Recommended by Julie Zaffarano

  • Them What Brung You
    14 Nov. 2020
    Tanya O’Debra’s play “Them What Brung You” is a chilling Southern Gothic Horror story about a young couple and the incredible birth of their child. Is there evil afoot or are the circumstances unusual but innocuous? A brilliant play with strong characters and breathless dialog. Produce this play now, preferably in a city where I can see it.
  • Alma (f.k.a. #nowall)
    9 Nov. 2020
    "Alma (f.k.a. #nowall)" by Benjamin Benne is a beautiful play about a mother and daughter who are navigating their intense love for each other in a difficult and frightening world. I barely breathed from he first word to the last. Produce this play.
    31 Oct. 2020
    Funny and haunting. This play keeps the audience wondering what is next. A perfect addition to a a Halloween or an any short play festival.
  • The Dance of Birth
    24 Oct. 2020
    Five women of varied backgrounds and different stages in their lives come together for a pregnancy dance class. Their personal and shared journeys intertwine as they grow closer. The backdrop of a pregnancy class with dance and scarves and baby dolls make this a visual as well as internal play. The characters are real. This play has heart.
  • Reunion
    24 Oct. 2020
    A sweet and funny play where two people who were romantically involved in their high school years meet again under difficult circumstances. The desires to rekindle and to run away are both strong. A charming piece with strong roles for mature actors.
  • Orville Station
    24 Oct. 2020
    A modern day Hamlet about a young person unable to decide whether to break free from an unsatisfying, but familiar life or to pursue their dream. A chance meeting with a unique and possibly dangerous stranger brings urgency to the decision.
  • One-Shot
    20 Oct. 2020
    A heartbreakingly beautiful play about how the world and frustrations rip relationships apart. How people can want the same thing, but cannot be on the same page.
  • Old Habits
    18 Oct. 2020
    A sweet story with characters we know and understand. In this play, Kerri Kochanski depicts the fears of aging and change and the denial that often comes with it.
  • Off Center
    15 Oct. 2020
    Off Center by Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn is a lovely piece that reminds us not to judge, as we do not know the journey others have taken.
  • Pa'Lante & Beyond
    15 Oct. 2020
    So much power in few pages. Nelson Diaz-Marcano shows us the needs behind the words in this strong piece. Well done.