Recommended by Julie Zaffarano

  • WOLFCRUSH (a queer werewolf play)
    4 Oct. 2019
    Hayden-Brice Walker has created another high energy, crazy, funny play that you cannot stop reading. But the best part is the authentic humanity and the universal desires of the characters. Read. Produce.
  • Zero
    1 Oct. 2019
    From the very first word, Ian August grabs his audience and takes them on a breathless ride. Where is the eye of sanity in this hurricane of insanity? This play is rich with overflowing emotions and desires and a desparate search for human connection. With all the emotional upheaval, there is a satisfying ray of hope.
  • All Together Now
    18 May. 2019
    Lovely, sweet story that unfolds gently with surpsining twists. We need this family — flawed, awkward, and loving — in our lives. I didn’t want the play to end, although the ending was perfect.
    17 May. 2019
    A powerful play about big issues told at a very personal level. As Allegra struggles to do what she feels to be right for the one she loves the most in the world, her brother, she is torn apart trying to make him understand. What should be a private matter becomes very public. A work that sparks conversations. Well done.
  • The Submission
    13 May. 2019
    This gripping and unnerving play makes you squirm and laugh and think. With each bad decision, the characters are drawn deeper and deeper, caught in a web of lies. Brilliant. A must read. Bravo, Jeff Talbott!
  • Moon Cave
    5 May. 2019
    I had the privilege of seein “Moon Cave” at Azuka Theatre and have wanted to read the play since. Williams creates a gripping and mysterious world. Beneath the lighthearted surface story are deep hidden secrets. He reminds us that, no matter how hard we try, we can’t hide from our past.
    5 May. 2019
    Asher Wyndham is brilliant writer who touches us with his “slice of life” monologues. In this piece, he brings us into the mind of a middle schooler and reminds us what it’s like to be so frustratingly misunderstood. A good, layered piece for a young actor. Well done.
    5 May. 2019
    This play hits home. An extremely relevant work, Burdick’s characters are honest and authentic. The struggle is real, as each character is doing what they think is “best”. While the story is school-based, it transcends beyond the school setting into our social and work life. Bravo.
  • The Dysphoria Album
    16 Mar. 2019
    Choinacky’s haunting play about the search for authenticity, acceptance, and direction is brilliantly set within an exploration of identity appropriation. Small worlds spinning and colliding with large worlds. Masterful and arresting poetic moments. Bravo.
  • On the Formidable Ambiguity of the Foreseeable Future, We Rise
    16 Mar. 2019
    A brilliant, funny, terrifying view of a possible future world. O’Donnell’s shrew satire takes “self help” movements to the ultimate level and creates a world build on rock ground. Fast paced and fun.