. Read it. Produce it.
  • The Boy Who Cried Dragon
    25 Jan. 2018
    Set in a little town with a park that maybe is a dragon forest, a young boy's imagination (maybe) springs to life in the form of a (maybe) dragon. Imagination and reality are side-by-side and there is the element of never being absolutely sure where one ends and the other begins. Young audiences will not only relate to the vegan dragon (of course) but with Travis's need for excitement in his self-proclaimed boring life. Especially loved the nuances in the mother/son relationship and Travis's delightful "smarts."
  • Winnie The Pooh & Tales Of 100 Acre Wood.
    25 Jan. 2018
    The innocence of the Winnie The Pooh tales is heightened against a backdrop of the World War II London blitz. You wouldn't think that the tales would co-exist with a soundscape of enemy aircraft and bombings but they do. As the 100 Acre Wood characters seek to comfort themselves by escaping their hospital surroundings into the Pooh stories, the heart of the stories are laid bare. Immersed in the stories, it struck me how important these characters and their mishaps/sweetnesses are in a world of chaos. Perfect for youth and adults alike.
  • The Dowry of Princess Talia
    16 Jan. 2018
    This is a delightful romp through fairytale-land or Massachusetts or where-you-will. Rubber ducks that lay golden eggs? No problem. Evicting witches from gingerbread houses? That may be a problem. You find yourself rooting for heroes and pseudo-villains as the play races through tales leaving belly laughs in its wake. Sweet and sassy, it's a people pleaser for all ages.