Recommended by Sharai Bohannon

    11 Jan. 2019
    A very grounded piece that hones in on the shock of losing someone abruptly to violence. Those moments are hard to capture (and different from person to person and situation to situation) but Burdick navigates us through with empathy, respect, and a delicate touch that's just right for these kind of fragile moments.
  • Sex
    12 Nov. 2018
    There are a lot of really nice moments here for actors to play with. I also think staging could be fun to play with as they are literally laying in bed the whole time and playing with distance (or lack there of) in intimate settings is always fun. This is very naturalistic and cute 10 minutes.
  • Darn It! Darla! : A Ten-Minute Comedy
    9 Nov. 2018
    This was a fun ride with a dark turn. Naveen makes some great arguments about the mistreatment and objectification of women in the media. This script would be a strong addition to a college night of 10-minute plays and would provide three (that's right three) roles for women!
  • The Count
    9 Nov. 2018
    This would be a fun play for the kids. It's nice to give them a lesson in toxic masculinity while giving them some Halloween entertainment. I also want to know more about this Winona Ryder project...
  • He Did It
    6 Nov. 2018
    Lynett has a gift for writing the plays we need. She not only does it again but broaches the topic in a way that hasn't been done before. Instead of watching people discuss "if" the assault happened, we watch them discuss how it effects them individually and "if" there is a way to minimize the fallout. This is a very important play that definitely deserves more attention in for a plethora of reasons- but especially among theatre practitioners wanting to do their part in the #mettoo and #timesup era.
  • Fine Dining
    16 Oct. 2018
    I love that this tackles the commentary around how much we eat, don't eat, how we eat, and the damage done to us by people weighing in on our eating habits at an early age (especially our parents). I also love that it does this in an absurdist way that makes us laugh even when we can sadly relate to the child. I'd like to see this one produced immediately!
  • Reverse Cowboy
    16 Oct. 2018
    I'm here for this and I want to read the full script. The underlying tension is palpable (even when I instinctively wanted to relax and enjoy the flirting). Even though I knew it couldn't work out in the end I still found myself devastated for/with Cowboy. Would love to see even just these 20 pages up on its feet.
  • #WeToo: a dialogue
    27 Sep. 2018
    This play definitely touches on the triggering impact of the #metoo movement and the outpouring of experiences that have been bottled up for years/decades from survivors who are FINALLY being listened to. It also touches on the need to share but the still be frozen in a way that doing anything about it feel hopeless. Very much worth the read!
  • Curse of the Destroyed Rape Kits
    27 Sep. 2018
    This play should be discussed. It brings up the fact that so many rape kits in America never see the light of day, corrupt police officers, misogyny, how people try to mansplain to the survivor what they consider rape to be, the idea that some men only pause when the survivor is related to them, and leaves the reader with enough anger to want to do something the second they're done reading it.
  • How to Chop Down an Infected Ash Tree
    27 Sep. 2018
    Bykowski gives us a lot in these 10 minutes. This is a slow build that grabs you within the first few words and doesn't let you go until well after you've finished it. It's also terrifying for a plethora of reasons. We need this piece and i would love to see more horror plays tackling rape culture with this level care for the characters (and for the readers). Highly recommend!