Recommended by Claudia Haas

  • Two Degrees
    24 Feb. 2017
    Two Degrees is a thoughtful and passionate look into a scientist studying the effects of climate change. Brought to Washington to testify before a Senate Committee, Emma Phelps, a paleoclimatologist, finds herself trying to cut through politics while holding her fragile, personal life together. The play threads together the urgent danger of climate change, science, politics, grief and humanity. The ending is a skillful combination of the forces in Emma's life that interweave and offer hope.
  • Next Door
    10 Jun. 2016
    Mason and Doris are on the cusp - the cusp of staying together, breaking up, going to museums, figuring out life. These two characters reflect the make-up of of American society that go unexplored. There is a sweet rhythm of reality and understanding of the confusions of what makes up a life. Inspired by William Inge, the characters are flawed, likable, confused, and yearning.
  • Which Way to the Beach
    6 May. 2016
    This is a fun tale of mix-ups, love and marriage. There is a gentle undercurrent of the difference between "acceptance" and "true acceptance" that adds some depth to the play. The play would work well in short play festivals focusing on love, marriage and gay marriage.
  • Caliban's Island
    3 May. 2016
    This is truly a delightful adventure tale for all ages. With characters borrowed from Shakespeare but re-imagined, the play is chock full of mischievous fairies and magic - both naughty and nice. The play examines grief and loss from the perspective of a child and brings together the notion of "family" - traditional and non-traditional and the power of love.
  • Leave Take
    29 Apr. 2016
    This is a sweet two-hander that everyone can relate to. At some time in everyone's life, we have had to pack a bag and decide what to take. It's set during the Biblical Exodus - but could be set today. Benjamin has a hard time parting with sentimental things while his sister Devorah looks at the practical. You root for Benjamin's trinkets to make it into the bag although you know in times of hardship - practicality usually wins. The play can be done with teens or with adults - it resonates.
  • FATIMA & MAAMA: A Ten-Minute TFY Play
    20 Oct. 2015
    The play has a culture clash and a generational clash in which the outcome is anything but ordinary. What could have been a stereotypical mother-daughter argument segues into the truth of their love - even when it's not convenient. This is a compassionate play that is welcome on all stages: adult play festivals, college theatres and high school festivals. It is a play that encourages you to throw out preconceived notions and empathize.
    12 Aug. 2015
    Forgiving others is tricky thing. Forgiving yourself can be even harder. After a horrific crime committed by Kyle, there seems to be a divide that will separate him from his Uncle Arnie forever. You think there can never be a meeting of minds or love again. But a memory, a bike and a confession are healing touches. They pave the way to a new kind of hope. A gripping play that stays with you.
  • A Girl's Guide To Coffee
    12 Aug. 2015
    You may get a caffeinated buzz as you read the play, but it happily turns to a warm glow. It's a smart, funny script that stands our selfie-world on its head and rips merrily through pop culture. Alex (your "Coffee Guide") majored in biology because she loved biology - then. And is now a barista because she loves coffee - now. She strives to live a life without roots. Moments are for the here and now (and texting). But life changes. Perfect for universities and containing strong, self-aware roles for the cast.
  • Jan Kultura, Substitute Teacher, Meets The Crowd
    29 Jul. 2015
    This is one high-octane, verbally rich play. The barbs and creative reasoning (appropriate for the "creative economics" debated here) kept me riveted to the page with huge smiles and chuckles. All four characters have the smarts and are engaging and you cannot wait to hear what comes next. As the play draws to a close, you are left with, "Wait? Satire? Or is this a truth about our current economic climate?" Theatres, universities and high schools would all serve this play well. And leave everyone discussing the play.
  • Nice & Slow (TYA)
    29 Jul. 2015
    This is a sweet gem of a play with a friendly reminder to slow down, people! Look and see and smell those roses. Children will delight in Sam's adventures that all take place in his bedroom. Especially fun moments include the drum for Sloth's helmut, the Cheetah as a cop (arresting Sam for speeding) and Goo on roller skates. Nonni's rice pudding and Sloth's guidance are one of the many smiles of the play.