Recommended by Sharai Bohannon

  • Zero
    18 Mar. 2020
    This is a ride I'm glad I took. It has so many things I love working together to weave this excellent mystery together. The script gives a sense of urgency that makes it hard to put down and I would LOVE to see this on stage, film, mini-series, etc. because so much of the story would give designers some really cool stuff to do. I'm still trying to find words to convey the emotional journey I just took with this play.
  • keepingabreast
    1 Jan. 2020
    I love this play! I love the way it challenges us to look at how society ties a women's value to her chest, I love how it takes aim at how we internalize society's value of us because our chest, and I just really love Jackie's voice as a playwright.
  • Choosing You
    13 Aug. 2019
    Lynett does in ten pages what some of us can't do in eighty. This is such a well crafted piece that left me in such a weird head space. I would LOVE to see this staged somewhere soon.
  • Wolf Play
    13 Aug. 2019
    I saw a very moving production of this play last week at The Gift Theatre (Chicago, IL) and I'm still thinking about it. I think the best gift a writer can give us is a play that stays with us and lends itself to further exploration and questioning. It's very intriguing play that doesn't have the outcome you'd expect but the same can be said about most things in life.
    12 Aug. 2019
    I really love this short piece!! Dooley manages to sum the attitudes of anti-choicers in a beautifully crafted one page send up. I want to see this one in a collection/festival and I want it tonight! Bravo!
  • Den Bla Planet
    12 Aug. 2019
    I really enjoyed this piece. It's very high stakes but characters relationship is handled so delicately. I can't get over what beautifully tense script this is. I would love to see this performed somewhere and can't wait to read more Dooley's work!
    9 Aug. 2019
    This is a fun monologue for a young girl. From tantrum to truths, it gives a lot to play with while remaining true to the subject's voice. I especially enjoy this journey because it doesn't end where I suspected it would.
    5 Aug. 2019
    I died every time they talked about her "potato" and I wish I could've made it out to the Scratching the Surface Festival in London to see this. It's a lot of fun for both actors, and the audience, and manages to really suss out absurdity of one of the many paintings created under the male gaze. Carnes' wit is on full display here and it left me wishing there was more time left in this 10 minute window. Bravo!
  • Ripped
    5 Aug. 2019
    I was lucky enough to attend a reading last week at The Road Theatre and this play is so important! Bublitz manages to start a conversation on rape culture while also shedding light on some of the often overlooked but common symptoms of a society that has normalized rape culture. I also appreciate that the topic is handled with such care while also making certain aspects murky enough so that the audience is left to challenge their own biases. Would LOVE to see this in a season with How I Learned to Drive and scripts of the like.
  • Goodbye, Denny Jacobs
    18 Apr. 2019
    There are so many layers in this piece! So many conversations that need to be had and so much story packed into these ten little pages. This play deserves to be produced, published, and discussed for all of the Dennys in the world! Looking forward to reading more of Martin's work.