Recommended by Julie Zaffarano

  • Quips
    15 Apr. 2024
    What a fun play for actors and audience -- one "Dad" joke piling on after another will keep the audiences laughing the entire time.
  • I Spy
    10 Apr. 2024
    Finn Anderson’s “I Spy” is a lovely, heartwarming play where two close friends look back on their lives and contemplate the future. An opportunity for older actors and a sweet addition to any short play festival.
  • The Great Tinsel War of 1979
    13 Mar. 2024
    Yes, yes, yes -- Tinsel wars were definitely a "thing" in the 1970s! Christopher Soucy captures the absurdity of traditions where we dig our toes in deep and shows us how we can laugh at ourselves instead. Well done.
  • Pillow Talk
    13 Mar. 2024
    Wow, more twist and turns than a rollercoaster! What a fun play for actors to perform and audiences to experience. Quick paced and super fun.
  • What's on the Menu?
    13 Mar. 2024
    "What's on the Menu" by Cam Eickmeyer is a lovely play that pulls us in -- filling us with hope and a little dread. We WANT the father and son to communicate and find a closer relationship, but we are also afraid they won't. Great job making the audience care so much about these characters in just a few pages.
  • Triptych - A Love Story in Three Acts
    26 Feb. 2024
    I love these characters! All of them (including the narrator). I love how they let down their guards and open themselves to possibilities. Sam Heyman has created a charming play, exploring what it means to be a human attracted to others and in love. The characters are real and well-drawn and we care and worry for them.
  • Fashion Show
    21 Feb. 2024
    "Fashion Show" is a heartfelt play of intense teen friendship. Stakes are high. I love how the characters support each other. Well done.
  • Three Damned Letters
    21 Feb. 2024
    "The Damned Letters" by Sam Heyman is a beautiful, heartbreaking play about family, relationships, love, and identity. The characters in this play love so intensely that they break down in their efforts at communication and insulate themselves in their own cocoons. We know these people -- they are in our families. The connections are real. Heyman makes us care about these characters and, thankfully, leaves us with hope for them.
  • Mister Frank
    21 Feb. 2024
    Mister Frank is not your average substitute teacher, as we learn in this hilarious short play. I don't know who would have more fun -- the audience or the actors. Great addition to any short play festival.
  • Invisible Woman
    21 Feb. 2024
    The two scenes in this short play are sharp and dynamic. Nora Louise Syran makes us FEEL for these women in just a few lines. Well done.