Recommended by Sharai Bohannon

  • Betty Jean
    13 Mar. 2023
    I responded to a KCACTF reading of this script and was touched by how the central figure impacts each person that comes into contact with her. I was also blown away by how much grace is given to each character (even the ones we don’t want to like at first). Very heartwarming (and heart wrenching) play with roles for older actors.
  • Not Even the Girlfriend
    26 Mar. 2021
    This short makes me wish Punching LaBute wasn’t still on an indefinite pause #becauseofthetimes because it’s definitely a clapback at sexism and I needed that this morning. We have all been this girl in some way but we don’t always handle the situation the way we want to. Bravo!
  • Angry Brown Hotties and the White Liberals Who Love Them
    28 Feb. 2021
    I love this draft because it gets right into the conversations most of us keep trying to have in a society that won’t let us have them publicly. So many people assumed that the world would magically right itself after this election that they didn’t understand how those of us who knew better couldn’t just fall in line again. This play is that conversation and it’s as relentless as our valid worries.
  • Reaching for Infinity
    18 Nov. 2020
    I love this play and am so happy to see TYA work that not only avoids talking down to students, but also has a role for a non-binary actor and FINALLY brings some visibility to all of these young actors schools never seem to have roles for. Here for this play and highly recommend it for anyone looking into programming for this age bracket.
  • Alond(R)a
    7 Oct. 2020
    Students chose this for our weekly series and I didn't know how much I needed this particular Gina Femia script until we started. Like all of Femia's work, it's beautiful, triumphant, sad, and seemlessly blends fantasy and realism. I need to see this play produced the second theatres open and I need everyone to read it so we can talk about it tonight. This play is a GIFT!
  • Zero
    18 Mar. 2020
    This is a ride I'm glad I took. It has so many things I love working together to weave this excellent mystery together. The script gives a sense of urgency that makes it hard to put down and I would LOVE to see this on stage, film, mini-series, etc. because so much of the story would give designers some really cool stuff to do. I'm still trying to find words to convey the emotional journey I just took with this play.
  • keepingabreast
    1 Jan. 2020
    I love this play! I love the way it challenges us to look at how society ties a women's value to her chest, I love how it takes aim at how we internalize society's value of us because our chest, and I just really love Jackie's voice as a playwright.
  • Choosing You
    13 Aug. 2019
    Lynett does in ten pages what some of us can't do in eighty. This is such a well crafted piece that left me in such a weird head space. I would LOVE to see this staged somewhere soon.
  • Wolf Play
    13 Aug. 2019
    I saw a very moving production of this play last week at The Gift Theatre (Chicago, IL) and I'm still thinking about it. I think the best gift a writer can give us is a play that stays with us and lends itself to further exploration and questioning. It's very intriguing play that doesn't have the outcome you'd expect but the same can be said about most things in life.
    12 Aug. 2019
    I really love this short piece!! Dooley manages to sum the attitudes of anti-choicers in a beautifully crafted one page send up. I want to see this one in a collection/festival and I want it tonight! Bravo!