Recommended by John Minigan

  • Yours Until Niagara Falls
    15 Jun. 2024
    Yours Until Niagara Falls is stunning in both its simplicity and its depth. Like Gurney's Love Letters, it uses a series of letters (and digital communication) to trace a complex relationship over time, but it is refreshing in its honest, sometimes quirky, sometimes devastating portrayal of female friendship over time. The play's structure allows for a large or small cast to portray Lina and Izzy, and it is a testament to the strong, resonant writing that it would work equally well as a play for young audiences (and actors) or as a two-hander for adults.
  • Romeo & Her Sister
    15 Jun. 2024
    I had the great pleasure of seeing the premiere production of Jillian Blevins' often funny, richly imagined, and highly satisfying Romeo & Her Sister. The play captures the complexity of its three central characters – sisters Charlotte and Susan Cushman and Sally Mercer – as they struggle to navigate their relationships with one another, with their identities, and with the world (theatrical and otherwise) around them. At the same time, it centers an important piece of queer history and provides a compelling portrait of the challenges and ultimate joy and power of even difficult sisterhood.
  • Right Field of Dreams
    10 Mar. 2024
    I was lucky enough to see this brilliantly crafted, hilarious and heartfelt play in Boston Theater Company's Queer Voices fest. It was the perfect way to end the evening--with joy, love, hope, and more than a little magic. Kaplan gives us a young player unsure of his position in the field and in his family who, because of the generosity of an unexpected figure from baseball history, is able to let his mom/coach know which team he's playing for. It's a short play that hits for the cycle.
  • Little Black Dress
    10 Mar. 2024
    I was lucky enough to see this lovely play as part of Boston Theater Company's Queer Voices festival. John Mabey has carefully crafted a heartfelt and positive piece about the challenge of revealing identity and the way that true love means true acceptance. It's a subtle piece that speaks big and hopeful truths.
  • Un Hombre: A Golem Story
    28 Feb. 2024
    Un Hombre manages to be powerful and intimate, searing and funny, steeped in the tradition of Golem stories and also as new as yet-to-be-shaped clay. Kaplan gives us nuanced and fully-felt responses to grief, from anger and denial to the ways we can learn to reconnect to the world and one another. Just as Rebecca sculpts new life from clay, the play creates a renewed mother-child relationship from the pain and shared love they feel. Beautifully wrought.
  • Heist!
    28 Jan. 2024
    Heist! is an absolute delight! It's funny and resonant for all of us who have felt ourselves a little (or a lot) overmatched for the situation we've elected to be in, and the brilliant pivots the characters make are hilarious--what a treat for the actors. If I'm ever robbed, I hope it's by Billy and Gene. This piece will be a hit in any short play festival.
  • 153
    17 Dec. 2023
    What a gift of a play this is. Simple, heartfelt, filled with humanity, acceptance, forgiveness. May we all see ourselves the way this one (these three?) do, and when we are summed up, may we feel just as complete as they, and as this lovely play.
  • Expectations
    2 Dec. 2023
    This play is devastating in its power, its simplicity, and its strength. As her first line says, Kate is not known to us, but she should be. Kudos to O'Grady for giving her a clear and heartbreaking voice, and for showing a side of a "great man" too few know.
  • When in Rome
    20 Sep. 2023
    In a script worthy of Punnus Maximus, Norkin deftly creates a hilarious rendering of life, death, sex, and maybe the real cause of the fall of the Roman Empire in a mere ten minutes.
    Produce this play! You'll be gladiator you did!
    Appia you did!
    Sorry. But the wordplay in this short is that infectious!
  • A Little Something About My Powers
    26 Aug. 2023
    As a retired high school teacher, I felt this one in both my funny bone and my gut! Our classrooms are, in fact, filled with superheroes, and I'm glad Adriana gets the recognition and status she deserves! Fun and inspiring.