Recommended by John Minigan

  • When in Rome
    20 Sep. 2023
    In a script worthy of Punnus Maximus, Norkin deftly creates a hilarious rendering of life, death, sex, and maybe the real cause of the fall of the Roman Empire in a mere ten minutes.
    Produce this play! You'll be gladiator you did!
    Appia you did!
    Sorry. But the wordplay in this short is that infectious!
  • A Little Something About My Powers
    26 Aug. 2023
    As a retired high school teacher, I felt this one in both my funny bone and my gut! Our classrooms are, in fact, filled with superheroes, and I'm glad Adriana gets the recognition and status she deserves! Fun and inspiring.
  • Soulmate
    8 May. 2023
    A brilliantly crafted and creepy play that does what the best plays do--it takes you to a place you never expected but that, once you get there, feels like it was inevitable. Kudos!
  • Captain Flash & Major Bang (working title)
    2 May. 2023
    Cat will mew, but dog (or dogs) (or superdogs in this case) most definitely have their days in this funny, clever and dare I say fetching short play. What a treat for two actors with physical comedy skills. And the ending caps their adventures with peak hilarity. The sense of fun in these two critters and their insights into the humans in their park make this a delight!
  • Fighting Mr. Right
    26 Jan. 2023
    Fighting Mr. Right is a crisp, engaging two-hander built on fabulous off-balance moments for the characters and for the audience. The surprises (for us and them) are continual, and every moment feels earned--right down to the hilarious and endearing final moment. The only thing not surprising is the long string of productions for this fabulous short!
  • The Oktavist
    9 Jan. 2023
    A stunningly beautiful play. Sometimes, like Dmitri, we don't know the true meaning of our epiphanies, and it takes those who understand the meaning to allow us to understand, without ever saying themselves what it is. Clear, witty, richly textured. With wit, some pratfalls and, ultimately, with feeling that goes octaves deep.
  • A Benevolent Alliance of Mourners
    16 Oct. 2022
    What a richly imagined and beautiful, human exchange. Preuss captures the tentativeness of the new connections we make, especially in time of loss, as well as how those connections can open us up in important and surprising ways. All with a deft balance of the laughter and sorrow that come from loss and memories of those who've passed.
    15 Aug. 2022
    This play blends hilarity, heartbreak, simple twists of fate, and what it feels like to be in a deep well of grief. It's got Beckett-like absurd humor between Matt and Larry and, like a yogurt parfait, manages to keep the granola separate: the stunning simplicity of its coda.
    16 Jul. 2022
    A brilliantly funny short play with amazing opportunities for all three performers. I produced this piece at a festival at Emerson College, and the audience rushed the performers when it was done--they couldn't wait to interact with the characters offstage after seeing them on. High energy and thoroughly hilarious.
    16 Jul. 2022
    Such a surprising, sharp, funny and carefully crafted short play. Not only strong in performance, the piece also works beautifully in playwriting classes as an example of masterful exposition. We get the whole story, eventually, but lean forward at every minute trying to piece together the truth of these characters. (And it's not necessary to have seen Glenda Jackson's Lear, but if you did catch it in NYC, there's some extra joy to be found in this.)