Recommended by Lee R. Lawing

  • Perseus and the Pretty Purple Pickles: A short play for young audiences [co-written with DC Cathro]
    26 Feb. 2024
    We all love a good tongue twister and this is also a great one. Plus, children of all ages will love this quest that Perseus goes on for his Mom to the local supermarket for a jar of pretty purple pickles. You, too, will be wishing you had one of those delicious treats by play's end.
    25 Feb. 2024
    We all could use some made up friends who are as great as those in Levin's delightful and whacky short play, A Rom-Com (sort of). Love has never felt as good or possible as it does here and that my friends is the perfect place to be.
  • I Knew Him
    25 Feb. 2024
    This was the featured play of the day for me and I am so glad it was. A beautiful tale that seeps into your bloodstream and doesn't leave longer after the lights fade. Grief and joy and gratitude for being part of the human race and a play that is just beautiful.
  • Cupid Agonistes (One Act)
    24 Feb. 2024
    We all have those bubbles in relationships that seem to pop at just the wrong moment and in Cupid Agonistes we see one such bubble pop and flood its characters with such painful consequence that we are left feeling just a little like deer in the headlights amazement not only at just how well Donnelly presents this l love triangle, but also just a little shocked by how it ends.
  • The Rules
    21 Feb. 2024
    Oh, those moments where you know your relationship is building into something special or you are in a relationship with someone who may just be a little too special for your liking. I'll have what this mixologist of words is brewing and make it a double!
  • Merlot LeMay With Mayonnaise
    20 Feb. 2024
    I love how you learn from Merlot right up front that this is not going to be one of those tales where she receives an encouraging visit from a higher up that she is going to great things, and yet, in this funny vision by Floyd-Priskorn the lesson that we learn, and one that we should hold in our heart every day that we have on this precious world, is that we can be someone who makes a difference with or without a halo above us or permission from any higher up that just happens to visit us.
  • Pause
    14 Feb. 2024
    What are words and who needs them when you have this beautiful tale that's done with sighs and smiles and reaches out with such an abundance of emotions that you will never notice the silence or look at it again without understanding.
  • Chips and Dip (a one-minute play)
    14 Feb. 2024
    Friendships can be the some of the best things that happen to us during out lifetimes and of course with the good comes the bad and sometimes those things that are bugging our friends may be things we never would even be able to pick up on until that kettle boils over. Great one minute play that captures just one of those moments between friends.
  • The Textbook Lady (a ten minute play)
    13 Feb. 2024
    You will be touched by this play which is about grief and loss and the act of healing, but more than that you will be surprised by it because it's that good and so well down that you enter the cafe feeling one way and end up feeling as if you've been touched by a bit of magic.
    11 Feb. 2024
    You'll need to pinch yourself if you are not moved by this beautiful monologue. Lisa is someone that will be with you long after you read her words and story. Loneliness and isolation are two of the biggest factors that face the elderly and it is so important that we do our best to be around groups of people as we stop working and as those people our own age start passing from our lives.