Recommended by Julie Zaffarano

  • Saudade
    17 Nov. 2021
    A heartfelt play about two people who love each other with full understanding and without complications. Their love is a contrast to the world that threatens their security. Kaela Mei-Shing skillfully makes us ear for anc hope for these lovely humans.
  • Textual Abuse
    17 Nov. 2021
    Rapid-fire, hilarious play for today. The immediacy of texting and social media has created a frenzy of expectations in social connections. Would love to see this performed,
  • Whispers in the Woods
    17 Nov. 2021
    A haunting piece about a mother’s love and how far she will go to protect her child.
  • Safe Space
    15 Nov. 2021
    Wow. “Safe Space” by R. Eric Thomas is a brilliant dark comedy farce with twists and turns that keep an audience on the edge of their seats. I don’t think I breathed once when I read this play. A clash of characters, including the ghost of an African American slave, a white liberal and her MAGA brother, a black locksmith… all trapped in the basement of a historic home, which does not feel like a safe space. Would love to see this play produced.
    12 Nov. 2021
    A hilarious family comedy. I love these crazy characters and the irony of miscommunication. Actors and audiences would enjoy a production of this comedy.
  • Big Ben and the Juice Fast
    12 Nov. 2021
    Such a fun play! Actors will have blast with these characters! And not just a funny piece, Pamela Morgan explores the stress of body image in our culture and the trauma of trying to maintain what we perceive to be acceptable.
  • Always
    12 Nov. 2021
    A lovely, heartfelt play about enduring love. No matter how long you are together, even if you forget the details of your first meeting, you never forget the feelings.
  • Chem Class
    12 Nov. 2021
    A lovely coming of age play with all the hopes and fears of youth. The fear and desire for acceptance of who we really are. We hope for Alex, holding our breath for a moment. In just a few pages, Jennifer O’Grady makes us care for these characters as if they were real people.
    12 Nov. 2021
    Jack Levin’s “The Beauty of a Rose” is a thoughtful sci-fi piece that questions the essence of humanity. It’s the kind of play you think about long after reading it.
  • Tag on Toe
    12 Nov. 2021
    Elana Gartner’s “Tag on Toe” is an honest look at awkward, over sharing, conversations that happen everyday in the workplace. Conversations that shouldn’t happen in the workplace, but do. The conversations we have, we regret, and we can’t forget. conversations we think about and can change us. So real, I felt like I was in the room.