Recommended by Elisabeth Giffin Speckman

  • AN ABUNDANCE OF CAUTION, A Play for Videoconference
    25 Apr. 2020
    Charming and captivating. I find myself oddly comforted and haunted by Finn's relentless questioning, which seems just about right for these current times. Would be a fun role to play for an actress of any age.
  • Legacy of Light
    25 Apr. 2020
    I was lucky enough to see a production of this play at Denison University in 2012. This play is one of those rare plays that not only features 3 distinct, powerful women, but also 3 powerful roles that as an actor, I would equally love to play. A truly beautiful, captivating work of theatre. I would love to see it again, but would love even more to be involved. Brava!
  • Dead And Buried
    25 Apr. 2020
    Was able to see this play in production at Miami University of Ohio in 2013. Now, in 2020, I still find myself thinking back on the relationship between Perdue and Bid and the haunting atmosphere surrounding this play's cemetery setting and how it seeps (in all of the best ways) into this play, becoming almost a character itself.
  • Woodstock
    4 Dec. 2019
    A lovely piece that offers an actor lots to explore and emote and an audience a lot to experience. Wonderfully applicable to all races, genders, and humans.
  • Garland, Gynos, and Gurneys
    4 Dec. 2019
    A fun holiday piece with a twist that is sure to entertain!
  • It's an Espresso Drink with Foamy Steamed Milk
    4 Dec. 2019
    A fun memorialization of the last 2 minutes of humanity. Both revealing and witty, this piece is sure to delight audiences and raise questions as to just how much a minute (or two) can matter, in the end.
    27 Mar. 2019
    A beautiful, solemn piece that reflects the intensity, fragility, and confusion of someone experiencing loss and grief. I especially appreciate how this piece doesn't pander or catastrophize the events that inspired it.