Recommended by Sharai Bohannon

    9 Aug. 2019
    This is a fun monologue for a young girl. From tantrum to truths, it gives a lot to play with while remaining true to the subject's voice. I especially enjoy this journey because it doesn't end where I suspected it would.
    5 Aug. 2019
    I died every time they talked about her "potato" and I wish I could've made it out to the Scratching the Surface Festival in London to see this. It's a lot of fun for both actors, and the audience, and manages to really suss out absurdity of one of the many paintings created under the male gaze. Carnes' wit is on full display here and it left me wishing there was more time left in this 10 minute window. Bravo!
  • Ripped
    5 Aug. 2019
    I was lucky enough to attend a reading last week at The Road Theatre and this play is so important! Bublitz manages to start a conversation on rape culture while also shedding light on some of the often overlooked but common symptoms of a society that has normalized rape culture. I also appreciate that the topic is handled with such care while also making certain aspects murky enough so that the audience is left to challenge their own biases. Would LOVE to see this in a season with How I Learned to Drive and scripts of the like.
  • Goodbye, Denny Jacobs
    18 Apr. 2019
    There are so many layers in this piece! So many conversations that need to be had and so much story packed into these ten little pages. This play deserves to be produced, published, and discussed for all of the Dennys in the world! Looking forward to reading more of Martin's work.
  • Dragged
    18 Apr. 2019
    This is a very touching play about mothers and daughters, addiction, and the relationships addiction puts a strain on. Hageman has a way of capturing relationship rhythms that are all too familiar for me. Would be an amazing piece in a festival.
    17 Apr. 2019
    I'm always in awe of how Carnes can do so much with so few words. The way in which she throws us into these relationships, while giving us all of this character, in only one page is a skill that can't be taught. This piece is seriously as sad as it is brief.
  • Straight Card
    17 Apr. 2019
    This started out really funny and then kicked me in the feelings before leaving me with a bit of hope and a smile. Diaz-Marcano has captured this familial bond, and the history that comes with it, in a very beautiful short.
  • Closing Doors
    16 Apr. 2019
    I have so many emotions after reading this. I'm upset that active shooter drills even need to be common place, I'm upset that this teacher is in trouble for trying to protect a child's childhood, and I'm just upset with the lack of gun laws in America in general. This is one of my favorite plays from Minigan and I'm going to be chewing it for a long time. The tension between these friends made me forget to breathe.
  • Rights Restored (a monologue)
    16 Apr. 2019
    This monologue gives us so much life and character as it navigates it's way around voting rights, the flawed justice system, second chances, civic pride, the feeling of "how much does my vote count in this screwed system," all of the years people of color lose for small infractions that non-POCs would never even get community service for, and so much more. I am obsessed with Matthews voice and ability to give us so much in so few pages.
  • Wax (a monologue)
    16 Apr. 2019
    This is beautiful and touching and heavy. I love the way Matthews captures the fragility of the human experience while balancing it with so much strength and tenacity that this character seems alive. This monologue is perfect, and like Matthews other works, I hope I get to be in an audience to experience it live one day.