Recommended by Lee R. Lawing

  • The Wrinkle Ranch
    14 Aug. 2022
    I can see why this delightful piece would win the People's Choice for Best Short. As I age, I realize that what my mom said to me is so true. You keep looking back at the mirror and are surprised by the outward appearance because inside you feel like a twenty year old. I think my mom would have fit in with the rest of this group and enjoyed this new version of scrabble!
  • Etched in Stone
    12 Aug. 2022
    I love cemeteries as settings and I hope that I grew up to treat life the same way Fanny does by drinking margarites at her husband's gravesite. Death is always one of those parts of life that we don't know how we will deal with it and even though everyone around faces that end, it's still something that is overwhelming and it's important to remember that sometimes it's important to dance even if it's in a cemetery and celebrate the lives lived. Etched in Stone would help anyone process the inevitable when it comes to our end. Cheers to that!
  • Writer's Block
    12 Aug. 2022
    Saw this funny gem read on Tiny-Theater. We all get into those zones and it's funny to see the actor and writer sitting in the same room trying to get immersed into their own art around the other one.
  • Stella Adler, a monologue
    12 Aug. 2022
    So this wonderful monologue read on Tiny Theater! The name you know, but maybe not the person so much, and I felt like this monologue was such a great introduction to such a towering figure in the acting world.
    10 Aug. 2022
    I love old movies was drawn to the title instantly. For us, actors are always bigger than our own existence and how we play out our own day to day. Mason's daughter points out how many times her father dies on camera and this leads dark and funny account from the actor about all of those existences which sort of seals him as god of various means who dies and dies and always rises for another day and film until the final death ends any more times around the sun!
  • Where the Snow Never Ends
    9 Aug. 2022
    This was the play of the day for me and I'm so glad to have discovered it. Love Amy's vision of what the perfect world would be with the snow and how it allows for fresh tracks that have never been seen or can be repeated. She is grieving and in that grief finds a passage through that so many would find rewarding.
  • Bulletproof Love
    8 Aug. 2022
    The heart wants what the heart wants and when you find it and you know it's the right one, nothing's going to stand in your way of finalizing that love on your wedding day if you believe in that kind of thing and Ramona does, no matter the wait. This little gem is pure poetry.
  • Moo-Maid
    3 Aug. 2022
    Oh the wonderful lessons you can learn from the old school Disney animated films. Wonderful dark comedy in this monologue of a man going about his job as he talks about how proud he is of his daughter who loves her moo-maid.
  • American Ballet
    30 Jul. 2022
    It is so true that, as Americans, we don't really understand what it means to live in a country that is fighting a war, to wake up and just have bombs falling in our neighborhoods. To see that sense of freedom ripped away from us. Natalia has fled the Ukraine and now fights for just the smallest bit of dignity of just trying to do the thing she loved doing in her home country. Dance and to experience that sense of exaltation she once had but sees that to dream in America can be nightmarish in and of itself.
    30 Jul. 2022
    Seems that Henry has a type and would like to continue on the road to another marriage and wife number 4, but his ex-wives might have a thing or two to say about that before he can make it down the aisle again. All I can picture is the painting The Death of Marat as I read this funny and creepy tale.