Recommended by Steven Hayet

  • Tooth Or Dare
    29 Dec. 2020
    Negative reviews can tank a brand, even if that brand is a household name. Emily McClain has written is an incredibly silly and fun play about one of the most famous magical beings: the Tooth Fairy. With the pandemic keeping us in social bubbles, this could be a great play for a family of actors. Read it. Produce it. But whatever you do, DO NOT leave this Tooth Fairy play a bad review.
  • The Wolves
    16 Dec. 2020
    I know I’m late to The Wolves party but what a truly incredible play! I was lucky to see Philadelphia Theatre Company’s production. The Wolves runs 90 minutes but I could listen to DeLappe’s characters and dialogue for hours. This play is powerful and important with the perfect combination of humor and heart. Absolutely brilliant!
  • 800 Miles
    4 Dec. 2020
    After dropping their son off at college, two new empty nesters discuss whether they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Emma Goldman-Sherman has written a truly beautiful play packed with emotion, heart, and humor. 800 Miles has two fantastic characters for adult actors to explore and make their own. Bravo!
  • Cookie Cutter Christmas
    2 Dec. 2020
    While the holidays are a happy time with cookies, presents, and french toast shaped like Christmas trees, it’s also a yearly reminder of who we used to share them with. In Cookie Cutter Christmas, Partain beautifully captures all the emotions of loss and moving forward.
  • Unburied: A Queer Horror-Comedy
    2 Dec. 2020
    John Bavoso has written a biting satire that is deathly clever. Smart, spooky, and funny. I don’t want to give any spoilers so do yourself a favor and read it. “Unburied” would be a wickedly fun addition to any 10 minute festival but especially one with a horror or Halloween theme. Well done!
  • Tofurkey Day
    24 Nov. 2020
    In Tofurkey Day, Allie Costa puts a fun spin on the awkward Thanksgiving family dinner. Moira has something important to tell her family. Can they stomach what she has to say? If you are looking for plays for a Thanksgiving festival, make sure Tofurkey Day is on your plate!
  • Even Flowers Bloom in Hell, Sometimes
    17 Nov. 2020
    Wow. Franky Gonzalez has written a beautifully and brutally honest portrayal of the lives of those in incarceration. Powerful. Thought provoking. Simply stunning. A mixtape for the ages.
    6 Nov. 2020
    Mullen takes us on a wildly fun ten-minute ride in COASTER. This play would be an absolute joy for directors to stage & choreograph. Fast-paced and funny. Both characters (but especially Maria) would be a blast to play. Well done!
  • Write Your Name Upon My Heart
    6 Nov. 2020
    A touching play about love and the love that’s unrequited. Weaver packs a ton of heart (no pun intended) into ten minutes. Perfect for two talented actors in any short play showcase or festival. Just a beautiful piece.
  • A Craigslist Play
    6 Nov. 2020
    Love is alive in New Jersey! Carbajal has taken the Missed Connections and connects them in a way that does not miss. The piece is the perfect combination of humor and heart showcasing the raw authenticity of everyday people trying to find love. A beautiful piece for an ensemble to be performed in both virtual or in-person settings.