Recommended by Steven Hayet

  • Alice, Pursued by a Bear
    23 Mar. 2020
    An incredibly smart short play about friendship and anxiety. Haas’ choice to use a bear as the physical manifestation of Alice’s growing anxiousness is brilliant and gives directors ample opportunities for creative staging. So well done. Read it. Produce it. 
  • Vanilla
    21 Mar. 2020
    Wow. A beautiful and heartbreaking piece. In just one minute, Scott Sickles concisely and cleverly captures humanity's most basic need in a time we're supposed to be apart. Perfection in one page.
  • Corona with ICE
    21 Mar. 2020
    To quote Jed Bartlet, "What’s next?"
    We live in a world where society is always ready to move on and focus on now. In a time where many Americans' attentions are concentrated on who is hoarding toilet paper, we've swept under the rug the crucial issues that are more than a few news cycles old. In Corona with ICE, Franky Gonzalez cleverly reminds us that the arrival of a new problem does not fix the old ones.
  • Prometheus Shrugs
    15 Mar. 2020
    I love when a playwright can take a well known tale and flip it on its head. John Bavoso does that and then some with Prometheus Shrugs. Putting us in the shoes of the titan Prometheus and the bird sentenced to an eternity of eating liver, Bavoso has written an exceptionally charming and quirky comedy about friendship and the comfort of predictably. A perfect blend of heart and laughs, Prometheus Shrugs would be a highlight of any short play festival.
  • Ground Control to Baby Tom
    11 Mar. 2020
    What an interesting premise! A mission to have the first child born in space. Two potential mothers. One sample. Who decides which candidate gets to make history and which will forgo her dream of motherhood? A clever piece about rules, dreams, and who is in charge of them.
  • Eleanor Descending a Staircase
    26 Feb. 2020
    I don’t know if “Eleanor Descending a Staircase“ is art or if it’s anti-art, but I know it’s hysterical.
    Ian August has written a gem of a short play that takes us around the world with sharp, witty, Monty Python-esque banter. Great roles for strong comedic actors. "Eleanor" would provide a jolt of absurd fun to any short play line-up.
  • Slow Dating
    5 Jan. 2020
    A beautiful solo piece. Szudrich is a truly gifted storyteller taking you on this journey that will make you laugh and break your heart. Would be a great addition to any short play festival.
  • Winner
    26 Nov. 2019
    Berryman has written a play that lives up to its name with this powerfully honest (and funny) ten-minute piece about bias and privilege in the theatre community. Winner is a conversation starter. Instead of reading ‘“The Old Family” five hundred times,’ college students should be reading this. Berryman truly has a gift with dialogue. The conversation between Walker and Harvard is so natural yet also incredibly sharp and clever. Simply a fantastic play.
  • Paletas de Coco or, The Letter Unspoken or, The Christmas Eve Play
    19 Nov. 2019
    An emotional gut punch of a play. Franky Gonzalez has written a beautiful autobiographical piece that is vulnerable, honest, and just unapologetically Franky. We have all been in those situations where we regretted not saying something and vow to next time, hoping then we'll have the strength to speak at the moment when it’s most needed. However, when that moment does come, will we? And if we can’t, hopefully we have an Aaron to lean on for support.
  • Antagonism, or, Some People Like to P*ss in the Pool [a 1-minute play]
    11 Nov. 2019
    A sweet one-minute play about refusing to give in to negativity. Great addition to any short play festival. Perfect for performers of all ages.