Recommended by Julie Zaffarano

  • Impossible Friends (In Progress)
    18 Apr. 2020
    “Impossible Friends” by Eytan Deray is a lovely piece about friendship and love. Audiences will hope for the best for these two friends. The play is complete in itself, but I can’t help but wish there will be a longer work with these characters.
  • The Church Bells All Were Broken
    18 Apr. 2020
    Dave Ebersole’s “The Church Bells All we’re Broken” is a funny, heartbreaking, and hopeful play. I had the pleasure of seeing it in a Philadelphia and it has stayed in my heart. Ebersole is a brilliant crafter who draws you in through comedy, takes you on an emotional roller coaster, and leaves you smiling through your tears. Well done.
  • Peas in the Fried Rice
    18 Apr. 2020
    A fun play about the perils of being in public with co-workers. Sometime we spend more time with our coworkers than our family and friends and our preferences and habits can be particularly irritating. Snappy, unpredictability fun dialogue.
  • Cooler Near the Lake
    17 Apr. 2020
    Every time I read Philip Middleton William’s play, I become a fly on the ceiling — I can taste the drinks, smell the woods and French toast. “Cooler Near the Lake” is beautiful in its honesty of self-discovery, acceptance, and how unknowingly we wear our hearts on our sleeves.
    17 Apr. 2020
    TEACH is a riveting and intense story that transcends the reader into the world of these characters. We feel their longing for for that unconditional touch. Brilliantly crafted, poetic, and haunting.
  • Thrive, Or What You Will
    12 Apr. 2020
    An epic scope, but so beautifully personal, engaging with musical dialogue. L Feldman’s “Thrive , Or What You Will” is a wind-tossed journey of of desires and conflicts. A story for today, against a historic background. Brilliant.
  • A Tree Grows in Longmont
    12 Apr. 2020
    Oh, my heart. Philip Middleton Williams’ “A Tree Grows in Longmont” is a beautiful story of love and regret. An honest telling that does not over-analyze, but leaves the audience knowing that love may not be perfect, but it is forever.
  • AN ABUNDANCE OF CAUTION, A Play for Videoconference
    7 Apr. 2020
    "An Abundance of Caution" is gem in the face of quarantine and lack oh physical and social closeness. The characters are dealing with more than they can handle, which causes them to be unable to connect. Zoom is not the "next best thing to being there." This playwright is rightfully known for her snappy dialogue and humorous imagery. Perfect addition to any short play festival, especially in the current time.
  • Discovery
    7 Apr. 2020
    An ethical vs legal dilemma that probably happens more than we know. Marjorie Bicknell give us a glimpse of drama with no smooth answers or easy decision. Well done.
  • Siren
    6 Apr. 2020
    A beautiful and haunting play. Lisa VilliaMil provides a glimpse into the souls of her characters -- what they long for. Heartbreaking and lovely with a dialogue as rhythmic as the sea, "Siren" takes us through a journey of loss, guilt, and forgiveness. Beautifully written,