Recommended by Steven Hayet

    11 Dec. 2017
    Really enjoyed this play. By telling the story through identical twin characters, Goldman-Sherman is able to play the with ideas of love, loss, and literally having to stare death in the face. Even in the moments of complete helplessness, we want to take care of those we love deeply.
  • SLEEPYHEAD: A 2-Minute Monologue Play
    15 Nov. 2017
    A very silly and funny short monologue. The style of the "dialogue" reminded me a bit of Robert Askins' "Hand to God." I can see an actor having a lot of fun with this piece at an audition or competition.
  • Really Adult
    6 Nov. 2017
    Loved this play. Incredibly smart and insightful in the way it plays with the idea of being on a right path to adulthood. Bublitz's dialogue for Julie and Frank is lovably awkward and gives her characters a true realness and relatability.