Recommended by Julie Zaffarano

  • A String Between Man and the World
    27 Jan. 2019
    A gripping play that draws you deeper and deeper into the mind of Miles Alloway, who may or may not be insane. Zubel’s descriptive and poetic language set against Mike’s fervor keeps the audience on the edge. Well done.
  • Night Ride
    21 Jan. 2019
    “Night Ride” by Mark Cofta is full of more twists and turns than an old fashioned roller coaster. A dark comedy set on a lonely road, Cofta keeps us guessing until the very last moment. I had the pleasure to see this play in a workshop and was completely riveted. A perfect addition to any play festival with dark comedy.
  • The Others Club
    21 Jan. 2019
    Cofta immerses us into a middle school world of students who create an “Others Club” — a club for those who don’t feel they have a place with the standard club offerings. Here we find thoughtful kids who want a place where they can find acceptance. Very funny dialogue as kids try to navigate new waters and create their unique club rules (including a rule against murder!) Their protected community is compromised by two bullies who invade their meetings. An entertaining and educational play perfect for schools and beyond — lessons for us all. Bravo!
  • Can't Live Without You
    29 Dec. 2018
    A resonating and compelling play where writer Donny realizes that he has slowly and steadily lost his true self to live a pleasant, but not aithentic life. As he is confronted by himself in the form of a chactater he created in an unfinished novel, he is also confronted by his partner to make a life choice that would completely close off the path back to his former self. No matter which path Donny chooses, hurt, pain and loss is inevitable.
  • Almost There
    26 Dec. 2018
    A quirky man “meets” a woman who is both appalled and intrigued by him. A fun play for the actors and the audience — great addition to a short play festival.
  • ROOM 27
    26 Dec. 2018
    The iconic 27 Club — the famous seven rockers who died at 27 — come to “life” in this imaginative play. The musicians are in hell, waiting to perform. They are in true hell, as they are unable to do what they loved best. Burdick’s creative play and sharp dialogue keep us wondering and hoping for our musical heroes until the last word. Bravo.
  • A Comedy of Armageddons
    24 Dec. 2018
    Marc gets more then he bargains for when he tries to trick Daisy into thinking there is an emergency and they need to hide in the family emergency shelter. Daisy’s parents join them to prepare for the end of the world. A funny, farcical play with fast-paced, witty dialog. A fun play for both the audience and the actors.
  • The One Named Leo
    23 Dec. 2018
    Ah, the quest for one’s soulmate. Ramsburg creates a lovely, hopeful character who believes that a combination of chance and determination on her part will bring the elusive “Leo” into her life. Funny and bittersweet. Excellent addition to a short play festival.
  • Last Exit
    23 Dec. 2018
    A play that makes you hold your breath as you see two people looking sadly at their broken relationship. The finality of their break up on moving day forces them into a goodbye that neither seems to want to say. Both heartbreaking and heartwarming. Well done.
  • Overqualified
    23 Dec. 2018
    Vansant hits the nail on the head within this fun play about job interviewing. It’s tough deciding which “self” you should put forward when you want and need that job. A funny play that teaches us to trust our ourselves.