Recommended by Julie Zaffarano

  • Casting the Beverlys
    14 May. 2020
    Timely and well-written play. While “Casting the Beverlys” is set in the world of high school theatre, the story is universal. Tremendous roles for teen actors to play and start a conversation, well done.
  • Lucy in the Sky With Donna
    11 May. 2020
    “Lucy in the Sky with Donna” had me at the title. Not your typical “two strangers meet” with a slow build-up. Jean Hartley Sidden hits the ground running with this dark comedy about two women in impossible situation who may jus be able to help each other.
    11 May. 2020
    ”Juggling with Mr. Fields” is seeing a legend come to life. Jennifer O’Grady deftly shows W.C. Fields as a man past his prime, indulging in self-sabotage in career and relationships. In this play, Fields is not just a man on the screen, but a living, breathing person whom we grow to care about as if he were our own grandpa. Well done.
  • Character Arc
    10 May. 2020
    Emily Hageman play “Character Arc” is authentic in its dialog of things said and not said. As this family struggles with what is best for each member, they know there is not a good solution, only the “least worst”. The childhood roles we play in our families take us into adulthood. This play mirrors it all.
  • A Conversation About Mom
    10 May. 2020
    In this short play, we see an entire family relationship through the years unfold before our eyes. Quick paced dialogue between this father and son leaves us hoping that it is never too late.
    10 May. 2020
    There are lines that cannot be crossed. A stranger helps Ciara see this more clearly than she sees it herself. A lesson in love and respect.
    9 May. 2020
    A lovely, rhythmic piece that shows how our relationships are eternal and reflective of nature. Would be so much fun to stage!
  • Memorial Day
    9 May. 2020
    A heartbreaking story of love and loss from the early days of the AIDS epidemic. Paul Donnelly transports us back in time, where we see each character vividly, smell the sea air, and feel the helplessness only love can know.
  • Overqualified
    3 May. 2020
    “Overqualified” is the world of today as so many intelligent, educated, and worthy folx attempt to enter the workforce. It’s not enough to be themselves, but to play a game that masks who they are to prove they can be what someone else wants— if only they knew what that is! And mom.
    3 May. 2020
    Lucy Wang creates a tremendous script for young audiences and their parents. Fun facts hidden amid jokes and puns will have actors and audiences smiling from the first line to “end of play.”