Recommended by Julie Zaffarano

    3 May. 2020
    Once again Asher Wyndham displays his mastery of monologues in this multi-layered play. Beginning as a play about a self-absorbed husband who is ever so proud of himself for doing routine choirs, the play twists and reveals the real motivation and personality of this not-so-perfect husband. Well done.
  • BEACH WEDDING (from the STILL FEISTY Collection)
    3 May. 2020
    These vivid characters — a mom and dad you meet everyday — tell their version o their daughter’s wedding day. Not what they expected, but their acceptance is a gift to their daughter and themselves.
  • Letters from Lisette
    3 May. 2020
    A beautifully told story based on true events, Claudia Haas shows us that love can persevere even when we think it is lost. This play could be a lovely introduction to theater for a young child — enjoyable for adults and children alike.
  • Good Vibrations
    24 Apr. 2020
    Yes, Philip Middleton Williams, yes! “Good Vibrations” is yet another sharp, witty, and pointed play by this talented story-teller. Beautifully understated dialog with the perfect ending. I hope someone who needs their eyes opened reads this. Tremendous job, Philip!

  • 38 Cookies, 39 Reasons
    24 Apr. 2020
    Ouch. This play speaks to me in the most uncomfortable ways. It is simple and powerful. Wonderful twist at the end that gives us hope. Well done!
  • /ärt/
    24 Apr. 2020
    /art/ by Steven G Martin is a fast paced comedy that pokes fun at the pompous judges of a third grade art competition. I love how the judges get “schooled” by the children. Actors would have a blast playing these characters.
  • Two Tickets to Delray Beach
    24 Apr. 2020
    “Two Tickets to Delray Beach” tackles some very difficult topics. We are strongly moved by Leo’s situation and hope he can be saved. Trigger warnings.
  • The Blushing Groom
    22 Apr. 2020
    Matthew Weaver’s fun and sweet play, “The Blushing Groom” is a well-crafted two-hander about what seems to be an impossible situation. We hope for these two as a couple, but need them to come through with their individual integrity intact. Weaver does not disappoint.
  • Phillie's Trilogy
    22 Apr. 2020
    Yes! After reading Doug DeVita’s shorter works, I longed to spend more time with his characters. “Phillie’s Trilogy” is so satisfying in bringing these characters to us. Smart, witty, devastating, honest. Thank you, Doug DeVita for the journey that is impossible to forget.
  • The Super Variety Match Bonus Round!
    21 Apr. 2020
    Deb Hiett deals masterfully with parents’s grief for the loss of their son in “The Super Variety Match Bonus Round!” A very funny and heartbreaking play — we root for this couple as they deal with the changes in their lives, hoping they can adapt. Well done.