Recommended by Sharai Bohannon

  • Life & Death & PB&J
    11 Apr. 2019
    I want this to travel schools and I want the recordings of audiences giggling. I also want the pages that it would inspire its young audiences to write. Give the kids horror, comedy, experimental plays written by Matthew Weaver please!
  • Women, Am I Right?
    8 Apr. 2019
    This is fun, quick, and very timely with what's been in our news cycle. Well played!
  • The Rules [an immersive 1-minute play]
    3 Apr. 2019
    I don't know how Martin pulled off a 1-minute immersive play but here we are! The immediacy of the play leaps off of the page and I hope to be an audience that experiences in person someday. Well played!
  • Yellow Cardinal (a one-minute play)
    3 Apr. 2019
    This was delightfully unexpected! Weaver packs in a lot in a one page play that leaves us with a lot more insight into these characters (and this relationship) than some full-lengths. Well played!
    3 Apr. 2019
    We need this play. It's unflinching, necessary, and takes the direct route in addressing how the Supreme Court failed Dr. Blasey-Ford and survivors everywhere.
    2 Apr. 2019
    This was a cute and sassy part of my day!
  • Velas Votivas
    11 Jan. 2019
    Minigan masterfully paints us a word picture that makes us feel like we're members of this church and that we know Father Dominic and knew Marta. This is moving, heavy, honest, and worthy of a production, reading, discussion, etc. We need more plays like this.
  • Two Candles (A Monologue)
    11 Jan. 2019
    Lawing has a way of inspiring hope with characters that may not seem hopeful on the surface. This is a beautifully crafted monologue that lays out exactly why efforts like Code Red are important without forcing the message.
  • Slicing An Onion
    11 Jan. 2019
    This monologue definitely pulls at the heart, particularly when the protagonist/survivor talks about how hard it is to not be angry and asks "So where can we feel safe?" I feel like we're all constantly wondering the same the thing but it's especially devastating for the people facing such violent forms of intolerance on a seemingly regular basis. Diamond definitely gives us a lot to think about and process.
    11 Jan. 2019
    Carnes handles the fragility of life, while approaching the topic of gun control, with a grace and understanding that I hope to one day attain in my own writing. This a beautiful a dedication to these two souls and deserves to be produced and discussed.