Recommended by Julie Zaffarano

  • In His Hands
    21 Mar. 2023
    A devastatingly beautiful play that journeys through lost faith — dryness, suffering, and rebirth. We care for these characters and hold them tightly and, no matter what our personal beliefs, rejoice in what they find.
    28 May. 2022
    “In Common” by Quinn Eli is a riveting play with strong roles that actors would love to play and audiences will talk about long after seeing it. We feel the desperate desire for human connection and anguish over the possibilities of love destroyed by complex power struggles. Even after all all the turmoil and a screwed up world, we still feel that love is possible.
    28 May. 2022
    Fun, witty, with an ironic twist. Vivian Lermond takes us on a ride through academia where the stakes are high and an unconventional solution seems to solve the problem… or does it?
  • Hand Legs
    23 May. 2022
    A lovely, funny, heartfelt monologue that makes us squirm as we relive our own embarrassing moments. We feel for this character and their quest for connection and acceptance. So much for an actor to explore. Well done.
  • Are you ready to order?
    14 Feb. 2022
    A strong monologue that aptly depicts the inner rage of a young woman struggling with the desire for some normalcy while knowing she is dying. We feel for this woman. And we can’t help but smile a bit at the end.
  • Naked Men
    10 Feb. 2022
    We’ve all had that experience where we meet someone, know that we’ve met them, but - without context — we can’t quite place them. In this play, we we follow two men as they try to put their finger on their previous meeting. A fun piece.
  • True Identity
    10 Feb. 2022
    “True Identity” by Quinn D. Eli is a brilliant play that takes what we think are familiar characters are turn them on their heads. We see the best and the worst of each of these characters — their stark humanness. A strong commentary on our world, race, social media — fast paced, unnerving, hilarious. This play needs to be produced NOW in theaters across the county.
  • Waiting for the Line
    7 Feb. 2022
    High stakes in this 60 second play — where a couple’s relationship and lives could be forever changed. In this short piece, we feel the fear of change as well as the possibilities.
    7 Feb. 2022
    SO much fun! A very original piece where a is character running (physically running) from her personified internal demons. I laughed out loud.
    7 Feb. 2022
    A powerful dialog for a female actor. Asher Wyndham continues to wow us with his “no hold” monologues that are true slices of Americana.