Recommended by John Minigan

  • Barriers
    27 Nov. 2020
    This extraordinary short work spirals through the personal and the political, leading us on an emotional journey that is stunning for a short piece--so quickly finding raw power and poetry in Francisca's journey. So much about loss here, and also so much about the endless human longing of parenting, especially in an inhumane world. Breathtaking work.
  • Fresh Paint
    23 Nov. 2020
    A brilliant short piece that captures the complexity of life for Indian-Americans after 9/11 (and the over-simplicity and racism of white America's response to that event). It's a piece that, unfortunately, resonates today as much as it did then.
  • The Chevalier
    19 Oct. 2020
    This is an astonishing work about a too-little-known musical genius, presenting the life and accomplishments of Joseph Bologne with wit, detail, clarity, and an epic sweep. There is great ambition in the writing--not just to tell the unknown story but to reimagine the connection between theater and music, between the artistic and the political. That great ambition is met by great craft to make for a brilliantly conceived and executed creation. Here's a revolution we need.
  • The Improv Class
    19 Aug. 2020
    A beautifully wrought piece that moves us from improv to real life and moves us from laughs to deep recognition. As Player really learns to play, to give up control, and enter his "Scene Partner's" reality, they move to genuine empathy and care. Funny, surprising, and heart-rending.
  • Uncovering
    19 Aug. 2020
    A very tightly written and chilling piece about the moment when love and devotion turn into control and the surrender of individuality. Powerful and frightening.
  • DROP
    19 Aug. 2020
    This is a rich and beautifully imagined piece about what we accept, what we put up with, and what happens when we take control for ourselves and shape the world. A little play that gives us a whole world--would love to see this staged!
  • Love and the Fear of it All
    19 Aug. 2020
    "Love and the Fear of it All" manages to be both explosively joyful and tender, and all while acknowledging the chaos and terror of the world around us. Romantic love and family love are powerful in the piece, and maybe they are what will save us from the times we live in.
    16 Aug. 2020
    This play captures so many aspects of what we've been through in the first months of the pandemic. The "before we knew," the "what will this mean," and the heartbreak of what we now know it's done to so many. Funny, dark, and ultimately heartbreaking.
  • Hot Gecko Space Love Action (Based on a true story): A Ten-Minute Play
    6 Aug. 2020
    I got to see this piece in a short play festival in 2019, it was the standout of the evening. Surprising, risque, lizard-tongue in cheek, and over-the-top hilarious. As the late Justice Stewart might have said, "I'm not sure how to define hilarious Hot Gecko Space Love Action, but I know it when I see it. And this is it." Read this and program it in your short play festival!
    2 Aug. 2020
    This is a richly conceived, harrowing, compelling play. More than a clear portrait of a courageous woman--though it is certainly that--it creates a sense that, even in the worst of times, there can be a possibility of goodness and nobility.